Unit 13



  • Alternate screen filter

    While playing the game, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Circle. Repeat the code to cycle through the screen filters.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      13 Squared (Bronze): Eliminate 169 enemies over the course of your career.
      13-Star General (Platinum): Obtain all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies in Unit 13.
      Action Hero (Silver): Complete all Direct Action operations.
      Adapt and Overcome (Bronze): Complete a Daily Challenge operation.
      Anti-Venom (Silver): Eliminate VIPER.
      Badass and Bulletproof (Bronze): Eliminate 13 enemies without taking damage.
      Blast from the Past (Bronze): Find an homage to what has come before...
      Brainstorm (Bronze): Score 13 headshots in a single operation.
      By Strength and Guile (Bronze): Reach level 10 with RINGO.
      Ch13f Op3r471v3 (Silver): Complete all Elite operations.
      Cloud Nine (Gold): Eliminate all High Value Targets.
      Crowd Control Jr. (Bronze): Eliminate 2 enemies with a single grenade.
      De Oppresso Liber (Bronze): Reach level 10 with ANIMAL.
      Dead Winger (Silver): Eliminate PHOENIX.
      Doublecrossed (Silver): Eliminate GRIFTER.
      Extra Credit(S) (Bronze): Watch the credits.
      Facit Omnia Voluntas (Bronze): Reach level 10 with ZEUS.
      Fangdango (Silver): Eliminate VAMPIRE.
      Fat Chance (Silver): Eliminate BIG SLICK.
      Finish Him! (Silver): Eliminate SCORPION.
      Friendly Rivalry (Bronze): Get a higher mission score than someone on your friends list.
      Honneur et Fidlit (Bronze): Reach level 10 with CHUCKLES.
      It Pays to be a Winner (Bronze): Reach level 10 with PYTHON.
      L337 $0LD13R (Bronze): Complete an Elite operation.
      Lamplighter (Bronze): Complete a Covert operation.
      Last Laugh (Silver): Eliminate HYENA.
      Less Me, More We (Bronze): Complete an operation in co-op.
      Life of the Party (Bronze): Show your enemy that you get down with the best of 'em.
      Lucky 13 (Silver): Achieve a 5-star rating in 13 operations.
      Master Ninja (Silver): Complete all Covert operations.
      New Recruit (Bronze): Complete the Unit 13 Training Course.
      One Shot, One Kill (Bronze): Reach level 10 with ALABAMA.
      Sine Labore Nihil (Gold): Max out all operatives.
      Snakechaser (Bronze): Complete a Direct Action operation.
      Speed Demon (Bronze): Complete a Deadline operation.
      Sworded Out (Silver): Eliminate SCIMITAR.
      Time Killer (Silver): Complete all Deadline operations.
      Trick Shot (Bronze): Eliminate an enemy by setting off a mine.
      Twin Foiled (Bronze): Eliminate 2 enemies with a single melee attack.
      Two For One (Bronze): Eliminate 2 enemies with a single bullet.
      Unstoppable (Silver): Achieve the highest score multiplier.
      Variety is the Spice of Life (Silver): Complete 13 different Dynamic missions.
      Witchiker (Silver): Eliminate WIZARD.
      World Peace in 36 Easy Steps (Silver): Complete all Covert, Deadline, Direct Action, and Elite operations.

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