• Level and room select

    Enter "HOUSE" as a password and start the game. Then while playing the game, press R1 to select a new level or R2 to choose a room.

  • Invincibility

    Enter "INFIN" as a password.

  • Infinite ammunition

    Enter "JUICY" as a password.

    Game Shark Codes

    Invincible8011CD1E 0092
    Infinite Health8009B162 001F
    Infinite Lives8009AEB4 0003
    Infinite Oxygen8009B030 0EF3
    Infinite Green Weapon Energy8009AF0E 0024
    Moon JumpD009B150 0001
    800C16C4 0100
    Have All Keys801BE972 0001
    Have All Keys801BE95A 0001
    Have All Keys801BE98A 0001
    Always Have Red Homing Gun With Infinite Ammo8009AC0C 0006

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