Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut

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Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ (Text)


  • Infinite XP

    This glitch works anywhere, but the first and easiest place to do it is at Adam Jensen's computer, which is located in his office at Sarif HQ, after returning from the Sarif Manufacturing Plant hostage situation. Use the discovered Praxis Kit and an earned Praxis point to upgrade to Hacking Security Level 3. Try to collect as many Nuke Programs as possible to help speed up the process. The Nuke Programs can be collected in the Sarif Manufacturing Plant, or while searching and hacking into the computers around Sarif HQ. Before starting a hack, save the game. Hack all optional nodes, or the Network node to instantly complete the hack. Do not exit out of the hack or press a button to complete it; you will also want to make sure you are getting an +XP bonus. While using Adam Jensen's computer, hacking the special reward nodes will get you a +500 XP bonus. When you have acquired the optional nodes or captured the network node, pause the game, and load the saved game created before you hacked. Again, do not complete the hack. When the "Access Granted" window appears, do not select "OK". Load the saved game you created before starting the hack. Then, try the hack again. Repeat the previous steps, and capture every optional node or the network node. The game will keep your previous +500 XP bonus. For your second try, you will get +1000 XP. For your third try, you will get +1500 XP, etc. Do the trick five times to get +2500 XP. Make sure to keep loading and never select "OK" to complete the hack. Repeat this trick as many times as desired to get a lot of XP early in the game. You can always return to Adam Jensen's computer later in the game to repeat this trick, or try it on other hacking challenges throughout the game.

  • Easy XP

    When attempting a hack, save the game. Then, hack the optional nodes, but do not complete the hack. After you hack the nodes, load the previous saved game, and repeat the process. Once you finally complete the hack, you will get all the nodes (from the previous times you loaded) in addition to the nodes you get normally. Use this glitch on the computer in Jensen's office to get 500 XP every time you load for easy Praxis points.

    Try to execute as many non-lethal takedowns/kills as possible to earn more XP than you get from lethal takedowns/kills. Additionally, if you have the Reflex Booster augmentation (which allows you to take down two enemies at once), you can get an easy 125 XP from a non-lethal takedown/kill compared to a lethal takedown/kill.

    In Hengsha, every store has a back door. Open the door, and walk inside to get a 100 XP Traveler bonus.

  • Easy hacking

    To keep attempting hacks without running out of hack attempts, when the system is alerted before you run out of time, press [Q] to cancel hacking, then press [H], and the failed attempt will not count against your limited number of chances.

  • Easy kills

    Upgrade Hacking and Strength to be able to pick up turrets, which have unlimited ammo. Set them down or let them fire while you move to easily clear out a room. You will still get XP and headshots. You can also do this with robots.

  • Easy stealth kills

    To easily take down enemies silently, find an indestructible object such as a barrel or container, and carry it with you. When you find a group of enemies, stand in a position where you want an enemy to approach. While holding the object, throw it next to yourself or close to where you want the target to approach. The entire group of enemies will be alerted when they hear the object hit the ground or wall you threw it at, but only one should approach to investigate. The enemy will walk to the alerted area, stand where the sound came from, and then begin to walk back after finding nothing. You can then knock them out or kill them undetected. Note: If you throw the object a long distance, the investigating enemy may track the object's flight path directly back to your position. It is better to throw it nearby for repeated use.

  • Easy storage

    To store an item instead of carrying it around, simply throw it on the ground. The game saves the location of items -- even when you leave the region.

  • Easy Funicular waiting

    In Picus Communications, when you have to wait for the Funicular to come up, there will be enemies coming to kill you. Before you press the elevator button, block both entrances into the room with heavy objects. You can only do this if you have the Move/Lift Heavy Objects augment. There are two vending machines outside the room, two crates (one short, one big) next to the security computer, and the turret in the center that can be used to block the lower doorway and the side corridor. If you block the doorways correctly, the guards will stay in another room outside the entire time you are waiting for the Funicular. Note: It is recommended you save before pressing the elevator button in case the barricades do not work.

