Jersey Devil

  • 99 lives

    While playing the game, press Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, Square, Circle.

  • Extra lives

    At the start of the game, jump on the fountain and ride the water stream to the top to collect a bonus life. Pause the game and press Square to display the status screen. Then, press Circle to resume the game. Collect the same bonus life, which will re-appear. Repeat this procedure to collect an unlimited number of lives.

    Game Shark Codes

    Joker CommandD001000C ????
    Invincible80053E08 004B
    Infinite Health80010044 1950
    Infinite Lives80010042 0900
    Press Triangle For All 5 LettersD001000C 0010
    8005AE70 0020
    Press Triangle For 99 PumpkinsD001000C 0010
    80010040 0063

  • X
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