NBA Live '97

Strategy Guide

  • Cheat menu

    At the game setup menu, press L1, X(2), L1, X, Square, R1, X, Square, R1, Circle. Ignore the credits screen that may appear at this point. Hold Up/Right + Triangle + Square for five seconds. Then, start a game and press Start. Hold L1 + R1 + Up/Right + Triangle + X + Square + Circle at the "I Love This Game" screen until the game has loaded. If you entered the code correcly, a cheat menu will appear. Hold Triangle + X on controller one to return to the game after making any modifications. Note: To change all the players on the cheat list, a full PlayStation multitap must be used.

  • Outdoor court

    Enable the "Cheat menu" code, then press Start and Select on controller one to toggle outdoor courts.

  • Change player height

    Enable the "Cheat menu" code, then press L1 and L2 to adjust the player height in inches. The minimum height is 1'6". The maximum height is 12'0". Any height greater than 7'10" cannot slam the ball.

  • Chameleon mode

    Enable the "Cheat menu" code, then press Up and Down to control the transparency of the player.

  • View credits

    At the main menu, press Circle(4).

  • Anonymous Michael Jordan

    Modify the Bull's roster to allow Player #99 in the starting line-up. This player has Michael Jordan's statistics.

  • Bonus players

    Enter any of the following names on the "Create A Player" screen and press Start on the last letter of each name. The game's producers and programmers will be added to the free agent list. However, they do not count towards to total of forty players that you may create.

    Aaron GrantDaryl AnselmoDave WarfieldMichael Vanaselja
    Adam MacKay-SmithMichael KlassenDavid BolloNovell Thomas
    Al MurdochDaniel NgDavid LavioletteRenata Antonic
    Allan JohansonMark SoderwallDom HumphreyRobert White
    Amory WongZoe QuinnEd FletcherSam Nelson
    Brent NielsonDan ScottErnie JohnsonSean O'Brien
    Brian KrauseMarcus LindblomGiovanni SassoSebastiaan Reinarz
    Brian WideenTraz DamjiGreg AllenSheila Allan
    Casey O'BrienCrispin HandsIvan AllenStan Chow
    Cindy GreenKim GillJeff MairSteve Royea

    Game Shark Codes

    Character Creations Codes
    Max Field GoalsD01FFED6 0000
    301FFED6 0063
    Max 3-PointersD01FFED6 0000
    301FFED7 0063
    Max Free ThrowsD01FFED8 0000
    301FFED8 0063
    Max DunkingD01FFED8 0000
    301FFED9 0063
    Max StealingD01FFEDA 0000
    301FFEDA 0063
    Max BlockingD01FFEDA 0000
    301FFEDB 0063
    Max Def. AwarenessD01FFEDC 0000
    301FFEDC 0063
    Max AgilityD01FFEDC 0000
    301FFEDD 0063
    Max Off. ReboundsD01FFEDE 0000
    301FFEDE 0063
    Max Def. ReboundsD01FFEDE 0000
    301FFEDF 0063
    Max JumpingD01FFEE0 0000
    301FFEE0 0063
    Max StrengthD01FFEE0 0000
    301FFEE1 0063
    Max Ball HandlingD01FFEE2 0000
    301FFEE2 0063
    Max Off. AwarenessD01FFEE2 0000
    301FFEE3 0063
    Max SpeedD01FFEE4 0000
    301FFEE4 0063
    Max DribblingD01FFEE4 0000
    301FFEE5 0063
    Max EnduranceD01FFEE6 0000
    301FFEE6 0063
    Max Years ProD01FFEE6 0000
    301FFEE7 0063
    Max Shooting RangeD01FFEE8 0000
    301FFEE8 0063
    Character Creations Codes [Note]
    Max Field Goals & 3-PointersD01FFED6 0000
    801FFED6 6363
    Max Free Throws & DunkingD01FFED8 0000
    801FFED8 6363
    Max Stealing & BlockingD01FFEDA 0000
    801FFEDA 6363
    Max Def. Awareness & AgilityD01FFEDC 0000
    801FFEDC 6363
    Max Off. Rebounds & Def. ReboundsD01FFEDE 0000
    801FFEDE 6363
    Max Jumping & StrengthD01FFEE0 0000
    801FFEE0 6363
    Max Ball Handling & Max Off. AwarenessD01FFEE2 0000
    801FFEE2 6363
    Max Speed & DribblingD01FFEE4 0000
    801FFEE4 6363
    Max Endurance & Years ProD01FFEE6 0000
    801FFEE6 6363
    Infinite Time800FDB58 2A00
    No Shot Clocks800FDBA4 0210
    800FDBAA 7FD5
    800FEA2E 000A
    Home Team Scores Modifier8001EE22 00??
    8001EF96 00??
    Away Team Score Modifier8001EE26 00??
    8001EF98 00??

    Note: Do not edit a player after they are made, because it will glitch.

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