Cyber Cross Cheats & Cheat Codes

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Cyber Cross Cheats & Cheat Codes

Cyber Cross is a side-scrolling beat ’em-up game that made its world debut in 1989. The game was both developed and published by Face Corporation. Cyber Cross was released on the PC Engine but sadly flew under the radio the year it came out.

Although Cyber Cross didn’t make a huge splash in the gaming industry, it was still well-liked by critics. Reviews gave the game relatively high scores and praised it for its impressive graphics and gameplay. Cyber Cross is a good old-fashioned beat ”em-up that stands above other games in the genre.

Cyber Cross Premise

Cyber Cross Start Screen

©Cyber Cross Start Screen – Original

The story of Cyber Cross is very similar to many Power Rangers or Super Sentai storylines. An army of evil robots and insectlike creatures have invaded the planet and plan to take over the Earth. The only chance of salvation is for a man with the power to transform into a superhero known as Cyber Cross.

Being Cyber Cross grants the man a power suit with unique abilities. Collecting special pods changes the color of the suit and grants a new power. If Cyber Cross gets hit three times, then he loses the suit until he finds another colored pod. Below is a list of every colored pod and the special ability they give.

  • Red pods give a sword
  •  Blue pods give a laser gun
  •  Green pods give a boomerang
  •  Holding down the attack button launches a special attack

Cyber Cross Series

Face Corporation developed a direct sequel to Cyber Cross called Cross Wiber: Cyber-Combat-Police. This game plays very similarly to the original Cyber Cross. There is even more Power Rangers-like action with new and improved shooting mechanics. Cross Wiber: Cyber-Combat-Police is a fresh and exciting game that sticks to its roots.

Cyber Cross Cheat Codes

Screenshot of Cyber Cross

©Cyber Cross Screenshot – Original

Cyber Cross has only one cheat code, but it is an extremely useful one. This cheat code allows players to continue playing even when they receive a game over the screen. They won’t have to restart the whole game over again. When the player dies, they can Hold Down + I + II and press Run two times on the Game Over screen. This will put you back exactly where you left off.

Cyber Cross Cheat Code FAQ

Does Cyber Cross have any cheat codes?

Yes, there is exactly one cheat code that is available in Cyber Cross. This cheat allows players to continue playing even when they lose all their lives. By Holding Down + I + II and pressing Run two times while on the Game Over screen players can keep playing.

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