Bleach: Soul Resurreccion



Note: This game is also titled Bleach: Soul Ignition.

  • Bonus characters

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

      Barragan: Successfully complete Episode 09 in Story mode.
      Byakuya Kuchiki: Successfully complete Episodes 8-10 in Story mode.
      Final Ichigo Kurosaki: Successfully complete Mission 23 in Mission mode.
      Gin Ichimaru: Successfully complete Episode 13 in Story mode.
      Grimmjow: Successfully complete Episode 3 in Story mode.
      Halibel: Successfully complete Episode 8 in Story mode.
      Hollowfied Ichigo: Successfully complete Episodes 6 and 7 in Story mode.
      Kenpachi Zaraki: Successfully complete Episodes 2 and 3 in Story mode.
      Kokuto: Successfully complete Mission 5 in Mission mode.
      Nnoitra: Successfully complete Episode 4 in Story mode.
      Rukia Kuchiki: Successfully complete Episodes 3 and 4 in Story mode.
      Shunsui Kyoraku: Successfully complete Chapter 6 in Story mode.
      Skullclad Ichigo Kurosaki: Successfully complete Mission 20 in Mission mode.
      Soi Fon: Successfully complete Chapter 6 in Story mode.
      Sosuke Aizen: Successfully complete Story mode.
      Stark: Successfully complete Episode 10 in Story mode.
      Toshiro Hitsugaya: Successfully complete Chapter 6 in Story mode.
      Ulquiorra: Successfully complete Episodes 6 and 7 in Story mode.
      Uryu Ishida: Successfully complete Episode 1 in Story mode.
      Yoruichi Shihoin: Successfully complete Episode 11 in Story mode.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      I Will Transcend All (Platinum): Obtain all trophies.
      I'll Try! (Bronze): Beat 1 Story episode.
      What a Wonderful Power (Bronze): Beat all episodes.
      Don't Be Scared (Bronze): Beat all episodes on HARD.
      This is It for You! (Bronze): Beat all episodes on VERY HARD.
      You are Simply Outclassed (Silver): Beat all episodes with Rank S.
      I Wish You Luck (Bronze): Complete 1 mission.
      I'll Be Okay Now (Bronze): Complete 10 missions.
      Woohoo! (Bronze): Complete all missions.
      Not Bad! (Silver): Complete all missions on VERY HARD.
      Render All Things in the Universe to Ashes! (Silver): Complete all missions with Rank S.
      Is That It? (Gold): Complete all missions with all characters.
      Aren't We Your Friends? (Bronze): Complete 1 battle with all characters unlocked.
      Amazing! (Bronze): Complete 1 battle with all collections unlocked.
      I'm Espada's Strongest! (Bronze): Max out 1 character's levels.
      I Was Waiting For This! (Silver): Max out 10 characters' levels.
      Now Do You Understand? (Gold): Max out all characters' levels.
      I'll Take Care of It! (Bronze): Save 30,000 Soul Points for 1 character.
      Want an Allowance? (Bronze): Obtain a total of 1,000,000 Soul Points.
      I've Completely Analyzed You (Bronze): Defeat every kind of enemy.
      You're Pretty Good (Silver): Obtain over 8,000 Soul Points in Soul Attack.
      Hmph, Too Slow (Silver): Finish Time Attack in less than 1 minute 30 seconds.
      Come at Me! (Silver): Defeat over 350 enemies in Beat Attack.
      Don't Beg for Your Life (Bronze): Complete 1 battle in Soul Attack Mode.
      I am the King! (Silver): Complete all battles in Soul Attack Mode.

    Additionally, there are 26 secret trophies:

      Devour, Glotoneria! (Bronze): Defeat 33,650 Hollows.
      Hueco Mundo is a Treasure Trove! (Bronze): Defeat 10,000 Arrancars.
      Come On! (Bronze): Defeat 10,000 Soul Reapers.
      Stand Behind Me! (Bronze): Destroy 10,000 environmental objects.
      You Can't Read My Movements (Bronze): Perform 100 Counters.
      Raaaaagh! (Bronze): Power up 300 times.
      What...?! (Bronze): See the Game Over screen 20 times.
      More! More! (Bronze): Obtain 1,000 items.
      Amor! (Bronze): Complete 1 battle after playing over 50 hours.
      I Can Fire 1200 (Bronze): Perform a 1,000 Slash combo.
      This is Art! (Bronze): Perform a 2,000 Slash combo.
      Then What is Justice?! (Bronze): Complete 1 battle without destroying any objects.
      You Think You Can Catch Me? (Bronze): Complete 1 battle without taking damage.
      Your Spiritual Power is Mine (Bronze): Complete 1 battle without using Spirit Pressure attacks.
      What a Pain in the Ass (Bronze): Defeat 300 enemies in 1 battle.
      The Shark Will Destroy You (Bronze): Use your Ignition Attack 5 times in 1 battle.
      Did You Read This Week's Jump? (Bronze): Jump 100 times in 1 battle.
      Snap Out of It, Baldy! (Bronze): Air Recover 30 times in 1 battle.
      I'll Kick Your Butt! (Bronze): Complete 1 battle with a final body count of 69.
      Que Suerte! (Bronze): Complete 1 battle with identical Soul Point digits.
      Cough! Cough! (Bronze): Complete 1 battle while near death.
      Mornin' Ichigo! (Bronze): Defeat a boss using a dash charge.
      Victory! (Bronze): Defeat a boss using an Ignition Attack.
      All of Heaven is Under My Command! (Bronze): Stay airborne for 30 seconds.
      You Got Weird Tastes (Bronze): Watch the opening movie 3 times without skipping.
      No Need to Thank Me (Bronze): Watch the credits once without skipping.

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