King Of Fighters '99

Strategy Guide

  • Infinite survival mode time

    Highlight the survival mode option, then hold Start + Triangle and press Circle.

  • Play as Krizalid

    At the character selection screen in team versus or single versus modes, highlight the random character icon. Then, hold Select and press Circle, X, Triangle, Square. Krizalid will appear below the random character icon. Note: Highlight any character, then hold Start and press Square, Circle, X, Triangle, Square in the Japanese version of the game.

    Game Shark Codes

    Japanese Version

    Reverse Joker CommandD00BCF60 ????
    Play as Krizalid8008DB6E 0702
    Infinite Fight Time800BA002 2060
    Infinite Health P1800B9174 0065
    No Health P1D00B9174 0065
    800B9174 0000
    Infinite Strikes P1800B921C 0003
    No Strikes P1800B921C 0000
    Max Special Bar P1800B9130 9000
    Empty Special Bar P1800B9130 0000
    Infinite Health P2800B934C 0065
    No Health P2D00B934C 0065
    800B934C 0000
    Infinite Strikes P2800B93F4 0003
    No Strikes P2800B93F4 0000
    Max Special Bar P2800B9308 9000
    Empty Special Bar P2800B9308 0000
    Infinite Health P1 & P2800455AE 2400

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