Irritating Stick

  • Seven lives

    At the mode selection screen, highlight "1P Play" and press Right(4). Highlight "Tournament" and press Right. Highlight "Course Edit" and press Left(2). Highlight "Options" and press Left(6). Then, highlight "1P Play" and press X to begin a game with seven lives. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of a cheer.

    Game Shark Codes

    Joker CommandD004EF30 ????
    Infinite Credits8004F00C 0005
    Total Time is 0'00'008004F05C 0000
    8004F090 0000
    P1 Infinite Lives8004EF60 0002
    P1 Infinite Time8004F068 06E2
    P1 Infinite Irritants800A3276 0003
    P1 No Irritants800A3276 0000
    P1 Speed Modifer (0-5)800A3270 000?
    P2 Infinite Lives8004EF64 0002
    P2 Infinite Time8004F06C 06E2
    P2 Infinite Irritants800A32BA 0003
    P2 No Irritants800A32BA 0003
    P2 Speed Modifer (0-5)800A32B4 000?

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