Derrick The Deathfin


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      UNRIVALLED BRILLIANCE (Gold): Get gold medals in all possible levels.
      EXCELLENCE OBSESSION (Silver): Collect all the objects in the game.
      PARENTAL APPROVAL (Silver): Complete all the levels in the game.
      AMERICAN PIE (Bronze): Complete the American zone.
      ASIAN OCCASION (Bronze): Complete the Asian zone.
      SAFAR SOGOOD (Bronze): Complete the African zone.
      FREEZER PLEASER (Bronze): Complete the Arctic zone.
      BACKWARDS FLYING JIG (Bronze): Finish level in the air with Derrick in reverse.
      BACKWARDS JIG (Bronze): Finish level with Derrick in reverse.
      HOARD REWARD (Bronze): Collect all the objects in a level.
      VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION (Bronze): Get a gold medal.
      SPEED NEED (Bronze): Get a gold medal in a speed level.
      TON OF FUN (Bronze): Eat 100 creatures in a level.
      CARDBIRD (Bronze): Eat a flock of birds.

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