Dragon Fantasy: Book 2


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Look, we've got a platinum! (Platinum): Unlock all the other trophies in this game.
      Bounty. Hunted. (Gold): Complete 20 bounties.
      Good Bounty (Silver): Complete 10 bounties.
      Bounty Hunter (Bronze): Complete a bounty hunt.
      Master Craftsman (Gold): Craft 100 items.
      Craftiest (Silver): Craft 50 items.
      Craftier (Bronze): Craft 20 items.
      Crafty (Bronze): Craft an item.
      The Stuff of Dreams (Bronze): Defeat the Dream Dragon.
      You just gotta. (Gold): Capture 50 monsters.
      Trapper (Silver): Capture 30 monsters.
      Capturer (Bronze): Capture 10 monsters.
      Gotcha (Bronze): Capture a monster.
      Dungeon Runner (Silver): Explore all the side-dungeons.
      Crawler (Bronze): Explore a side-dungeon.
      Maxed Out (Gold): Reach level 99 with a character.
      Ships Ahoy (Bronze): Take control of the SS Rennety.
      Cannon Fodder (Bronze): The Kraken returns.
      Rockington Falls (Bronze): Visit the Rock Monsters.
      Pengfjord Village (Bronze): Wenk Wenk Wenk!
      It's a Rock, Man. (Bronze): He's Mega powerful.
      Weller Educated (Bronze): Read 30 books.
      Third Time's a Charm (Bronze): Be overly protective of Sally.
      Blockaded (Bronze): See the Northern Blockade.
      Office Visit (Bronze): Find the developer's room.

    Additionally, there are six secret trophies:

      A Queen's Fall (Gold): Defeat the Black Queen.
      Tearful Reunion (Silver): Defeat Milly in the Coliseum.
      Dang that hurt. (Silver): Ogden's collapsed at the Road House.
      Science'd (Silver): Sarien sends you forth into the world.
      Separation Anxiety (Silver): Our heroes go their separate ways.
      Riding Solo (Gold): Defeat the Black Queen with only a single party member.

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