Strategy Guide

  • Stronger attack

    Hold L2 and select "Attack" during a battle for a double power attack. Note: Release L2 after the command to prevent your opponent from also gaining the stronger attack.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Money800E58B0 967F
    800E58B2 0098
    All Level InformationD00B8644 0100
    80018FCC D476
    D00B8644 0100
    80018FCE 0C03
    D00B8644 0000
    80018FCC F22A
    D00B8644 0000
    80018FCE 0C00
    All Item InformationD00B8644 0100
    8002FED4 D5E9
    D00B8644 0100
    8002FED6 0C03
    D00B8644 0000
    8002FED4 BF3B
    D00B8644 0000
    8002FED6 0C00
    Max MP80086252 0040
    8005EA76 0040
    Max TP8006EBE8 2402
    8006EBEA 2402
    No Running EnemiesD00E6318 0001
    800F2A5C 0050

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