  • QR codes

    There are QR codes on boxes and other things throughout the game. Scan them with a QR readable phone to view hidden messages.

  • QR website

    Successfully complete the prologue, and start the first mission. Enter the warehouse, and search for cardboard boxes marked with "Sarif Industries" to find a QR barcode. Scan it with a QR readable phone to view a fictional website from the storyline.

  • Panel/door codes

    The following is a list of all codes for Bomb Panels, Laser Grid Panels, Safe Panels, and Security Panels in the game:

    Sarif HQ

      Helipad Storage - Code: 8053 (Security Panel)
      Sarif Industries F3 (Denzel Mitchell Office) - Code: 1364 (Security Panel)
      Sarif Industries F3 (Ted Bruger Office) - Code: 9642 (Security Panel)
      Sarif Industries F3 - Code: 0250 (Security Panel)
      Sarif Industries F2 (Frieda Malik Office) - Code: 5475 (Security Panel)
      Sarif Industries F2 - Code: 3716 (Security Panel)
      Sarif Industries F2 (Mika Pine Office) - Code: 4145 (Security Panel)

    Sarif Manufacturing Plant

      Assembly Line 1 F2 - Code: 1505 (Bomb Panel)

    Detroit City Streets

      Detroit City Streets (North) - Code: 0187 (Security Panel)
      Detroit City Streets (Central) - Code: 0002 (Security Panel)
      Detroit City Streets (Central) - Code: 1904 (Security Panel)
      Detroit City Streets (Central) - Code: 2928 (Security Panel)
      Detroit City Streets (Central) - Code: 6542 (Laser Grid Panel)
      Detroit City Streets (East) - Code: 4891 (Security Panel)
      Detroit City Streets (East) - Code: 1966 (Security Panel)
      Detroit City Streets (Southwest) - Code: 4626 (Security Panel)
      Detroit City Streets (Southeast) - Code: 5551 (Security Panel)
      Detroit City Streets (Southwest) - Code: 8982 (Security Panel)
      Detroit City Sewers - Code: 2599 (Security Panel)
      Detroit City Sewers - Code: 0000 (Bomb Panel)
      Detroit Sewers - Code: 8218 (Laser Grid Panel)
      Detroit Sewers - Code: 0110 (Security Panel)

    Detroit Apartments

      Jensen's Apartment - Code: 5375 (Safe Panel)
      Apartment 2 F1 - Code: 0739 (Safe Panel)
      Apartment 2 F2 - Code: 3733 (Security Panel)
      Apartment 3 B1 - Code: 8974 (Security Panel)
      Apartment 3 F1 - Code: 1077 (Security Panel)
      Apartment 3 F1 - Code: 1029 (Security Panel)
      Apartment 3 F1 - Code: 1031 (Safe Panel)
      Apartment 3 F2 - Code: 3663 (Security Panel)
      Apartment 3 F2 - Code: 8221 (Security Panel)
      Apartment 3 F2 - Code: 2356 (Security Panel)
      Apartment 4 F3 - Code: 1948 (Safe Panel)
      Apartment 4 F3 - Code: 7767 (Security Panel)

    Detroit Derelict Row

      Derelect Row F1 - Code: 3290 (Security Panel)
      Derelect Row F1 - Code: 5962 (Security Panel)
      Derelect Row F3 - Code: 5463 (Safe Panel)

    Detroit Police Department

      B1 - Code: 2599 (Security Panel)
      B1 - Code: 7366 (Laser Grid Panel)
      B1 - Code: 7366 (Laser Grid Panel)
      B1 - Code: 9212 (Security Panel)
      F1 - Code: 4816 (Security Panel)
      F1 - Code: 1856 (Security Panel)
      F3 - Code: 2231 (Security Panel)
      F3 - Code: 6065 (Security Panel)
      F3 - Code: 3727 (Security Panel)

