Robot Wars

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Cheat mode

    Enter "JPEARCE" as a name to unlock all robots, arenas, trophies, and 9,999,999 credits.

  • Use any arena in free play mode

    Highlight a locked arena that is directly next to a locked arena in free play mode. Press D-pad + X when moving towards the locked arena. If timed correctly, the previously locked arena will be playable.

  • Switch robots

    At the main menu, select "War Zone" and choose any robot. After winning a match, the game will display your upcoming opponent. Press Select + A to play as your opponent against the robot that you last defeated.

  • Kilamanjaro level

    Win the Robot Wars Championship (which also unlocks Chaos 2) to unlock the bonus Kilamanjaro level. Note: The Siberia level must already be unlocked.

  • Play as Behemoth

    Win the Russian Rampage Cup to unlock Behemoth.

  • Play as Chaos 2

    Win the Robot Wars World Championship Tournament Cup to unlock Chaos 2.

  • Play as Diotoir

    Win the Rooftop Punishment (Japan) to unlock Diotoir.

  • Play as Firestorm

    Win The Hamburg Heavyweight Cup to unlock Firestorm.

  • Play as Hypnodisc

    Win the Flip Frenzy Tournament Cup as Chaos 2 to unlock Hypnodisc.

  • Play as Mortis

    Win the Liberty Lightweight Cup in the North America Arena with a bought lightweight class robot. Mortis can now be bought for 40,000 credits.

  • Play as Panic Attack

    Win the Scrapyard Challenge (Sao Paulo) to unlock Panic Attack.

  • Play as Pussycat

    Win the Alpha Viking (North Sea) to unlock Pussycat.

  • Play as Razor

    Win The Nerves Of Steel Cup to unlock Razor.

  • Play as Terrorhurtz

    Win the Heavy Bomber (Siberia) to unlock Terrorhurtz.

  • Play as Thor

    Win the Robot Wars Championship Cup to unlock Thor.

  • Extra credits

    Purchase cheap armor and weapons from the junkyard and add them to your spares. Save the game and return to the main menu. Then, return to the robot setup screen. Sell the armor and weapons to get full price for them.

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