Gatling Gears


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Can't Touch This (Gold): Complete an area in Katharsis without getting hit.
      Back to Retirement (Silver): Defeat Julius Steelwell and save the world by destroying The Butler.
      Veteran (Silver): Complete all areas on the hardest difficulty.
      Gladiator (Silver): Clear all Survival mode arenas.
      Survival of the Fittest (Silver): Complete a Survival mode arena without losing a life.
      Iron Man (Bronze): Learn how to operate your walker and complete Bootcamp.
      Second in Command (Bronze): Defeat General Brutus by destroying The Excavator.
      You Never Walk Alone (Bronze): Complete an area in co-op.
      Take it to the Max (Bronze): Fully upgrade your walker.
      Green Peace (Bronze): Don't push over any trees in Tresspassers.
      Thunder Struck (Bronze): Destroy all lightning harvesters in Fog of War.
      Mine! Mine! Mine! (Bronze): Don't take any damage from sea mines in Tide of Battle.

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