Dare To Fly


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Dauntless Devil (Bronze): Complete your First Flight successfully.
      Flap-ed! (Gold): Complete the Campaign Mode successfully once.
      Le Savior (Silver): Rescue 100 baby birds.
      Barrel Roller (Bronze): Fly through 500 Rings in Campaign mode.
      Flap-O-Mania (Bronze): Flap 10,000 times.
      Bustin Billboards (Bronze): Tear through 500 billboards.
      Nuked! (Bronze): Destroy Falcon's nest in "Avian Outlaw" level.
      Bull's Eye (Bronze): Land on the Bull's Eye for 10 times.
      Fire and Forget (Bronze): Destroy the Lighthouse in the "Lighthouse" level.
      Shark's Dinner (Bronze): Get yourself killed by a Shark.
      Fishing Spree (Bronze): Collect 1000 Fish.
      Stamina Saver (Bronze): End any level with 50% stamina intact 5 times.
      Target Practice (Bronze): Score 10,000 points by hitting targets in Quick Flap's Target Practice mode.
      Time Warped (Bronze): Accrue 1 hour time bonus in Quick Flap's Virtual Gates mode.
      Flight of Freedom (Bronze): Fly 2 hours with Falcon King.

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