International Track And Field 2000

  • Alternate female athletes

    At the events selection screen, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, X to change the appearance of the female athletes and have the Konami Man appear in certain events. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

    Game Shark Codes

    Joker CommandD00A6842 ????
    Arcade Mode
    Unlock All Events800A6DF4 0000
    Max Score P1800A699C FFFF
    No Score P1800A699C 0000
    Max Score P2800A6B0C FFFF
    No Score P2800A6B0C 0000
    Max Score P3800A6C7C FFFF
    No Score P3800A6C7C 0000
    Max Score P4800A6DEC FFFF
    No Score P4800A6DEC 0000
    Long Jump
    Always First Attempt P1D00A6828 0001
    800A6828 0000
    Hammer Throw
    Infinite Time P1800C8D98 01C1
    Always First Attempt P1D00C8D7C 0001
    800C8D7C 0000
    Always Throw For Max Distance P1800C8DC8 967F
    800C8DCA 0098
    800C8DE4 0001
    Weight Lifting
    Always First Attempt P1D00C51F4 0001
    800C51F4 0000
    Max Weight on First Attempt P1800C4964 967F
    800C4966 0098
    Max Weight on Second Attempt P1800C4968 967F
    800C496A 0098
    Max Weight on Third Attempt P1800C496C 967F
    800C496E 0098

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