MX Rider


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    Enter "ATARI" as a name in championship mode. Exit championship mode and enter single race mode. All tracks will be unlocked.

    Game Shark Codes

    Master Code (Must Be On)EC8783A8 14293294
    Easy Challenges Complete/Have Spike1CD77970 61DFB00C
    1CD77974 61DFB00C
    1CD77978 61DFB00C
    1CD7797C 61DFB00C
    1CD77980 61DFB00C
    1CD77984 61DFB00C
    1CD77988 61DFB00C
    1CD7798C 61DFB00C
    1CD77990 61DFB00C
    1CD77994 61DFB00C
    1CD77998 61DFB00C
    1CD7799C 61DFB00C
    Medium Challenges Complete/Have Jenny1CD779A0 61DFB00C
    1CD779A4 61DFB00C
    1CD779A8 61DFB00C
    1CD779AC 61DFB00C
    1CD779B0 61DFB00C
    1CD779B4 61DFB00C
    1CD779B8 61DFB00C
    1CD779BC 61DFB00C
    1CD779C0 61DFB00C
    1CD779C4 61DFB00C
    1CD779C8 61DFB00C
    1CD779CC 61DFB00C
    Hard Challenges Complete/Have Alien1CD779D0 61DFB00C
    1CD779D4 61DFB00C
    1CD779D8 61DFB00C
    1CD779DC 61DFB00C
    1CD779E0 61DFB00C
    1CD779E4 61DFB00C
    1CD779E8 61DFB00C
    1CD779EC 61DFB00C
    1CD779F0 61DFB00C
    1CD779F4 61DFB00C
    1CD779F8 61DFB00C
    1CD779FC 61DFB00C

    Note: You must enter and exit a competition to activate the hidden character.

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