Strategy Guide

  • New weapons

    At the weapon options screen, press [X + Square] eight times. Then, banana bombs, sheep bombs and a minigun will become available. Additionally, the Ninja Rope will be extra bouncy.

  • Infinite banana bombs

    At the weapon options screen, press Down, Right, X, Square(2), X, Square(2), X, Square(2).

  • One hit point worms

    Set the move timer and round time to unlimited. Then at the weapon options screen, press [X + Square] eight times. Now while playing the game, pause and select extra time. All worms will be reduced to one hit point. This is particularly useful it is your turn with one team left, and an airstrike is available.

  • Boxing match

    Start a fire punch, quickly hold Square press R1, L1, Circle. Then, a boxing match featuring one worm from each team will begin. Now defeat your opponent using just punches and dragonballs. The normal game will resume after one worm is defeated.

  • Bonus levels

    Enter one of the following passwords to play the corresponding bonus level:

    H. R. Giger-type AlienAlien

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Energy P1 Worm 18014A54C 0064
    Infinite Energy P2 Worm 18014A7FC 0064
    Infinite Energy P1 Worm 28014A5F8 0064
    Infinite Energy P2 Worm 28014A8A8 0064
    Infinite Energy P1 Worm 38014A6A4 0064
    Infinite Energy P2 Worm 38014A954 0064
    Infinite Energy P1 Worm 48014A750 0064
    Infinite Energy P2 Worm 48014AA00 0064
    Exploding Rusty8014A7B2 0002
    Infinite Turn Timer8014B7FC 0E11
    Infinite Teleport P1 (All Worms)8014B1CC 0002
    Infinite Teleport P2 (All Worms)8014B220 0002
    Infinite Airstrikes P1 (All Worms)8014B1C8 0002
    Infinite Airstrikes P2 (All Worms)8014B21C 0002
    Infinite Sheep Bombs P1 (All Worms)8014B1EC 0001
    Infinite Sheep Bombs P2 (All Worms)8014B240 0001
    Infinite Dynamite P1 (All Worms)8014B1C0 0001
    Infinite Dynamite P2 (All Worms)8014B214 0001
    Infinite Homing Missiles P1 (All Worms)8014B1A4 0002
    Infinite Homing Missiles P2 (All Worms)8014B1F8 0002
    Infinite Cluster Bombs P1 (All Worms)8014B1AC 0005
    Infinite Cluster Bombs P2 (All Worms)8014B200 0005
    Infinite Mines P1 (All Worms)8014B1C4 0002
    Infinite Mines P2 (All Worms)8014B218 0002
    Infinite Girders P1 (All Worms)8014B1E0 0003
    Infinite Girders P2 (All Worms)8014B234 0003
    Always Your Turn [Note 1]D0079EB4 0002
    8014B1EC 0001
    Switch Turns [Note 2]D0079EB4 0008
    8014B1EC 0000
    Random Movie Player [Note 3]D0079EB4 0100
    8007A074 0001

    Note 1: As long as you hold R2 it will always be your turn.

    Note 2: Press R1 to switch between turns.

    Note 3: At the title screen, press Select to play random FMV sequences in the game.

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