• Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      The Janitor Possesses the Keys (Bronze): Obtain a red key.
      Are you the Key Master? (Bronze): Obtain a gold key.
      Triple threat (Bronze): Use area attack three times in a single player level.
      Into the Trees (Bronze): Unlock all Forest levels.
      Maid Service (Bronze): Unlock all Mansion levels.
      City Ordinance (Bronze): Unlock all City levels.
      E-Waste Disposal (Bronze): Unlock all Laboratory levels.
      The Clean Up Crew (Bronze): Score double-S in a silver level in each hub.
      Spotless Shine (Bronze): Score a flawless victory in a four-player online match.
      Bathroom breaks are for the weak (Silver): Pass a red level without respawning.
      Easy Does it (Silver): Score double-S in all combat levels without using area attack.
      One man's Trash... (Silver): Sweep 50 apples.
      Master of the Custodial Arts (Gold): Score double-S in all original single player levels.

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