Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown



  • Play as Dural

    Face Dural in Arcade mode to unlock her. Note: You cannot play as Dural online except in Room Matches.

  • Choose victory pose

    During the replay after a match and before the "Winner" screen appears, hold Left, Right, Up, or Down. Each button selects a different victory pose.

  • Original "Sega" voiceover

    As the game is starting before the Sega logo appears, hold Circle to hear the original "Sega" voiceover.

  • Alternate credits song

    Defeat every opponent in Arcade mode (including Dural) without using a continue to hear a different song during the credits.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      You Win (Bronze): Win a match in Arcade Mode without losing a round (any difficulty level).
      Ring Out (Bronze): Win a round by knocking your opponent out of the ring in Arcade Mode (any difficulty level).
      Excellent (Bronze): Win a round without taking any damage in Arcade Mode (any difficulty level).
      VS Dural (Silver): Face off against Dural in Arcade Mode (any difficulty level).
      Score Attacker (Bronze): Play Score Attack Mode.
      5 Hit Combo (Silver): Perform a five-hit combo in Score Attack Mode.
      Test Complete (Silver): Complete a test in License Challenge Mode.
      Five Tests Complete (Silver): Complete five tests in License Challenge Mode.
      Ten Tests Complete (Gold): Complete ten tests in License Challenge Mode.
      Up and Coming (Bronze): Play one ranked match.
      Challenger (Bronze): Play ten ranked matches.
      Student (Bronze): Play any training session in Tutorial Mode.

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