Super Spy Hunter Cheats & Cheat Codes for NES

Super Spy Hunter Cheats & Cheat Codes for NES

In the early 1980s, a vehicle combat action game was developed by Bally Midway for arcades called Spy Hunter. The game originally was supposed to be based on the James Bond IP but it draws inspiration instead. Spy Hunter succeeded in the arcades, becoming one of the top 5 highest-selling arcade games of the following years. The game was ported to the consoles of the time including the Atari 2600, the Apple II, and the NES. The game spawned sequels and the NES port was branded as a sequel titled Super Spy Hunter. Super Spy Hunter as a game seemed to have been scrubbed from the internet or just forgotten due to the passage of time. Luckily for us, the cheat codes are still available.

The Premise Of Super Spy Hunter

This game has very little information about it on the internet. It seems every link leading to substantial information is now a dead link so it is really hard to find specifics. However, there is plenty of information we can infer from other games in the series. Super Spy Hunter is a vertical-scrolling driving game where you take on the role of a spy driving an armed sportscar. Your goal is to drive down roads and destroy various enemy vehicles with weapons installed into your supercar. Sometimes, you’re able to transform the car into a speedboat, and other times it will be mandatory. While in speedboat mode you gain access to new weapons. The game has no ending, it continues until all lives are lost.

The Main Characters Of Super Spy Hunter

Super Spy Hunter doesn’t have main characters as it’s a very straightforward port of an arcade game.

Other Titles In The Series

  • Spy Hunter, a 1983 arcade game
  • Spy Hunter II, a direct sequel to the 1983 original
  • Super Spy Hunter, a 1992 video game developed by Sunsoft originally known as Battle Formula
  • SpyHunter, the 2001 video game remake by Midway Games
  • SpyHunter 2, a sequel to Midway Games’ 2001 remake
  • SpyHunter: Nowhere to Run, the third game in the series
  • Spy Hunter (2012 video game), the latest appearance

Super Spy Hunter Cheat Codes

Max. power for your carPause the game and press up, up, B, right, right, B, down, B, down, B, left, left, A, start.
Pong Mini-GameAt the continue screen after the Game over screen, Press the A button eight times, then press start.
Random Extra LivesWhen the title appears, hold A + B + Select, then press start.

Limited Continues

Normally, you have infinite continues in this game. If you wish to limit them, first start up the game, and before reaching the title screen, hold Start, then start a new game. You will now be limited to 80 continues.


20 Lives

Beat the hidden pong mini-game and you’ll start the game with 20 lives.

Game Genie Cheats

The following cheat codes require the Game Genie hardware to work. If you are emulating this game through an emulator that supports cheat codes then these codes should still work.

  • SXKAYOVK – Infinite lives
  • SZKUANVK – Infinite missiles
  • VXELTVSE – Infinite smoke
  • ZEEXKIAA – Start with 2 extra lives
  • TEEXKIAA – Start with 6 extra lives
  • TEEXLILA – Double missiles on pick-up
  • YAEZNIYE – Slow down timer
  • GXSAKUSE/GXSANUSE – Keep special weapons

Action Pro Replay Cheats

The following cheat codes require the Action Pro Replay hardware to work. If you are emulating this game through an emulator that supports cheat codes then these codes should still work.

  • 0000 7B40 – Infinite Energy
  • 0000 7409 – Infinite Lives

Super Spy Hunter Cheat Code FAQ

Can you beat Spy Hunter? No, you cannot. The game has no ending and will continue until you lose all of your lives.

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