Sol-Feace Cheats & Cheat Codes

Boss in Sol-Feace.

Sol-Feace Cheats & Cheat Codes

Sol-Feace is a classic horizontal-scrolling shooter game originally released for the Sharp X68000 computer. The game later expanded to the Sega Genesis platform and Sega CD, with the Genesis version renamed to Sol-Deace. The game was initially developed by Wolf Team and published by Telenet Japan in 1990. In the game, players navigate the starship Sol-Feace on a critical mission against a rogue supercomputer set on enslaving humanity. The game features music from a renowned Japanese video game composer Motoi Sakuraba, whose work can also be heard in Mario and Dark Souls games. Here we’ll dive into what Sol-Feace is all about and what cheats there are for the game.

Sol-Feace Premise

Players embark on a dangerous adventure through space, controlling the starship Sol-Feace. The primary mission is to prevent a malfunctioning supercomputer from enslaving mankind. This rather topical storyline in the age of artificial intelligence is largely as far as the narrative goes. The game focuses more on challenging and addictive gameplay. It involves skillfully moving through enemy territory with various landscapes, shooting down technological opponents and enemies of seemingly alien origin. The hard part is dodging a hailstorm of projectiles shot at the Sol-Feace by various types of enemies and bosses.

As the player progresses, they can collect power capsules to improve the Sol-Feace‘s capabilities, including upgrading its dual cannons, which can also fire diagonally to access enemies on the edge of the screen more easily. Many of these are common features in modern horizontal shooters.

Enemies in Sol-Feace.
The enemies in the game come in many forms, including giant robots.

The game spans six stages, each offering unique challenges and environments, including things like mechanical bases and the terrains of Jupiter. In traditional horizontal shooter fashion, each stage ends in a boss fight, where players must win, usually by exploiting the weak spots. In the final confrontation, players take on the supercomputer antagonist, which also concludes the game’s narrative. The newer Sega CD version of the game includes animated cutscenes and voice acting for a more immersive story.

Sol-Feace Characters

Sol-Feace primarily centers around the starship Sol-Feace as the main character. Unlike traditional games with a cast of characters, Sol-Feace focuses on the ship itself and the fast-paced shooter gameplay.

Games in the Series

Sol-Feace is a standalone title without direct sequels or prequels. However, it has been released on multiple platforms, including the Sharp X68000, Sega CD, and Sega Genesis. In addition, the name Sol-Feace, carried by the original game, the Sega Genesis version was titled Sol-Deace. The game was influential at the time, which is evident from the fact that it was one of the first launch releases for the Sega CD, an accessory for the Sega Genesis in 1991. This was one of the first Compact Disk gaming systems, launching years before the original PlayStation truly brought the CD to the masses.

Dodging in Sol-Feace.
Surviving in the game requires dodging various types of attacks.

Sol-Feace Cheats

Luckily for gamers, Sol-Feace offers traditional cheats common in games of its era, allowing players to gain advantages like invincibility, level skip, and more. These cheats are easy to access with simple button combinations. However, the player has the first enable the Cheat Mode to access the cheats. Without further ado, here are the cheats for the game.

  • Cheat Mode: To activate, input A, B, C, A, B, C, B, C, B, and A at the title screen. This unlocks additional options in the config menu.
  • Invincibility: After enabling Cheat Mode, enter the configuration menu, place the cursor on options, and while holding the A button, press right 12 times. Maintain holding A until exiting the menu to become invincible.
  • Level Skip: After activating Cheat Mode, you can skip levels during gameplay by pressing A, B, and C together.
  • 99 Lives: First perform the cheat code, then set the difficulty to easy, and press right four times or as long as MY99 appears.

Sol-Feace FAQ

Is Sol-Feace considered a bullet hell game?

No, Sol-Feace is not typically classified as a bullet hell game, although it offers fast-paced action like many of the bullet hell shooters. It is a horizontal-scrolling shooter with a focus on strategic weapon use and dodging enemy fire, but it doesn’t have the overwhelming number of projectiles commonly associated with bullet hell games.

What are some games similar to Sol-Feace?

Games similar to Sol-Feace include R-Type, Gradius, and others. These are all classic horizontal-scrolling shooters that share similar gameplay mechanics, such as dodging enemy fire and using power-ups to improve your ship.

What makes Sol-Feace unique among other horizontal-scrolling shooters?

Perhaps the most unique thing about Sol-Feace is its dual cannon system that allows for varied shooting directions. It also features animated cutscenes, which are a rarity in games at that time.

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