Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Can't Get Enough (Bronze): Complete 25 different Layouts in 'Infinity' Mode.
      Come Out and Play (Bronze): Play 50 Network Games.
      Didn't Buy a Clue (Bronze): Complete an entire Tale without using the Hint Button.
      Dragon Slayer (Bronze): Complete all Levels in 'Motion' Mode.
      I Don't Need No Stinking Power-Ups (Bronze): Complete 'Motion' Mode without using 'Bomb', 'Cannon', 'Ice' and 'Wild number' Power-Ups.
      Quick on the Draw (Bronze): Make 5 Quick Matches in-a-row.
      Sage (Bronze): Complete all Tales in 'Ancient Tales' Mode.
      Score! (Bronze): Score 2500 remaining tiles points in one 'Ancient Tales' level.
      Speed Reader (Bronze): Complete an 'Ancient Tales' Layout in less than 2 minutes.
      The Duelist (Bronze): Win 5 Network games in-a-row.
      The Gunslinger (Bronze): Win 25 Network games.
      Why Stop With Just One? (Bronze): Complete a single Tale in 'Ancient Tales' Mode.
      Infinity and Beyond (Silver): Complete 100 different Layouts in 'Infinity' Mode.
      Matchmaker (Silver): Match 2000 sets of Tiles.
      Who's The Master? (Silver): Receive 'Sage', 'Dragon Slayer' and 'Can't Get Enough'.
      Who Needs Sleep? (Silver): Complete 'Motion' Mode without losing a single life.

    The following trophies require the "Booster Pack" bonus downloadable content:

      Be The Best, Mahjong The Rest (Silver): Earn "Who's The Master?" and "Beastmaster" tropies.
      Beastmaster (Bronze): Complete all layouts of Animal Pack (Booster Pack - Infinity mode).
      Got Layout?! (Bronze): Play through 10 network games on custom layouts.
      Mason Apprentice (Bronze): Create 5 Layouts using Layout Editor. Each Layout should have at least 70 tiles in it.
      Mason Master (Bronze): Create 10 Layouts using Layout Editor. Each Layout should have at least 100 tiles in it.

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