Rogue Warrior



  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      The Geek (Bronze): Complete the game on Recruits difficulty.
      SNAFU (Bronze): Complete SNAFU.
      KISS (Bronze): Complete KISS.
      GNBN (Bronze): Complete GNBN.
      PFDL (Bronze): Complete PFDL.
      FUBAR (Bronze): Complete FUBAR.
      HUMINT (Bronze): Complete HUMINT.
      KATN (Bronze): Complete KATN.
      DOY (Bronze): Complete DOY.
      Getting Your Gun Off (Bronze): Kill at least one enemy with every weapon in the game. (Single Player).
      Frag Out! (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies using grenades. (Single Player).
      Never Knew What Hit Them (Bronze): Kill 50 unalerted enemies. (Single Player).
      Improv (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies using explosive objects. (Single Player).
      Suppressing Fire (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies using blindfire. (Single Player).
      Health and Safety (Bronze): Blow up 20 fire extinguishers. (Single Player).
      Military Budget (Bronze): Kill 5 enemies with an assault rifle without reloading or changing weapons. (Single Player).
      Come Get Some (Bronze): Kill 5 enemies with a shotgun without reloading or changing weapons. (Single Player).
      Ninja (Bronze): Perform 3 kill moves in a row. (Single Player).
      Curb-Stomper (Bronze): Perform 5 finishing moves. (Single Player).
      Chop-shop (Bronze): Destroy 10 vehicles. (Single Player).
      Over the Top (Bronze): Throw an enemy over a ledge. (Single Player).
      Not the Face (Bronze): Smash an enemy's face into a wall. (Single Player).
      Fresh off the boat (Bronze): Play online once. (Multiplayer).
      Spec Warrior (Bronze): Kill 3 people in a row online. (Multiplayer).
      SEAL Team Six (Bronze): Play a Team Deathmatch to completion with at least 3 friends on your team.
      Friendship is for suckers... (Bronze): Kill someone on your friends list. (Multiplayer).
      Keep your friends close... (Bronze): Perform a kill move on a friend. (Multiplayer).
      Decorated Veteran (Bronze): Play 50 games online. (Multiplayer).
      From Beyond the Grave (Bronze): An enemy dies from your grenade...after you have been killed. (Multiplayer).
      Host-me-up (Bronze): Host a custom game to completion. (Multiplayer).
      Shark Man of the Delta (Silver): Complete the game on Regulars difficulty.
      Double Tap (Silver): Complete an entire level using only the pistol. (Single Player).
      Now THIS is a Knife (Silver): Kill 30 enemies using kill moves. (Single Player).
      Guns Don't Kill People, SEALS o (Silver): Kill 30 enemies using sniper rifles. (Single Player).
      Are These Guys For Real? (Silver): Kill 50 Speztnaz. (Single Player).
      Migraine Breaker (Silver): Kill 50 enemies with head shots. (Single Player).
      Gang Bang (Silver): Kill a group of four enemies with a grenade. (Single Player).
      Dick Would Be Proud (Silver): Complete a mission without dying. (Single Player).
      THREATCON (Silver): Place first in a Ranked Deathmatch game. (Multiplayer).
      Smack The Rogue (Silver): Come first in 10 ranked Deathmatch games. (Multiplayer).
      POTUS (Silver): Place first in a Ranked Team Deathmatch. (Multiplayer).
      Special Warfare Group One (Silver): Be on the winning team for 10 TDM games. (Multiplayer).
      One Man Army (Silver): Kill 200 enemies. (Multiplayer).
      Demo Dick (Gold): Complete the game on Elites difficulty.
      Legion of merit (Gold): Finish each map in 1st place. (Multiplayer).
      Platinum (Platinum): Earn this by collecting all the other trophies.

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