Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ (Main Quests) for Xbox 360

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ (Main Quests) for Xbox 360

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ


Note: This walkthrough was written on the Give Me a Challenge (medium) difficulty. Other difficulties may have varying amounts of enemies, and enemy patrol routines may be slightly altered.

Note 2: After writing the majority of the guide, I found out that the Punch Through Walls aug is actually unnecessary. Although it highlights weak walls that can be broken, you can also find these yourself by simply looking for cracks. Important weak walls are noted in the guide anyways, and if you shoot them enough, you can actually break them open.


After the beginning cutscene, you’ll be in Megan’s office. Look on the couch to your left for an Ebook that you can read. Now turn around and head to the other side of the room. Look on a filing cabinet for a toy car that you can examine. On a nearby cabinet you’ll find a book titled “Being More Effective” that you can look at. Search Megan’s desk for a Newspaper and a framed picture, both of which you can interact with. Finally, use Megan’s computer and read all of the emails. Doing all of this will give you the Old School Gamer achievement/trophy. When you’re finished here, talk to Megan, and you will automatically walk with her for a while.

After talking to David Sarif, you will regain control. Move forward to the elevator and use the terminal. The code is 0451. Once the elevator stops, you pull out a weapon. You can also view your first tutorial here. Crouch to get under the first door, then continue until you can enter an office. There are two crates stacked against the wall. Move the top crate to expose a vent. Open the vent and use it to get to another room. Keep moving until you have to open some doors.

As soon as you enter this next room, two enemies come down the stairs from the other side, so quickly take cover. If you stay to the right, you can easily sneak around these guys. Just watch their patrol patterns for a while and then move on when you know they’ll both be looking away. Alternatively, you can just shoot them, which is even easier.

The next lab has three enemies, but their patrol patterns are simpler. You will have to sneak around the right side of the room, and wait for both of the patrolling guards to face away before heading on. The final lab has four enemies. You will need to keep an eye on all of them if you wish to sneak through here. The two static guards in the middle may not move, but they are constantly turning around and looking in different directions. Sneak down the stairs, using the railing as cover, then go left and sneak around this side of the room. When all four guards are looking the other way, head through the door. If you’re going to just shoot them, keep an eye out for canisters around the room that you can shoot to release toxic gases. Either way, once you enter the next room, a cutscene is triggered, and the prologue is over.

Back in the Saddle

While there is a lot of stuff to look at around here, save it for after the mission. If you aren’t at the helipad within about 15 minutes, then bad things will happen in the mission you are about to do (hostages are automatically killed).

You will immediately notice that something is wrong with your HUD. Head upstairs to Pritchard’s office. Look on the couch in here for a Credit Chip. There’s a Cyberboost Proenergy Bar on the desk with Pritchard’s computer. These candy bars are used to refill your energy cells. Finally, look on the tables that Pritchard is leaning on for an XP Book . Now talk to Pritchard. You can choose to confront him or ignore his comments. Confronting him reveals a little backstory, but that’s about it. Once you’re finished here, head through the double doors on the same floor and out to the helipad. Talk to Malik to get airborne. On your way to the facility, you and Sarif will talk. He gives you a choice of four weapons. If you go with non-lethal and short range, you get a Stun Gun. If you go with non-lethal and long range, you get a Tranquilizer Rifle. If you choose lethal and short range, you get a Revolver. If you choose lethal and long range, you get a Combat Rifle.

If you want to do this the non-lethal way, your probably better off taking the Tranq Rifle. If you’re truly going for a “no kills, no alarms” playthrough, then you won’t even need to use a gun, but the rifle is the better all around choice. Unfortunately, it has one drawback: If an enemy is shot anywhere besides the head, it takes a couple of seconds for them to drop. You will have to time your shots accordingly. Of course, if you just like to get up close and personal, take the Stun Gun. Your chances of being spotted are higher though. If you don’t mind killing people, then take the Revolver. Not only does it deal fantastic damage, but it can be hard to come by in the first part of the game. Also, the Combat Rifle can be picked up off any guard. There’s no reason to choose it.

Securing Sarif’s Manufacturing Plant

If you have any kind of DLC equipment, it’ll be given to you as soon as you land. Head through the nearest door and look in the lockers to your right for a Candy Bar. There’s a small cardboard box ahead, on the left. Move it and you’ll find a Credit Chip hidden underneath. Look under another small cardboard box near the floor for a Beer. Beer (and most alcoholic beverages) give you a health boost and make your vision blurry for a short time. Use them before entering a firefight to make full use of the extra boost. Talk to the unmasked police officer ahead for some background info, if you want, then examine the next set of lockers for Painkillers. They also give you a boost of health, but without any side effects. Keep an eye out for items of interest scattered all over the place. You can make things a lot easier by simply exploring.

