Fall Guys Matches Cheaters, Gamer Sues Nintendo

Fall Guys Matches Cheaters, Gamer Sues Nintendo

Fall Guys Has a Special Place for Cheaters

Cheating has a special place in gaming history and if fine when used in a single player game but it can ruin the multiplayer experience for many gamers. This also puts developers at risk, as it isn’t good for them when their customers aren’t having fun. Mediatonic, the developers of Fall Guys , one of the most popular battle royale games on the market, and one of the most popular games out right now, has come up with a novel solution.

The solution is called Cheater Island and, true to its name, it is a place where cheaters are sent to keep them away from other players. There, they can cheat with other players. The PC version of the game had a big issue with cheating, too, and Mediatonic had to constantly lower the threshold of what was considered cheating to catch them.

Once caught, the cheaters were put into other matchmaking queues where they could only match with other cheaters. This reduces the amount of people in the queue and makes it much harder to find matches. Maybe that’ll teach them a lesson.

Source: IGN

Another Gamer Sues Nintendo

Nintendo has a long history of being sued for its consoles and a large portion of those law suits have revolved around issues with the controllers. Some even claimed that the controllers were hazardous. By comparison, one gamers lawsuit about the Joy-Con Drift issue doesn’t seem so ridiculous. What might be surprising is the fact that they won the suit.

Joy-Con Drift is a hardware issue with the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons. Basically, a lot of controllers would detect phantom inputs even when people weren’t using the analog stick. Understandably, this caused problems for many games. Nintendo launched a repair program to try to ease grievances among its fanbase. This meant free repairs for Joy-Cons.

This lawsuit occurred in the UK. There, because of laws surrounding consumer rights, it is possible to demand a refund if a company isn’t able to repair a product in a reasonable amount of time after already being repaired once. The person suing Nintendo only requested a partial refund and had already dealt with two failed repairs. Nintendo told them that a refund wasn’t possible. After being told that the refusal was illegal, the Nintendo employee who made the refusal told the customer to seek legal action and hung up.

They did. After taking Nintendo to small claims court, Nintendo gave the customer instructions on how to claim a refund.

Source: Game Rant

Here’s How to Get Limited Mario Pins

Last week, Nintendo announced Super Mario 3D All-Stars, which will be a collection featuring the beloved titles, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. It’s a great collection and an amazing way for Nintendo to honor Mario’s 35-year long legacy. To complement this limited release product, Nintendo is also releasing limited edition enamel pins.

Some of these designs are all new, while others have been seen before. Pre-ordering the game is the first step in acquiring these collectibles. To get the rest, you need to complete 5 other missions. First, make a Nintendo account if you don’t already have one. One step requires playing the Super Mario Kart tour in the iOS or Android version of Mario Kart between September 9 and September 23. The rest of the steps are as simple as visiting a few websites which are listed here .

The game is currently available for preorder and will launch on September 18. Preordering the digital edition still qualifies you for the enamel pin set.

Source: IGN

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