Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Platinum (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies.
      Why Don't You Come In? (Bronze): Enter Diggs's office.
      Cast of Library City (Silver): Meet all of the characters during the corridor chase.
      Nose for Trouble (Silver): Follow the villain's shadow without making a mistake.
      Lightning Catcher (Bronze): Look at the lightning through the elevator window.
      Shark Bait (Bronze): Rub the shark to find the objects.
      Join the Circus (Bronze): Help Diggs enter Humpty's Club.
      Hogpiled (Bronze): Get caught and escape from the three little pigs three times in Humpty's club.
      Cut down on Bacon (Gold): Don't get caught by the three little pigs in Humpty's club.
      Pigs in Blankets (Bronze): Escape from the three little pigs.
      Maestro (Bronze): Play all the musical instruments at the same time.
      Private Party (Bronze): Find the dancers behind Humpty's Club.
      Chapter One Complete (Silver): Complete Chapter One.
      Sheep Tower (Bronze): Make a sheep pile and knock it down.
      Skilful Driver (Silver): Drive without hitting obstacles.
      Decision Maker (Bronze): Chose a path for Diggs.
      Quackers (Silver): Hit all the musical ducks.
      Sheep Passenger (Bronze): Carry a sheep on Diggs' barrel.
      The Big Sheep (Bronze): Clear up the big sheep pile in 30 seconds.
      Bookworm (Bronze): Help Ma Goose to fix a broken book.
      True Librarian (Gold): Help Ma Goose to fix 5 books in 240 seconds.
      Merry Men in Disguise (Bronze): Sneak past the three monkeys.
      Escape artist (Silver): Unravel Diggs without Shadow noticing in the hangar.
      Chapter Two Complete (Silver): Complete Chapter Two.
      Fire Fighter (Bronze): Stop the fire.
      Master Monkey Basher (Silver): Only hit the monkeys.
      Double Whammy (Bronze): Hit two Monkeys at the same time.
      Quickdraw Diggs (Bronze): Complete the shoot-out in 210 seconds.
      Careful Climber (Gold): Climb up the waterspout without being hit.
      Chapter Three Complete (Silver): Complete Chapter Three.
      Apprentice Photographer (Bronze): Complete 20 photo assignments.
      Senior Photographer (Silver): Complete 50 photo assignments.
      Master Photographer (Gold): Complete all 88 photo assignments.

    Additionally, there are five secret trophies:

      Invisible Man's navigator (Bronze): Help the Invisible Man to find the entrance.
      Who's the boss? (Bronze): Find out who is the boss.
      Back to Life (Bronze): Humpty comes back to life.
      Fate (Bronze): Down came the rain and washed the spider out.
      Recount the Astounding Story (Bronze): Report everything to Humpty.

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