Once outside, go down both ladders. Stay crouched, because there’s a guy around the corner up ahead. He’s facing away from you, so you get a free takedown here. Press the takedown button to do it the non-lethal way, or hold the takedown button to end this guy permanently. Either way, don’t forget to loot his body and pick up the weapon he dropped on the ground. Also, although no other enemy patrols this area, it’s still a good idea to always drag bodies into out of the way places where they won’t be seen. Keep going until you see a door to your left. The area up ahead has three guards, and two of them patrol the area in front of the door into the next building. You have a few options here. If you go into the door to your left, you’ll find Stun Gun Darts. Climb over the boxes in the corner and drop down. There’s a hole here you can move through. This allows you to sneak around the left side of the enemies and come up to the front door from the back stairs. Of course, if you want, you can also just blow them all away. There are explosive barrels in the area. Use them to your advantage. You can even pick them up and throw them.

A third, far cooler method to get around this area is by using the crate on the forklift that is next to the door with the Stun Gun Darts behind it. Pick that crate up and move it next to the nearby set of containers, then get on top of them. You can keep going, up a ladder, onto the roof of the building. You can’t run across the electrified floor, however, so move the crate to the right of that and go through the hole. You’ll come out next to a circuit breaker. Flip it to shut off the power, then continue on. Enter the vent and you will drop into the building entirely unnoticed. This is also the best way to go if you want to continue doing the stealth bit.

There’s a small room in the warehouse with a computer and some other items in it. If you came in through the vent, use the ladder to access it. If you came in through the front door, it’s straight ahead of you. There are three ways to leave the warehouse. There are two double doors in the middle, a loading ramp to the left of the doors, and a ladder to the right that leads up to a vent. If you dropped into the warehouse through the vent, you can get onto the nearby shelves. You should see some boards acting as a bridge between two of the shelves. You will then have to jump down from the shelves when the guard patrolling below you is looking away. From here you can go straight down the loading ramp. If you want, you can use some boxes to the right of the ramp, against the wall, to get up to the double doors. Keep an eye on that patrolling guard while you do this though. If you want to use the vent, just keep going, past the doors, until you reach the ladder. There is another guard that patrols the warehouse along a different axis. I don’t believe he can spot you over here, but to be safe, wait until he’s facing away before climbing the ladder. Once up top, move a crate underneath the vent and hop in.

If you decide to use the loading ramp, you’ll quickly run into two guards who are facing a nearby window. They won’t turn around as long as you don’t accidentally wander into their field of vision. Takedown the guy working on the turret, then wait for your energy to recharge (or eat a candy bar) and takedown the second guy. There are a couple of computers in here, and you can open the drawers on the desk.

If you used the vent, you’ll reach an intersection. If you go left and continue that way, you’ll be dumped in front of the bathrooms. This is ill-advised, as this puts you right in the middle of enemies. Some of them patrol the area, as well. If you go left in the vent, then take the first right, you’ll be dumped into a hallway that leads directly into the next area. This puts you farther ahead, but an enemy patrols this area. If you drop down, make sure that guy is moving away. If you just go right while in the vents, you come out in a closet inside the locker room. There are a ton of lockers in here, and of course, some goodies to find. There might be a guard roaming around here though, and if you alert him when you drop into the closet, just huddle up in the corner to the left of the door. As soon as the enemy enters, use a takedown on him.

No matter how you choose to do it, get through that area and you’ll come to a locked door. You must now hack the terminal next to it. As you begin the hack, you’ll notice that you get 5 attempts. The higher the level of the terminal/computer you’re trying to hack, the less attempts you get before it shuts down completely. You can circumvent this by simply saving your game beforehand, though. On the hack screen, press Back/Select to open up the help menu and get some advice. Here are the basics: The blue orb is your entry point. The red stack is a diagnostic subroutine (your “enemy”). The green orb is your goal. You need to capture icons until you can reach and capture the green orb. Move to the nearest icon, which should just be an empty datastore, and hold X/Square over it, then push up on the Left Thumbstick. This is the command for capturing a node. The detection percentage listed is the chances of the red subroutine becoming alerted to your actions. Once it becomes alerted, it will start capturing nodes as well. If it reaches and captures your blue orb (the I/O Port) before you can reach and capture the green orb, you will fail the hack attempt. You should notice, however, that some of the bridges between the nodes are bidirectional and some are unidirectional. Both you and the subroutine have to abide by these bridges, so keep this in mind when capturing nodes. Also note that you can capture either the green orb (Registry) or the diagnostic subroutine to succeed in the hack attempt.

