Nun Attack


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      War Decorations (Silver): Defeat Sergeant Baz.
      The Curse Is Lifted (Silver): Defeat Ripfang the Savage,
      Lord of the Night (Silver): Defeat Count Viktor.
      Banished from Heaven (Silver): Defeat Mortanna, Sister of Flames.
      Midas Touch (Silver): Gather 1,000,000 Coins.
      Seasoned Sister (Silver): Reach level 15 with a Nun.
      Ready to Rock! (Bronze): Gather your full squad.
      World Peace (Bronze): Obtain a 3-bullet rating in 20 missions.
      Lock n' Load! (Bronze): Upgrade a Nun's weapon to its full potential.
      Shiny! (Bronze): Open a special chest.
      Back from Beyond (Bronze): Bring a Nun back to life.
      Deflector (Bronze): Deflect 100 projectiles.
      Godly Powers (Bronze): Obtain all miracles.
      Miraculous (Bronze): Use 50 miracles.
      Wooden Cross (Bronze): Defeat 100 skeletons.

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