    Fema Camp

      Fema Interior B1 - Code: 7984 (Security Panel)
      Fema Interior B1 - Code: 7984 (Security Panel)
      Fema Interior B1 - Code: 7984 (Security Panel)
      Fema Yard F1 - Code: 7984 (Security Panel)
      Fema Yard F1 - Code: 7984 (Laser Grid Panel)
      Fema Yard F1 - Code: 7984 (Laser Grid Panel)

    Hengsha City Streets

      Hengsha Streets (West) - Code: 3444 (Safe Panel)
      Hengsha Streets (East) - Code: 1381 (Security Panel)
      Hengsha Streets (East) - Code: 1339 (Security Panel)
      Hengsha Streets (East) - Code: 1379 (Security Panel)
      Hengsha Streets (East) - Code: 7845 (Security Panel)
      Lower Hengsha Streets (South) - Code: 5377 (Security Panel)

    Hengsha Buildings

      Hung Hua Hotel - Code: 7657 (Safe Panel)
      Alice Garden Pods F1 - Code: 3785 (Security Panel)
      Alice Garden Pods F1 - Code: 3824 (Security Panel)
      The Hive - Code: 0415 (Security Panel)
      The Hive - Code: 8953 (Safe Panel)

    Tai Yong Medical

      Storage Area - Code: 4865 (Security Panel)
      Storage Area - Code: 5720 (Security Panel)
      Storage Area - Code: 0821 (Security Panel)
      Pool - Code: 7934 (Security Panel)
      Pool - Code: 9409 (Laser Grid Panel)
      F1 - Code: 4713 (Security Panel)
      F3 - Code: 9762 (Laser Grid Panel)
      F3 - Code: 9762 (Laser Grid Panel)
      F3 - Code: 2459 (Laser Grid Panel)
      F3 - Code: 5126 (Laser Grid Panel)
      F4 - Code: 2967 (Security Panel)
      F4 - Code: 3090 (Security Panel)
      F4 - Code: 6906 (Security Panel)
      Penthouse - Code: 0117 (Safe Panel)


      F1 - Code: 0068 (Security Panel)
      Restricted Area F1 - Code: 0101 (Security Panel)
      Restricted Area F1 - Code: 1006 (Security Panel)
      Restricted Area F3 - Code: 1980 (Security Panel)


      Harvester Territory B2 - Code: 7920 (Safe Panel)

    Hengsha Seaport

      Seaport F1 - Code: 7785 (Security Panel)
      Seaport F2 - Code: 4589 (Security Panel)
      Seaport F3 - Code: 3295 (Security Panel)

    Omega Ranch

      Omega F1 - Code: 2410 (Security Panel)
      Omega F1 - Code: 9992 (Security Panel)
      Omega F1 - Code: 2535 (Laser Grid Panel)
      Omega F1 - Code: 1385 (Security Panel)
      Omega F1 - Code: 0111 (Security Panel)
      Omega F1 - Code: 0111 (Security Panel)
      Omega F2 - Code: 5377 (Security Panel)
      Omega F2 - Code: 1504 (Security Panel)


      Port of Entry - Code: 7153 (Security Panel)
      Machinery - Code: 9823 (Security Panel)
      Machinery - Code: 9823 (Security Panel)
      Tower - Code: 8024 (Security Panel)

  • Terminal usernames and passwords

    The following is a list of all Terminal and Security Terminal usernames and passwords in the game:

    Sarif HQ

      Sarif Industries F2 - Username: fpritchard, Password: nuclearsnke
      Sarif Industries F3 - Username: tbruger, Password: eclipse
      Sarif Industries F3 - Username: ajenson, Password: mandrake
      Sarif's Office - Username: amargoulis, Password: gsspgirl
      Factoring Lans F1 - Username: doutchman, Password: windmill
      Admin F2 - Username: fmarchand, Password: factotum
      Admin F2 - Username: gthorpe, Password: hydro
      Admin F2 - Username: rmccauf, Password: hvywethr
      Admin F2 - Username: sgrimes, Password: ovid
      Admin F2 - Username: tcaldwell, Password: talon
      Admin F2 - Username: mross, Password: lions
      Admin F2 - Username: fbrooks, Password: tipple
      Admin F2 - Username: vclark, Password: tigers
      Admin F2 - Username: cparker, Password: zinc
      Admin F2 - Username: mlatona, Password: redwings
      Admin F4 - Username: jthorpe, Password: hydra
      Factoring Labs F1 - Username: doutchman, Password: windmill