One last piece of advice on hacking: Fortification. If you hold X/Square over your I/O Port or any node that you’ve already captured, you will see that the Fortify option has become available. Fortifying a node will raise the number next to it by 1 (or more, if you’ve got the appropriate augmentations). The higher the number rating of a node, the longer it takes to capture it. This can be a useful obstacle for holding the subroutine at bay. Just remember two things: First off, the chances of being detected when fortifying something is usually pretty large. Second, it takes just as much time to fortify a node as it does to capture the same node. If the subroutine is triggered, it’s a good idea to start fortifying nodes, but don’t even bother with nodes that are already being taken over by the subroutine. You just won’t be able to completely fortify it before the node is taken over. Focus on your I/O Port and adjacent nodes first, and don’t forget to keep working your way to the Registry.

The next room you enter has four enemies in it. There’s also another room on the opposite side on the second floor that has hostages in it. If you go down the left side stairs, you’ll be near a door that leads into a small room. There’s a guy in here looking in a crate that you can easily take down. There’s a Concussion Grenade in the crate he was looking at, and there are other items (mostly ammo) scattered about in here. The exit from the main room is near the right side stairs, so if you don’t care about the hostages, just go down those stairs, wait for the patrolling guards to look away, and go for the door. If you do want to save the hostages, go down the right side stairs and look behind them. There’s a crate here that you can move, which reveals a vent. This vent takes you to some girders on top of the room, and from there you can enter another vent which takes you directly to the hostage room. You can now simply hack the bomb terminal or input the code (1505) to disarm it. Note that moving through the doors in this room will trigger the bomb’s activation sequence, so disarm it before trying to leave. You can then talk to Greg Thorpe for some more information.

If you do decide to save the hostages, you can go down the stairs and exit through another door directly below the hostage room. You’ll have to be especially careful to make sure all three patrolling guards are looking away at the same time, though. Also, the hallway you enter has a camera and a patrolling guard in it. If you chose to enter through the first door, then you will only have the nearest camera to worry about, although that patrolling guard does glance down your hallway when he passes it. The nearby “Meeting Room” has two guards in it. Wait for them to finish talking and they’ll move to opposite sides of the room, where taking them both down will be simple.

Hack the terminal and move into the next decontamination chamber. There’s a Candy Bar in here. When you exit, you’ll be right behind a few guards, so take cover behind the crates. Look directly to your left and you should see a stack of three crates that you can move. There’s a vent behind them, and using it dumps you into a side room with a lone patrolling guard. Take him out and look in the small room off to the side for some goodies, including a Frag Grenade. Exit the small room and continue through the side room. You’ll come out near the exit elevator, although you still have to get to it. All three guards patrol in patterns that have them staring at the elevator, so unless you take them all down, you’ll have to be patient. When the coast is clear, hit the elevator button, move inside, and hit the button in here to go down.

You immediately come across a Praxis Kit. Pick it up to give yourself a Praxis Point. You can now apply that Praxis Point to any augmentation that only requires one Praxis Point to activate. For more information on what augmentations are useful, refer to the Augmentation List later in the guide. Move forward now, and keep an eye on the right wall for a wooden crate. It is partially covering up a vent. If you use the vent, you can completely bypass the next hallway, which contains a camera AND a turret. If you feel like hacking, however, ignore the vent and go past the next hallway to a room with a computer in it. As you pass the hallway, the turret will automatically become hostile the moment it sees you. It won’t fire if you quickly get around to the other side, but this still MAY negate the “Foxiest of the Hounds” achievement, so if you’re going for that, just use the vent. Anyway, once you’re inside the room, before using the computer, look around for four items: A Pocket Secretary, Stop Worm Software, Nuke Virus Software, and an XP Book hidden under a cardboard box.

