Red Johnson's Chronicles


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      A real detective (Bronze): Finish the game.
      Hot! Roast chestnuts... (Bronze): Cut the alarm in less than 20 goes.
      It's a wrap (Bronze): Win all QTE's.
      Obstacle course (Bronze): Win all puzzles.
      Amatuer Peeping Tom (Bronze): See all the failure QTE's.
      It's working (Bronze): Win the first QTE.
      First step (Bronze): Finish the first puzzle.
      A closed case (Silver): Finish the game with a 100% completion rate.
      I'm a legend (Silver): Finish the game with rank A.
      Director's cut (Silver): Win all the QTE's in one go.
      One shot (Silver): Win all the puzzles in one go.
      Express Delivery (Gold): Finish the game with a 100% completion rate as fast as you can!

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