      Jenson's Apartment Lobby - Username: sterhorst, Password: queenbee
      Apartment 3 F2 - Username: docta, Password: atcod
      Apartment 3 F1 - Username: omalley, Password: trojan
      Police Department F1 - Username: bsterling, Password: investor
      Police Department F1 - Username: pdick, Password: lectrolam
      Police Department F1 - Username: jballard, Password: solempire
      Police Department F1 - Username: jchampagne, Password: grimster
      Police Department F1 - Username: wgibson, Password: baronnull
      Police Department F1 - Username: rdeckard, Password: unicorn
      Police Department F1 - Username: hellison, Password: cordwainer
      Police Department F1 - Username: bbethke, Password: maverick
      Police Department F1 - Username: pcadigan, Password: desprit
      Police Department F1 - Username: mfrezell, Password: llezerf
      Police Department F1 - Username: whass, Password: catharsis
      Police Department F2 - Username: fnicefield, Password: patriotism
      Police Department F2 - Username: cleboeuf, Password: dasteer
      Police Department F2 - Username: rpenn, Password: apophenion
      Police Department F3 - Username: cwagner, Password: fuckface
      Police Department F3 - Username: fmccann, Password: solanum
      Police Department F3 - Username: jalexander, Password: basileus
      Police Department F3 - Username: bgum, Password: justicar
      Police Department F3 - Username: guest, Password: password1
      Police Department F3 - Username: amurphy, Password: thighgun

    Fema Camp

      Fema Yard F1 - Username: wks0012, Password: ntlsec59
      Fema Yard F1 - Username: spaxxor, Password: neuralhub
      Fema Interior B1 - Username: spaxxor, Password: neuralhub
      Fema Interior B1 - Username: spaxxor, Password: neuralhub
      Fema Interior B1 - Username: wks0010, Password: usprotkt
      Fema Interior B1 - Username: lbarret, Password: bullskull
      Fema Interior B3 - Username: spaxxor, Password: neuralhub
      Fema Interior B3 - Username: spaxxor, Password: neuralhub
      Fema Interior B3 - Username: wks2011, Password: crrctions
      Fema Interior B3 - Username: wks3021, Password: hmldsec1
      Fema Interior B3 - Username: wks4145, Password: hmldsec2


      Hung Hua Hotel - Username: msuen, Password: oleander
      Alice Gardens Pod 1 - Username: asgarden, Password: rbbthole
      The Hive - Username: bbao, Password: vanguard
      The Hive - Username: wbees, Password: paperfan

    Tay Zong Medical

      Pool - Username: poolrm, Password: pelagic
      F1 - Username: lgeng, Password: gehong
      F3 - Username: zarvlad, Password: muonrule
      F3 - Username: rkumar, Password: outback
      F4 - Username: nemuni, Password: ironfist
      F4 - Username: tymmf, Password: ebrain
      F4 - Username: gengl, Password: pangutym


      F3 - Username: mwells, Password: lavadome
      F3 - Username: jricard, Password: macro
      F3 - Username: atresman, Password: skylark
      F3 - Username: sbernard, Password: dumbass
      F6 - Username: jkenney, Password: montroyal
      F6 - Username: dgassner, Password: oneida
      Restricted Area F1 - Username: pcorbo, Password: spitfire
      Restricted Area F1 - Username: bshupper, Password: widget
      Restricted Area F1 - Username: jchapman, Password: diode
      Restricted Area F1 - Username: jchapman, Password: diode
      Restricted Area F2 - Username: emasse, Password: moufette
      Restricted Area F2 - Username: bnorthco, Password: sterling
      Restricted Area F3 - Username: ltodd, Password: titom