Now use the Security Hub computer in the room. If you picked up and read the Pocket Secretary, you will already have the password to the computer (windmill). However, you can still hack it, which grants you some rather easy experience points. If you do decide to hack it, you will notice in the upper right corner of the hack screen that you have 1 Stop Worm and 1 Nuke Virus. The Stop Worm software will completely stop the diagnostic subroutine for a few seconds. You can quickly use it by pressing the Right Bumper. The Nuke Virus allows you to instantly capture a node, with no chance of detection. While this terminal is a bit trickier than the keypads you’ve hacked so far, it can still be easily done without using Stop Worms or Nuke Viruses. When you are looking at the hack screen, you should two new icons. There are two nodes that look like cubes. These are datastores. Taking over the node and then succeeding in the hack attempt will give you whatever happens to be inside the datastore. This is usually experience, money, or Stop Worms/Nuke Viruses. The other new icon that looks like a gear and has “Clearance” over it is an API. API nodes, once captured, influence the ratings of adjacent nodes. The Clearance API will lower the ratings of all of the datastores (the cube icons with prizes inside) by 2 points, so this is definitely worth going for. Other types of API nodes do different things, and you can view the list in the help menu while hacking something. One final note on datastores: If you complete the hack by capturing the red Diagnostic Subroutine, you will automatically be awarded every datastore in the terminal.

Once you’ve hacked the security hub, you can immediately shut down the camera. There are no doors to open or robots to interact with. There is, however, a turret. If you apply a Praxis Point to the Turret Domination augmentation (not advisable this early in the game), then you can deactivate the turret or even tell it to fire on enemies while viewing you as a friend. You can also pick up turrets (if you have the Move/Throw Heavy Objects augmentation), and if the turret is friendly, you have a portable death machine that you can carry through the mission. Keep going and you’ll enter a cutscene. Once it’s over, search the room and the body for items, then continue to the elevator. Once you get off, just keep going until you go up a staircase. There are two guards at the top, so be careful. When they stop talking and split up, follow the one that heads off to the left and take him down. You can now look inside Meeting Room 01 for some goodies. Meeting Room 02 has a vent in it that will take you down to a bathroom on the first floor. From that bathroom, you can sneak your way forward, to the exit.

However, there’s a lot of stuff in the room to look at. All of it is non-essential, but taking down the guards and hacking all of the computers can get you a good chunk of XP. The best way to deal with the guards is by working your way right to left. If you came down the stairs, you will already be in position to take out the lone guy wandering around by the bottom of the stairs. If you came down through the vent, just move through Meeting Room 03 to get over there. The other three enemies have patrols that are annoyingly close to each other. One just moves back and forth in front of the desks, while the other two move between the desks. These two are the weak links. When the closest one moves towards the windows, take him down while the others aren’t looking, then keep going from here. The enemies love to carry Pocket Secretaries, and there’s even one laying on a planter, but there is a good amount of experience to be gain from hacking the computers.

Either way, you’ll go upstairs. Before using the final door, look on the nearby desk for an XP Book . Now head inside the next room, where you’ll automatically start talking to Zeke Sanders, the terrorist leader. You will soon be given a choice. If you try to fight him, you’ll have about one or two seconds to put him down before he kills Josie Thorpe. If you let him go, both he and Thorpe are gunned down by the cops. Trying to free Josie Thorpe leads you into more conversation. Keep picking the Empathize option here and Sanders will escape, but Josie Thorpe will remain alive, and you’ll get the 1000 XP Silver Tongue bonus for winning this argument. When you’re able to, hack the computer in the room (or pick up the Pocket Secretary behind it for the password). Head out to the helipad and talk to Greg Thorpe if you’d like, then talk to Malik to end the mission.

Tying Up Loose Ends

You can look around Sarif HQ to your heart’s content. Your own office is on the third floor, though there isn’t much in there worth looking at. You can read emails on your computer though, and you may receive more in the future. If you saved both Greg and Josie Thorpe in the previous mission, you’ll receive an email from Greg that triggers a side quest (which will be explained later in the guide). Also, when you get a chance, find office 27 on the second floor and either hack the keypad or put in the code 4145. You’ll find an XP Book in here. There’s also a vent that takes you to office 25, where you’ll find yet another XP Book . Anyway, when you’re ready, head to Pritchard’s office. He has a new cabinet in here next to the bulletin board thing on the wall directly ahead of you as you enter. Look inside of it for a Stop Worm and a Nuke Virus, then talk to Pritchard. After you’ve done that, use the elevators to get up to Sarif’s office and talk to him.

