Lollipop Chainsaw Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Lollipop Chainsaw Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Lollipop Chainsaw


Bonus costumes

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The following pieces of clothing can be unlocked by playing through the game or beating Dad’s score. Then, spend the indicated number of Platinum Medals to purchase them.

    American Cheerleader: 15 Platinum Medals
    Bunny Costume: 27 Platinum Medals
    Busujima Saeko’s Outfit: 25 Platinum Medals
    Cordelia’s Outfit: 31 Platinum Medals (beat Dad’s high score on Stage 2)
    Crash Helmet: 29 Platinum Medals
    Dad’s Outfit: 35 Platinum Medals (beat Dad’s high score on Stage 4)
    Date night: 30 Platinum Medals
    Haruna’s Outfit: 25 Platinum Medals
    Japanese Maid Outfit: 85 Platinum Medals
    Manyu Chifusa’s Outfit: 25 Platinum Medals
    Miyamoto Rei’s Outfit: 25 Platinum Medals
    Mom’s Outfit: 37 Platinum Medals (beat Dad’s high score on Stage 5)
    Purple Pride Uniform: 20 Platinum Medals
    Rosalind’s Outfit: 33 Platinum Medals (beat Dad’s high score on Stage 3)
    Sexy American Casual: 10 Platinum Medals
    Sexy Rider Outfit: 90 Platinum Medals
    Sexy Shell Bikini: 80 Platinum Medals
    Shiro’s Outfit: 25 Platinum Medals
    Striped Bikini: 75 Platinum Medals

Very Hard mode

Successfully complete the game on the Easy, Normal, or Hard difficulty to unlock the Very Hard difficulty.

Japanese voices

Successfully complete the game to unlock an option to have Japanese voices.

Good ending

Rescue all classmates in all stages to view the good ending.

Lollipop Wrapper locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 40 Lollipop Wrappers:

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All telephone messages

Easy “Go, Medal Racer, Go!” trophy

Easy “Gunn Struck” trophy

In Stage 2, when you are on the rooftops towards the end of the stage, run directly into the lightning strikes ten times. Make sure your health is high enough to get hit ten times by lightning (you may have to buy the items in the shop that raise your health permanently). It is recommended you do this on the Easy difficulty so you can hold more Lollipops to heal yourself.

Easy “I Swear! I Did It By Mistake!” trophy

At any time during the game, simply move the camera until Juliet covers her skirt with her hand, and then wait for a few seconds. If you have the camera at the right angle, you will get the “I Swear! I Did It By Mistake!” trophy after a few seconds.

Easy “Leapfrog Girl” trophy

At any time during the game, leave a single zombie alive, and keep jumping over him with the leapfrog move ten times in a row to get the “Leapfrog Girl” trophy. If you accidentally perform a normal jump, the counter will reset, and you will have to start over again.

Easy “Legendary Harvester” trophy

Easy “No Fear Of Heights” trophy

In Stage 4: Fulci Fun Center, you will be forced to play the Gondola mini-game. The game lasts for approximately two minutes, and you are not allowed to get hit by any flying objects. Never shoot by pressing Triangle. If you get hit or shoot, you will have to restart from the checkpoint. Note: Restarting from the checkpoint will reduce your score once you complete the mini-game. Always pay attention to the blue guys that are throwing objects at you. If you see they are moving their hands, they are about to throw something at you. If multiple objects are flying in your direction, stop moving forward, and move left or right to dodge them. Also, pay attention to the turning floor tiles. Never park your gondola on them. You can also move backwards and camp at a safe distance to figure out the attack pattern of the enemies. The enemies throw objects at random speed, which slightly changes each time you die.

Easy “Sparkle Hunting Master” trophy

In Stage 3: O’Bannon Farm, towards the end of stage, you will come to an area with a lot of blue and red barrels. There will be three waves of zombies that spawn here. The third wave has 32 zombies. Wait until you are surrounded by a lot of zombies, and then activate Star Soul mode with R2. Star Soul mode allows you to kill zombies with a single hit. Then, just perform a normal strike with Triangle. You should get the “Sparkle Hunting Master” trophy.