    Detroit Convention Center

      F3 - Username: wtaggart, Password: marjorie


      Territory B1 - Username: zhengl, Password: hirollr
      Territory B2 - Username: ttong, Password: mirrshds

    Hengsha Seaport

      Seaport F2 - Username: prmtr01, Password: collosus
      Seaport F3 - Username: jwang, Password: mainman

    Omega Ranch

      F1 - Username: dfalk, Password: topfrag
      F1 - Username: eblake, Password: hndstuth
      F1 - Username: dabblett, Password: monastic
      F1 - Username: ogomez, Password: techsmex
      F1 - Username: lmorano, Password: morpheus
      F2 - Username: aoconnor, Password: keppler
      F2 - Username: pwalts, Password: ruckus


      Port of Entry - Username: kathys, Password: mssinghme
      Landing Pad - Username: amelie, Password: lstforever
      Hyron Project - Username: hualing, Password: iwntlove
      Hyron Project - Username: daiyu, Password: frgottn
      Hyron Project - Username: marilyn, Password: yyyyyy
      Tower - Username: isabella, Password: rhemmberme

  • Praxis Kit locations

    Search the indicated locations to find the hidden Praxis Kits:

      1. Sarif Manufacturing Lab: As you exit the Assembly Line, you will reach the Factoring Labs with an elevator. After exiting the elevator, you will find the first Praxis Kit ahead in the hallway.

      2. Detroit City Sewers: Below or near the Chiron Building and around the northern sections of the Detroit Hub, enter the sewers, and look at the map. At the eastern corner, in a dead-end south of a sewer entrance, you will find a light wall. Upgrade your augmented strength to punch through the light wall and find the Praxis Kit.

      3. Detroit City Apartments: Enter the apartment building behind a locked gate down the alley behind the gun-runner's abandoned gas station. Go to the second floor of the apartment building, and break into the apartment with a level 5 lock, or enter the code "2356" to get in. Hack into the bedroom. Hack into the cage or enter the code "3663" (which is obtained from the computer terminal nearby) to enter the cage. Look on the shelves to your left when you enter the cage to find a Praxis Kit.

      4. Detroit LIMB Clinic: Two Praxis Kits can be bought here for 5,000 credits each. During the second visit to Detroit, the Praxis Kits will be restocked. A Doctor inside will also reward you with a Praxis Kit for completing his side quest during the second visit to Detroit.

      5. Hengsha LIMB Clinic: You can purchase two Praxis Kits here for 5,000 credits each. During the second visit, the Praxis Kits will be restocked. A Doctor inside will also reward you with a Praxis Kit for completing his side quest during the second visit.

      6. Hengsha City Streets: During your first visit, as Jensen moves to speak with the hacker in Alice Garden Pods, your pilot Malik will find you. Successfully complete her side quest to get a Praxis Kit.

      7. Hengsha Sewers: Underneath the city, look for a "U" section of sewers below the Huang Hua Hotel. You must be able to break through a light wall in the sewer to find a Praxit Kit with some pain killer.

      8. The Hive: Successfully complete the Bartender, Bobby Bao's, side-quest to get a Praxis Kit. Alternately, kill or stun Bobby Bao, and search his body to get the Praxis Kit.

      9. Hengsha: Successfully complete Malik's side quest to be rewarded with a Praxis Kit.

      10. Hengsha Court Gardens: Sneak into the elevator shaft. Instead of climbing up, climb down to the bottom of the shaft, and look underneath the elevator to find a Praxis Kit on the floor.

      11. Tai Yong Medical: On the second floor of the actual Tai Yong building, after entering the Lee Geng lab, go up to the second floor. Instead of going up to the third floor, turn left, take the hallway, and go through a door into another corridor where there are two offices. Enter the first office, or enter the second office and return to the first through the connecting door, to find a Praxis Kit in the south-western corner.

