Bonanza Bros. Cheats & Cheat Codes for Commodore 64, Amiga, and More

The splash screen for Bonanza Bros.

Bonanza Bros. Cheats & Cheat Codes for Commodore 64, Amiga, and More

Bonanza Bros. is a classic video game by Sega from 1990. It offers a unique blend of stealth action and side-scrolling gameplay. The game is specifically recognized for its first-of-a-kind use of the Sega System 24 arcade system board. The game was released on various home game systems like the Genesis, also known as Mega Drive, and TurboGrafx-CD, aka PC-Engine. In addition, more modern renditions have been released on most gaming platforms. The game captivated gamers with a combination of impressive graphics, depending on the platform, and hilarious characters. Here we’ll take a look at the Bonanza Bros. and what kind of cheats the game includes.

Bonanza Bros. Premise

Bonanza Bros. is a 3D-stylized two-dimensional side-scrolling game that has elements of stealth, combat, and traditional platform gaming. Players embark on adventures as one or both of the titular characters, Robo and Mobo (also known as Mike and Spike in some regions), who are likely inspired by The Blues Brothers. The game’s objective is to stealthily navigate through various buildings such as banks, mansions, and casinos, avoiding guards and evading their attacks to collect items within a time limit. 

The gameplay is reminiscent of classic platform titles but introduces unique features that allow players to dodge enemies and their attacks. The game also supports cooperative play, with a split-screen feature for two players. The players can move, jump, and shoot. In addition, they can hide behind items like walls and furniture. This allows players to escape the situations without confronting enemies. Similarly to Sonic the Hedgehog, if the player is hit and loses a life, they will drop all items.

Stage time in Bonanza Bros.
Each stage needs to be completed within a certain timeframe.

The narrative and roles of the Bonanza Bros. vary between the versions. In Japan, the game portrays the duo as thieves seeking valuable treasures. The Western versions assign them a task by the Police Chief of Badville: to test security systems and recover evidence from corrupt institutions, facing the threat of jail if they fail.

Bonanza Bros. Characters

In Bonanza Bros., players are introduced to a small cast of characters. The iconic duo, Bonanza Bros. themselves, are at the core of the gameplay with up to two players stepping in the shoes of these escape artists. Robo and Mobo are guided though the stealth sequences to ultimately escape the building in a zeppelin. In addition to the player-controlled main characters, the Western version of the game features the Police Chief of Badville, who hires them for the missions with dire consequences if they don’t make it.

  • Robo: The first playable character, often seen wearing red. Robo has the ability to move, hide, jump, and shoot to stun the enemies. Robo is the taller and thinner of the two.
  • Mobo: The second character with a blue attire, Mobo helps his brother when in two-player mode. He has the same abilities as his brother. Mobo is the shorter and heavier of the brothers.
  • Police Chief of Badville: This character recruits Bonanza Bros. for their missions in the Western version of the game. This provides a slight twist to the original storyline.
Stunning Enemies in Bonanza Bros.
Players can shoot to stun enemies but they’ll always wake up in a few seconds.

Games in the Series

Bonanza Bros. is a standalone title that comes with innovative stealth gameplay and distinctive art style. Although it did not evolve into a series, it has had a strong influence on the platformer genre. Sega initially released the game in 1990, and since then, it has undergone various ports and remasters, reaching a wide audience. Beyond its original launch on the Sega Genesis, the game has appeared on platforms including the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and PlayStation Portable, as well as the latest generation of consoles like the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Bonanza Bros.Cheats

The developers of Bonanza Bros., Sega, added cheats into the game, which was common at the time. However, these cheats vary a bit depending on the platform and its features. With the help of the cheats, players can access a cheat menu, skip levels, access bonus levels, and more.

Commodore 64 Cheats

  • Bonus Level: Press the N key followed by the + key to be transported to a bonus level.
  • Level Select: Press the N key followed by the desired level number to select a level.

Amiga Cheats

  • Cheat Menu (AMI): At the title screen, type “lock the target” and then press the fire button to activate the cheat menu.
Game Over in Bonanza Bros.
Game over will take Bonanza Bros. to prison.

Sega Master System Cheats

  • Invincibility Cheat: To become invincible, find a rake and step on it, then faint exactly when a bullet hits your character. This grants invincibility until you collect the next item.
  • Level Select: Hold Up, 1, and 2 on Controller 2 while powering up your Master System. A level select screen will appear after selecting a character.
  • Play as Clumsy Smurf’s Head: Press both N and Fire keys during gameplay. After the Game Over screen, retry the level to play as Clumsy Smurf’s head. The cheat stops working upon losing a life or being hit.

TurboGrafx-CD Cheats

  • Infinite Continues: Begin a 2-player game, lose all lives, and continue with the second player. Finish the level with the 1st player, and at the movie reel screen, press Run on Controller 2 to get infinite continues.

Bonanza Bros. Cheat Codes FAQ

How many players can play Bonanza Bros.?

The game is designed for either one or two-player games. 

Can I play Bonanza Bros. on modern systems?

Absolutely. Bonanza Bros. is one of the most widely spread games of the time with different versions on even modern computers and consoles.

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