Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play



  • Pixel Perfect mode

    Pause the game, then hold L + Down + Circle. You can now toggle screen sizes by pressing Square. Note: This only works in Single Player mode, and has no effect in the Mortal Kombat games or Cyberball 2072.

  • Kombat Kodes in Mortal Kombat 3

    At the VS screen, press the following buttons to activate the corresponding Kombat Kode:

      Infinite run: Press LP(4), BL(6), LK(6)
      Play as Smoke: Press HP(1), BL(9), HK(2)
      Fight Galaga: Press LP(6), BL(4), LK(2)
      Fight Motaro: Press LP(9), BL(6), LK(9)
      Fight Noob Saibot: Press LP(7), BL(6), LK(9)
      Fight Shao Kahn: Press BL(3), LK(3)
      Fight Smoke: Press LP(2), LK(5)
      Dark Kombat: Press LP(6), BL(8), LK(8)
      Psycho Kombat: Press LP(9), BL(8), LK(5)
      Randper Kombat: Press LP(4), BL(6)
      Blocks disabled: Press BL(2)
      Player one has 1/4 energy: Press LP(7), LK(4)
      No life bars: Press LP(9), BL(8), LK(7)
      Throws disabled: Press LP

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