      12. Picus: As you enter the news building and reach the main office floor, you will see the area is empty. Go to the center row of cubicles, and check the center-left desks to find a Praxis Kit.

      13. Detroit City Apartments: Enter the apartment building across from the Chiron Building, and go up to the third floor to find a Praxis Kit near a dead body. There is an EMP mine hidden under the body; set it off first. You will find this one naturally while completing a main quest during your second visit to the Detroit Hub.

      14. Panchea: Deep inside the chaos of Panchea is a LIMB Clinic behind a barricade of vending machines. Move them or destroy them to get inside the Clinic. You can purchase two Praxis Kits for 5,000 credits each.

  • Unique XP ebook locations

    Search the indicated locations to find all 29 unique XP ebooks and get the "Doctorate" achievement:

    Mission 2

      1. The Nature Of Neuroplasticity: Sarif Industries, Tech Labs (Pritchard)
      2. Neural Interface Protocols - The PEDOT Revolution: Sarif Manufacturing Plant, room near cam/turret
      3. Artificial Muscles: Sarif Manufacturing Plant, just before you meet Zeke
      4. The Tyranny Of Biology: Sarif Industries, Office 25
      5. The Neural Hub - Design For A Next Generation: Sarif Industries, Office 27

    Mission 3

      6. The Visual Cortex 2.0 - The Eye, Redesigned: Detroit, Limb, hallway near surgery
      7. Nano Augmentation - Pipedream Or Theory For The Future?: Detroit, Greg Thorpe's bedroom
      8. Arms (and Legs) For Man - The Structure Of Cybernetic Limbs: Detroit (requires Level 5 Hacking), one floor above O'Malley's room (also contains a Praxis Kit)
      9. Respirocyte Technology & Hazardous Environment Parsing: Detroit, Seurat's bedroom (MCB gang building)
      10. The Intelligence Circuit: Detroit, Adam's apartment
      11. The Threat Of Cybernetic Discognition Disorder: Detroit, Police Station, Morgue
      12. Vestibular Augmentation And Enhanced Agility Factoring: Detroit, Derelict Row (building below transmitter, on a barrel)
      13. Blurring The Boundaries Between Man And Machine: FEMA Detention Center (near end of level room, next cafeteria, -4 floor between toilets)

    Mission 4

      14. The Science And Theory Behind Cochlear Implants: Hengsha, Diamond Chan area (look for stairway, second floor apartment)
      15. Invasive Brain Machine Interfaces: Hengsha, Diamond Chan area (facing his apartment, turn 180 degrees, cross walkway, in first apartment on the left)
      16. Understanding Vision (Part 1): Hengsha (Hacker's building, take elevator down, go to main door on your right, first hackable apartment on the right)
      17. Optical Enhancement Functionality: Hengsha, The Hive (exit Mr. Tong's office, look for security cam, and enter security room)
      18. The Use Of Neuromuscular Facilitation Systems: Hengsha, The Hive (Mr. Tong's office)
      19. Electrogravitic Technology Applications: Hengsha, Alice Garden Pods area (second floor, #144)
      20. Better Than Nature: TYM, shortly after electric floor and before second elevator, look for vent left of the elevator (requires Icarus)
      21. Radical Revolution Is A Reality: TYM, Lee Geng Memorial Laboratory (in the middle of the larger room on a box on the floor)
      22. Brain Implants: TYM, just before end in the hangar in the upper left room

    Final Missions

      23. HUMAN POWERED - Autonomous Energy Reclamation Systems: Picus, take elevator after ambush, hack a door on your right, and go up the stairs to a control room
      24. Healing Thyself - Self Preservation Implants: Picus, before you go through the Sub-Level Access door, turn right, and at the end is a room
      25. Vagus Nerve Stimulators - Repurposing The Technology: Detroit II, Convention Center (first room on the right after you follow Taggart backstage)
      26. Dermal Modification Processes: Detroit II, on Sandoval's desk
      27. Understanding Vision (Part 2): Hengsha II, Harvester's Hideout (northeast room on lowest level)
      28. Delgado And The Stimoceiver: Omega Farm, same floor as Nia Colvin, northeast room near elevator
      29. Reimaging Retinal Implants - Doctor Dobelle's Success: Omega Farm, Megan Reed's room, in her safe (requires Level 5 Hacking)

  • Control camera during dialog

    During third person non-cutscene dialog with Adam and another character, you can control the camera by holding [Aim] and looking around with the normal controls.

