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  • Standard tricks

    Regular (left foot forward)
    Nose GrabSquare + Triangle
    MuteSquare + Circle
    SeatbeltSquare + X
    Flying SquirrelTriangle + Square
    StiffyTriangle + Circle
    StalefishCircle + Square
    CrailCircle + Triangle
    Tail GrabCircle + X
    Goofy (right foot forward)
    Switch IndySquare
    Switch CrailSquare + Triangle
    Switch StalefishSquare + Circle
    Switch Tail GrabSquare + X
    Switch RocketTriangle
    Switch StiffyTriangle + Square
    Switch Flying SquirrelTriangle + Circle
    Switch MuteCircle + Square
    Switch Nose GrabCircle + Triangle
    Switch Seat BeltCircle + X
    Switch TruckdriverX
    BoardslideNo input
    Ta Da! BoardslideSquare
    Utah Teapot BoardslideTriangle
    The Proposal BoardslideCircle
    The Wheelman BoardslideSquare + Square
    Lesser Seesaw BoardslideTriangle + Triangle
    Super Fish-L BoardslideCircle + Circle

  • Uber tricks

    Regular (left foot forward)
    Uber MelonSquare
    Uber Nose GrabSquare + Triangle
    Uber MuteSquare + Circle
    Uber SeatbeltSquare + X
    Uber RocketTriangle
    Uber Flying SquirrelTriangle + Square
    Uber StiffyTriangle + Circle
    Uber IndyCircle
    Uber StalefishCircle + Square
    Uber CrailCircle + Triangle
    Uber Tail GrabCircle + X
    Uber TruckdriverX
    Goofy (right foot forward)
    Switch Uber IndySquare
    Switch Uber CrailSquare + Triangle
    Switch Uber StalefishSquare + Circle
    Switch Uber Tail GrabSquare + X
    Switch Uber RocketTriangle
    Switch Uber StiffyTriangle + Square
    Switch Uber Flying SquirrelTriangle + Circle
    Switch Uber MelonCircle
    Switch Uber MuteCircle + Square
    Switch Uber Nose GrabCircle + Triangle
    Switch Uber Seat BeltCircle + X
    Switch Uber TruckdriverX
    Heel To The Cheif BoardslideSquare
    Darkerslide BoardslideTriangle
    Jewl Twist BoardslideCircle
    Darkslide BoardslideSquare + Square
    Brow Down BoardslideTriangle + Triangle
    Late Addition BoardslideCircle + Circle

  • Super Uber tricks

    Regular (left foot forward)
    SidewinderSquare + Triangle
    All You Can EatSquare + Circle
    Royal FlushSquare + X
    Checkin' The NoseTriangle
    Huge In EuropeTriangle + Square
    Cradle May FallTriangle + Circle
    Waaay BackCircle
    BlackbirdCircle + Square
    SubmersibleCircle + Triangle
    Stay FrostyCircle + X
    Goofy (right foot forward)
    Switch Waaay BackSquare
    Switch SubmersibleSquare + Triangle
    Switch BlackbirdSquare + Circle
    Switch Stay FrostySquare + X
    Switch Checkin' The NoseTriangle
    Switch Cradle May FallTriangle + Square
    Switch Huge In EuropeTriangle + Circle
    Switch SkyscraperCircle
    Switch All You Can EatCircle + Square
    switch sidewinderCircle + Triangle
    Switch Royal FlushCircle + X
    Switch SledgehammerX
    Sit On It BoardslideSquare
    Skeleton BoardslideTriangle
    Invertible BoardslideCircle
    Westcoast Crow BoardslideSquare + Square
    The Luger BoardslideTriangle + Triangle
    The Russian DreidleCircle + Circle

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      The SSX Standard (Platinum): Earn all trophies.
      Gear Pack (Silver): Collect all Gear Badges.
      The Golden Campaign (Gold): Collect all World Tour Badges.
      The Gold Miner (Gold): Collect all Explore Badges.
      The Gold Spender (Gold): Collect all Global Events Badges.
      The Tricker (Silver): Collect all Tricky Badges.
      The Finish Line (Silver): Collect all Race Badges.
      Survival Guide (Silver): Collect all Survive Badges.
      Team SSX (Bronze): Unlock every member of Team SSX through World Tour (or purchase in Explore or Global Events).
      Tree Hugger (Silver): Survive Trees Deadly Descent without equipping armor (in World Tour).
      The Apple Theory (Silver): Survive Gravity Deadly Descent without equipping a wingsuit (in World Tour).
      Do You See What I See (Silver): Survive Darkness Deadly Descent without equipping a headlamp or pulse goggles (in World Tour).
      Ice To See You (Silver): Survive Ice Deadly Descent without equipping ice axes (in World Tour).
      Buried Alive (Silver): Survive Avalanche Deadly Descent without equipping armor (in World Tour).
      Playing Favorites (Silver): Reach level 10 with any character.
      It's Cold Out Here (Silver): Survive Cold Deadly Descent without equipping a solar panel (in World Tour).
      Rocky Road (Silver): Survive Rock Deadly Descent without equipping armor (in World Tour).
      Caution Low Visibility (Silver): Survive Whiteout Deadly Descent without equipping pulse goggles (in World Tour).
      That Was Easy (Bronze): Unlock all Game Modes.
      I Am A Ghost (Bronze): Upload your first personal ghost.
      Grindage (Bronze): Grind your first rail (not achievable in Tutorial).
      Around The World (Bronze): Ride with all three Pilots with each member of Team SSX.
      I Ain't Afraid of Snow Ghost (Silver): Beat a Friend's Rival Ghost in every Range (in Explore).
      The Golden Trick IT (Silver): Earn your 1st Gold in a Trick Event (in Explore).
      The Gold Standard (Silver): Earn your 1st Gold in a Race Event (in Explore).
      Heart Of Gold (Silver): Earn your 1st Gold in a Survive Event (in Explore).
      Peak-A-Boo (Bronze): Participate in a Global Event in every Peak.
      Tag Team (Bronze): Earn a Bronze in a Trick Event with every member of Team SSX (in Explore).
      Pass The Baton (Bronze): Earn a Bronze in a Race Event with every member of Team SSX (in Explore).
      Leave No One Behind (Bronze): Earn a Bronze in a Survive Event with every member of Team SSX (in Explore).
      Uberlesscious (Silver): Earn a Bronze Medal on a Trick Event in Explore without landing any Super bers.
      Who Needs Boost (Silver): Earn a Bronze Medal on a Race Event in Explore without using any boost.
      I'm Alive! (Bronze): Rewind out of Death for the First Time (not achievable in Tutorial).
      I'm Flying! (Bronze): Deploy your wingsuit for the first time (not achievable in Tutorial).
      Gear Up! (Bronze): Make your first Gear Purchase.
      Pass The Board Wax (Bronze): Make your first Board Purchase.
      I Need A Boost (Bronze): Make your first Mod Purchase.

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