The Cycle Cheats & Cheat Codes

A Prospector in The Cycle stands before a crafting store.

The Cycle Cheats & Cheat Codes

The world of multiplayer shooters is very crowded. Amidst major names like Call of Duty and Fortnite, lower profile titles like The Cycle: Frontier (previously known as just The Cycle) can struggle to make an impact. Developed and published by Yager Development, The Cycle launched in June 2022 following early access release in 2019. It’s currently available for PC, but unfortunately, it will shut down this September. Yager has found that maintaining the game’s online status is not financially viable. Unfortunately, there is no hope of the game persisting in an offline form. Fans will have to enjoy The Cycle while it lasts.

The Cycle: Frontier Premise

The biggest selling point of The Cycle: Frontier is its unique take on what the developers call PvEvP gameplay. Teams of players must collaborate on quests and objectives while surviving the hostile wildlife of the game’s alien world. However, they are also at risk of attacks from other teams of players looking to sabotage their mission. Combat in The Cycle: Frontier has drawn comparisons to games like Escape From Tarkov. The game boasts two maps and crafting mechanics to help you survive the hostile environment. It also features a battle pass.

The Cycle: Frontier Main Characters

Space travel and resource extraction are hallmarks of The Cycle: Frontier.
Space travel and resource extraction are hallmarks of The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle is primarily an online multiplayer game; therefore story is not as much of a consideration as it would be in a franchise like Call of Duty, which tends to feature dedicated singleplayer campaigns. With that in mind, there is a considerable amount of lore around the game’s setting, Fortuna III. As players have progressed through the story, a few characters have risen to the surface. Here are the most prominent characters in The Cycle: Frontier.

  • Henri Maybach: Henri Maybach serves as the representative for the Independent Civilian Advisory, or ICA. This organization operates as an informal government on Prospect Station, the home base of players between missions. It also deals in weapons and equipment that offer a balanced mix of power and speed.
  • Vadim Tanayev: He is Prospect Station’s representative for the Korolev faction. This company builds and operates heavy machinery and armor.
  • Emmanuel Sullivan: Sullivan is the leader of OSIRIS, a science-minded organization. It formed to perform dangerous experiments on Fortuna III without impacting its parent corporation Blue Star Ltd. The gear offered by Emmanuel’s faction prioritize speed and evasion.
  • Gerald Badum: Arguably the main character of The Cycle, Gerald Badum is a prospector like the main characters. His dangerous missions drove much of the discovery and lore surrounding the mysterious world of Fortuna III. He also offers commentary in-game.
  • The Lost Prospector: This mysterious missing figure drives much of the story in season one of The Cycle. Many of the missions you embark upon are meant to retrace this character’s steps.
  • Joshua Strauss: Emmanuel Sullivan’s assistant fills the leader’s role whenever he is absent.
  • Artur Dhawan: Artur serves as the lead science officer for Korolev and works closely for Vadim Tanayev, filling in for the man whenever he is absent.

The Cycle: Frontier Cheat Codes

The Cycle menaces players with hostile alien life.
The Cycle menaces players with hostile alien life.

Unfortunately, since The Cycle is a fully online multiplayer game, there are no official cheat codes available. Giving players a legitimate built-in way to gain an unfair advantage over opponents with little to no effort would wildly imbalance the title’s unique PvEvP gameplay. Like in many other multiplayer shooters, however, some players have no problem looking outside the official code of the game for such an advantage. Third-party hacking programs are available for The Cycle: Frontier, and using them you can gain a wide variety of advantages. Common multiplayer shooter hacks include aimbots, which aim at opponents for you, and wall hacks, which allow you to view other players through obstacles that would otherwise hide them from sight. More egregious hacks can even render you immune to damage entirely.

As tempting as such hacks might be, there are many reasons why using them is a bad idea. Like many other multiplayer games, The Cycle: Frontier takes a hard stance against cheaters, and using hacking software can get you permanently banned. Furthermore, due to the illicit nature of such programs, the sites distributing them are generally not particularly trustworthy. Downloading software from such a source could be a huge risk to the health of your PC. Of course, using hacking programs also completely ruins the game for other players, even your own teammates. With so little time left in the lifespan of The Cycle, it’s a better idea to let people say goodbye on their own terms.

The Cycle: Frontier Cheat Codes FAQ

The Cycle's maps feature many striking scenes to explore.
The Cycle‘s maps feature many striking scenes to explore.

Does The Cycle: Frontier have anti-cheat? Yes it does. The Cycle uses BattlEye, a proprietary piece of anti-cheat software used by many other popular online video games. PUBG, DayZ, and even Fortnite run BattlEye to detect hackers and eliminate them before they can do too much damage to the game they’re in. BattlEye functions largely automatically, detecting and banning cheaters without much input from the developers.
Is The Cycle: Frontier playable solo? While The Cycle is definitely geared more toward multiplayer, you don’t need a group of friends to launch into a game. You can absolutely play The Cycle: Frontier solo, but it won’t be easy. In order to succeed you’ll want to avoid the most populous regions of the map, since you’ll be outnumbered in most circumstances. Stealth is key, but with persistence and ingenuity, you can succeed as a single player in the hostile world of Fortuna III.

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