  • All ending sequences

    The following is a video of all four ending sequences in the game:

  • Blade Runner reference

    In the list of usernames and passwords for the police station's first floor computers that are found in one of the pocketboys, there is one listed as: user "rdeckert", password "unicorn". This is a reference to the main character in Blade Runner and the unicorn from the visions in the film.

  • Demolition Man reference

    In the "Windmills" bathroom in the penthouse in China, there are three shells instead of toilet paper. This is a joke in Demolition Man. -From: Sean "MunkieboneZ" Hargrove

  • Deus Ex reference

    During a side quest, you will encounter Officer Nicholas. You are instructed to eliminate Jacob White, a member of Motor City Bangers. The side quest is named "Smash The State" in the mission log. This is a reference to the original Deus Ex, where "smashthestate" was a security login used to gain access to a central building on Liberty Island. Additionally, the pocket secretary that you pick up from White also references "smashthestate" in the address heading.

  • Fight Club reference

    In the men's restroom at The Hive, there is a pocket secretary that gives the door code for the back room and also says someone broke the first rule by talking about what goes on in the basement. It is signed T. This is a reference to Fight Club.

  • Final Fantasy reference

    When you enter Pritchard's office, look on the wall above his motorcycle to see Final Fantasy 27.

  • Forever Alone reference

    Get to Hengsha (in the first mission upon your arrival). When you reach the hacker's apartment, look underneath the desk or above the computer in the left corner to see the "Forever Alone" meme on a Post-It note.

  • House M.D. reference

    In the side quest given by Malik in Shanghai (Shanghai Justice), meet with Anonymous X to get an autopsy report. Look closely to see the phrase "All that is necessary for triumph of evil is that good men do nothing", which was a line spoken by House on the TV series. Look to see who wrote the report to see the name "Dr. Gregory H. M.D.".

  • Kevin Mitnick reference

    Enter the Tai Yong Medical labs. Go to the third floor, and hack into Server Room A-3 at the top of the stairs. Enter the room and computer to find an e-mail sent to famous computer hacker Kevin Mitnick.

  • Megadeth reference

    Find the secret room in the Singapore hangar. Below the control switch is a level 5 computer and cooling upgrade. Read the e-mail on the computer titled "Hangar 18", from "Dave One". It contains sections of the lyrics to the "Hanger One" song by Megadeath. Additionally, the computer username "MSTAINE" is a reference to band member Dave Mustaine.

  • Robocop reference

    In the Detroit police station, there is an officer sitting behind a desk named Alex Murphy (Robocop's human precursor name) talking with another person about the Robocop movie.

  • Star Wars reference

    In the FEMA Detention Center, there is an e-mail on one of the computers titled "Clean up of parking area." After the body of text, there is a postscript: "P.S. Episode 9 tonight? If so, let's go early. I hate standing in lines." This is likely a reference to the rumored continuation of the Star Wars series with a new trilogy of episodes numbered 7-9 set to take place after the original trilogy, as well as a jab at the fact the Star Wars movies are notorious for having long lines on opening weekend.

  • The Office reference

    One of the computers in the Singapore secret facility has an e-mail that mentions a stapler. The person's name is "Dwayne" (instead of Dwight), and he mentions setting up a hidden camera to catch someone. The bottom of the messages reads "I know you have it Jim."

  • TRON reference

    In Frank Pritchard's office, there is a poster showcasing a motorcycle that resembles the lightcycle from TRON, and the company name that sells it is "Trongline".

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