Toy Story Racer

  • Cheat mode

    Wait until the demonstration mode begins. Press any button to display the title screen, then press Circle, Triangle, Circle, Square, X, Square, X, Triangle(2), X, Square, Circle. Go to the challenge screen and press Square on any challenge. This will unlock every race and racer.

  • Quick start

    Start any race in any mode. When you see the yellow monkey in the "monkey lights" turn on, hold X. Continue holding X when the race starts to begin with the turbo.

    Game Shark Codes

    Unlock All Tracks800D79F4 00C8
    Unlock Babyface800D79E4 0001
    Unlock Hamm800D79A4 0001
    Unlock Lenny800D79EC 0001
    Unlock Little Green Man800D799C 0001
    Unlock Mr. Potato Head800D79BC 0001
    Unlock Rex800D79D4 0001
    Unlock Rocky Gilbratar800D79DC 0001
    Unlock Slinky Dog800D79C4 0001
    Press L2 to Knockout Car 1D00ABDAA FEFF
    300C19D2 0001
    Press L2 to Knockout Car 2D00ABDAA FEFF
    300C16A6 0001
    Press L2 to Knockout Car 3D00ABDAA FEFF
    300C137A 0001
    Press L2 to Knockout Car 4D00ABDAA FEFF
    300C16A6 0001

  • X
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