Easy “Watch Out For The Balls” trophy

In Stage 1: High School, at the end of the stage, you will have to fight a boss named Zed. The fight consists of three rounds. During the final round (after destroying the giant speaker), Zed will keep throwing two orange glowing discs at you. Jump around to dodge the discs, and stand in front of Zed when the discs fly back to him. Press Circle to perform a counter. Do this 15 times (it will take approximately 5-7 minutes) to get the “Watch Out For The Balls” trophy.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Legendary Zombie Hunter (Platinum): 100% Complete! Thank you for playing!
    Zombie Hunter Apprentice (Bronze): Buy a combo at Chop2Shop.Zom and use it.
    Unclean and Uncool (Bronze): Defeated Hazmat in Prologue.
    Zed’s Dead, Baby, Zed’s Dead (Bronze): Defeated Zed.
    Viking Metal Rules! (Bronze): Defeated Vikke.
    Dirty Hippy (Bronze): Defeated Mariska.
    Disco’s Dead (Bronze): Defeated Josey.
    Rock’n Roll Isn’t Here Anymore (Bronze): Defeated Lewis LEGEND.
    I Came, I Saw, I Kicked Its Ass (Bronze): Defeated Killabilly.
    Leapfrog girl (Bronze): Leapfrogged 10 times in a row.
    I Swear! I Did It By Mistake! (Bronze): Peeped under Juliet’s skirt once.
    Endorsed by Cordelia (Bronze): Get 30 headshots.
    Sparkle Hunting Master (Bronze): Succeed in 7 zombie Sparkle Hunting.
    Gunn Struck (Bronze): Struck by lightning 10 times.
    Super Shopper (Bronze): Spend 10,000 medals at Chop2Shop.Zom.
    Love Nick (Bronze): Kissed Nick 100 times.
    JULIET51 (Bronze): 51 successful dropkicks.
    International Zombie Hunter (Bronze): Registered in world leaderboards for all stages.
    Groovy Hunter (Bronze): Kill 500 zombies.
    Zombie Slayer?! (Silver): Kill 3,000 zombies.
    Rich Hunter (Bronze): Pick up 1,000 zombie medals.
    Millionaire Hunter (Silver): Pick up 10,000 zombie medals.
    San Romero Knights Savior (Silver): Rescued All Classmates.
    Lollipop Addict (Silver): Collected all lollipop wrappers.
    Always On The Phone (Bronze): Collected all telephone messages.
    Zombie Fancier (Silver): Completed the zombie album.
    OMG, Music Is Soooo Coooool (Silver): Collected all BGM.
    Perfect Body (Silver): Completely level up Juliet.
    Master Sushi Chef (Silver): Collected all combos.
    Watch Out For The Balls (Bronze): Dodge & Counter Zed’s Electric Balls 15 times.
    Cheerleader Overboard! (Bronze): Succeed in QTE at edge of Vikke’s ship.
    Third Eye (Bronze): Dodge all balloon attacks in Mariska battle.
    Critical UFO Finish (Bronze): Funk Josey in the last 10 seconds.
    Elephant Tamer (Bronze): Counter Lewis’ attack 10 times.
    Fingered (Bronze): Cut off 20 fingers during Killabilly’s fight!
    Life Guard (Bronze): Rescued all classmates in Prologue.
    Accidental Vandalism (Bronze): Destroyed 300 objects in the game.
    Go, Medal Racer, Go! (Bronze): Picked up all zombie medals on the rooftop with Chainsaw Dash.
    Legendary harvester (Bronze): Harvested all crops in the 1st field with the combine in Stage 3.
    No Fear Of Heights (Bronze): Beat the Gondola game without shooting.
    Little Sisters Are The Worst! (Bronze): Do not get hit by Rosalind’s wrecking ball.
    Aced Auto-shop Class (Bronze): Clear all the Kill Car QTE’s in a row.
    n00b Zombie Hunter (Silver): Clear Prologue, surpassing Dad’s score.
    Beginner Zombie Hunter (Silver): Clear Stage 1, surpassing Dad’s score.
    Intermediate Zombie Hunter (Silver): Clear Stage 2, surpassing Dad’s score.
    Advanced Zombie Hunter (Silver): Clear Stage 3, surpassing Dad’s score.
    Super Zombie Hunter (Silver): Clear Stage 4, surpassing Dad’s score.
    Excellent Zombie Hunter (Silver): Clear Stage 5, surpassing Dad’s score.
    Master Zombie Hunter (Silver): Clear Stage 6, surpassing Dad’s score.
    Congratulations! Happy Birthday! (Gold): Watched the happy ending.
    Horrid Birthday (Bronze): Watched the bad ending.

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