Silhouette Mirage: Reprogrammed Hope

Strategy Guide

  • Full power (Japanese version)

    Pause the game and press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Square, Triangle, Circle.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Credits3001006F 0009
    Unlock All Options30010073 00FF
    Unlock All Options & Secret Mode8001002A FFFF
    Difficulty Modifier30010072 00??
    Area 1-1 Codes
    Infinite Health8013FD94 012C
    Infinite Spirit8013FD98 012C
    Infinite Money8013FDA4 270F
    Area 1-2 Codes
    Infinite Health8013BFAC 012C
    Infinite Spirit8013BFB0 012C
    Infinite Money8013BFBC 270F
    Area 1-3 Codes
    Infinite Health80136F1C 012C
    Infinite Spirit80136F20 012C
    Infinite Money80136F2C 270F
    No Health Boss8013749C 0000
    No Spirit Boss801374A0 0000
    Area 2-1 Codes
    Infinite Health8014F514 012C
    Infinite Spirit8014F518 012C
    Infinite Money8014F524 270F
    Area 2-2 Codes
    Infinite Health8015466C 012C
    Infinite Spirit80154670 012C
    Infinite Money8015467C 270F
    No Health Boss80154BEC 0000
    No Spirit Boss80154BF0 0000
    Area 3-1 Codes
    Infinite Health801325D4 012C
    Infinite Spirit801325D8 012C
    Infinite Money801325E4 270F
    Area 3-2 Codes
    Infinite Health801277FC 012C
    Infinite Spirit80127800 012C
    Infinite Money8012780C 270F
    Area 3-3 Codes
    Infinite Health8013033C 012C
    Infinite Spirit80130340 012C
    Infinite Money8013034C 270F
    No Health Boss801308BC 0000
    No Spirit Boss801308C0 0000
    Area 3-4 Codes
    Infinite Health8013A1EC 012C
    Infinite Spirit8013A1F0 012C
    Infinite Money8013A1FC 270F
    No Health Boss8013A76C 0000
    No Spirit Boss8013A770 0000
    Area 3-5 Codes
    Infinite Health8012F574 012C
    Infinite Spirit8012F578 012C
    Infinite Money8012F584 270F
    No Health Boss8012FBF4 0000
    No Spirit Boss8012FBF8 0000
    Area 4-1 Codes
    Infinite Health801324E4 012C
    Infinite Spirit801324E8 012C
    Infinite Money801324F4 270F
    No Health Boss80132964 0000
    No Spirit Boss80132968 0000
    Area 4-2 Codes
    Infinite Health8011DFDC 012C
    Infinite Spirit8011DFF0 012C
    Infinite Money8011DFFC 270F
    No Health Boss8011E45C 0000
    No Spirit Boss8011E460 0000
    Area 4-3 Codes
    Infinite Health8012A74C 012C
    Infinite Spirit8012A750 012C
    Infinite Money8012A75C 270F
    No Health Boss8012ABCC 0000
    No Spirit Boss8012ABD0 0000
    Area 4-4 Codes
    Infinite Health80125674 012C
    Infinite Spirit80125678 012C
    Infinite Money80125684 270F
    No Health Boss80125AF4 0000
    No Spirit Boss80125AF8 0000
    Area 5-2A Codes
    Infinite Health8012623C 012C
    Infinite Spirit80126240 012C
    Infinite Money8012624C 270F
    No Health Spider Mini-Boss801271BC 0000
    No Health Boss801266BC 0000
    Area 5-2B Codes
    Infinite Health8012C874 012C
    Infinite Spirit8012C878 012C
    Infinite Money8012C884 270F
    No Health Boss8012CCF4 0000
    No Spirit Boss8012CCF8 0000
    Area 5-3 Codes
    Infinite Health8011C12C 012C
    Infinite Spirit8011C130 012C
    Infinite Money8011C13C 270F
    No Health Boss8011C5AC 0000
    No Spirit Boss8011C5B0 0000
    Area 6-2 Codes
    Infinite Health8013807C 012C
    Infinite Spirit80138080 012C
    Infinite Money8013808C 270F
    Area 6-3 Codes
    Infinite Health801446C4 012C
    Infinite Spirit801446C8 012C
    Infinite Money801446D4 270F
    No Health Boss80144B44 0000
    No Spirit Boss80144B48 0000
    Area 6-4 Codes
    Infinite Health8012AB5C 012C
    Infinite Spirit8012AB60 012C
    Infinite Money8012AB6C 270F
    No Health Boss8012AFDC 0000
    No Spirit Boss8012AFE0 0000
    Stop Time Before Core Blows80128AA0 1C2F
    Area 7-1 & 7-4 Codes
    Infinite Health801578CC 012C
    Infinite Spirit801578D0 012C
    Infinite Money801578DC 270F
    No Health Boss 7-18015814C 0000
    No Spirit Boss 7-180158150 0000
    No Health Boss 7-480157F4C 0000
    No Spirit Boss 7-480157F50 0000
    Area 7-3 Codes
    Infinite Health80128ADC 012C
    Infinite Spirit80128AE0 012C
    Infinite Money80128AEC 270F
    No Health Boss80128F5C 0000
    No Spirit Boss80128F60 0000
    Restore World Boss Stage Codes
    Infinite Health801484E4 012C
    Infinite Spirit801484E8 012C
    Infinite Money801484F4 270F
    No Health Boss80148964 0000
    No Spirit Boss80148968 0000
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Difficulty Modifier Code
    00 - Baby
    01 - Wussy
    02 - Normal
    03 - Stud
    04 - Super Stud

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