Sega Bass Fishing


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      A Gift Lure (Bronze): Get a new lure in ARCADE MODE.
      Unbelievable Size (Silver): Catch a bass that weighs more than 20 lbs.
      Arcade Winner (Bronze): Clear ARCADE MODE.
      Lure Collector (Silver): Get the 14th and final Lure by placing 1st in all 5 Stages of the Professional Tournament.
      Amateur Winner (Bronze): Win First Place in the Amateur Tournament.
      Challenge Winner (Bronze): Win First Place in the Challenge Tournament.
      Professional Winner (Bronze): Win First Place in the Professional Tournament.
      Masters Classic Winner (Silver): Win First Place in the Masters Classic Tournament.
      Ranker Killer (Bronze): Catch over 30 Huge basses in ORIGINAL MODE.
      Top Water King (Bronze): Catch over 50 basses in ORIGINAL MODE by using Top Water lures.
      Perfect Angler (Gold): Win all the stages in the Professional Tournament.
      I love fishing (Silver): Catch a total of 500 basses.

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