Visiting the L.I.M.B. Clinic

As soon as you exit the elevator, you’ll actually receive another short side quest. Head to your office right quick and talk to Tim Carella. There’s an email on your computer related to the quest, which directs you to examine some of the offices in the building. Once you’re ready, leave Sarif HQ. You’ll immediately engage in conversation with Megan’s mother, Cassandra. She gives you yet another side quest that we’ll worry about later. Head down the street towards the L.I.M.B. Clinic. It’s the closest waypoint to your position. After entering and talking to the woman, you can purchase some goods from the computer. You can buy up to 2 Praxis Kits from a L.I.M.B. Clinic for 5000 credits each. After you do that, head into the surgical ward of the clinic and look on a cart in this hallway for an XP Book . You can also enter the last room on the right. Inside you’ll find a computer and a Candy Bar Jar.

One Good Turn Deserves Another

If you’re coming out of the L.I.M.B. Clinic, head down the street as if you were going back to Sarif HQ, but keep an eye out on the left side of the road for a gas station. Once you spot it, head inside. The guy in here can buy and sell items. After almost every main mission, you should pay vendors like him a visit. It’s a good way to make some cash and keep your inventory from filling up. Go behind the gas station now and head into the first door you can. It takes you into an apartment building. There’s a security guard here that you can talk to as part of another side quest. Go all the way up to the top floor and enter the Thorpe’s apartment, then talk to Greg. This officially ends the quest, but he points you to a vendor named Seurat. Before you leave, use the next door. There’s an XP Book in the bedroom. There’s also a hackable safe behind the picture frame in here. The safe holds a Credit Chip. If you want to speak with Seurat, exit the apartment building and continue through the alleys, moving away from the gas station. When you see a basketball court to your right, look for a fire escape on the left. Climb it and hop in the first window you can. Seurat’s apartment is on the same floor. There might be a guy wandering around in the hallway outside of it. After talking with Seurat, enter his bedroom and look on a cabinet in here for another XP Book .

Lesser Evils

Head to Tindall’s apartment building, which is just before you reach the basketball court, if you’re coming from the gas station. There are three ways in. You may notice a dumpster underneath the fire escape. You can stack a nearby wooden crate on top of it and get up that way (or just jump from the dumpster, if you have the Jump Enhancement aug). You can also hack the nearby gate, which requires the Capture 2 aug (or you can just enter the code: 0002). You can also stack boxes and use them to jump over the gate. No matter how you do it, get on the bottom floor and hack Tindall’s apartment keypad (code: 8974).

Inside the apartment, check everything out. In the bedroom there’s a computer on a desk. Loot the desk drawers first, then read all of the emails. As soon as you read the last email, a junkie busts into the apartment looking for Tindall. Hide inside the bathroom to avoid detection, then wait a bit. The intruder will eventually sit down at the dining table. This is your chance to take him out. Read his Pocket Secretary and leave the apartment. If you’re looking to get another XP Book , go up two floors and find an apartment with a level 5 keypad. The code is 2356. Inside you’ll find an interesting set-up. The next door is also locked, by a level 2 keypad. Once you get in there, you’ll find the book on the computer desk. While you’re here, hack the computer to get the code to the level 5 keypad on the cage in the room. Open it up and inside you’ll find a Praxis Kit, among other goodies.

Now head to the back of the gas station and talk to Tindall. He tells you about his plight and sends you off to silence two drug dealers hanging around in the basketball court. There is really no easy way to do this. They both stick together and constantly face each other. The easiest way to do this is to pop both of them in the head at close range before they know what’s going on. If you want non-lethal, you can always hit them with Tranq darts, but that’s slow going, and could raise an alarm. If you want non-lethal and no alarms, you’d better be quick with the Stun Gun. Either way, once they’re down, talk to Tindall again, then talk to Carella on the city street to finish the quest and collect your reward.

Motherly Ties

Head to the waypoint and talk with the security guard inside the apartment building. Now head over to the police station. Note that there are multiple ways inside of the police station, and these will all apply to the next mission as well, which also has you entering the station. First, you need to examine the evidence storage. Go to the left of the police station’s front doors and you should see a fence with some dumpsters nearby. Use these dumpsters to get over the fence. If you feel like getting a little extra XP, face the front of the police station and turn left, then head down the street that way. Near the end of the road, look for a door to your right. It leads to a hallway with an electrified floor. There’s already one crate inside, so look around the concrete pipes just outside of the door for another crate, and use the two of them to slowly work your way across the floor. Once you’re in the middle of the hallway, you’ll be safe. Drop down and flip the circuit breaker to turn off the current. You get the Pathfinder bonus, which grants you 300 XP. You can also enter this back alley from the sewer system.

Now head to the evidence storage and use the keypad. Read all of the ebooks inside and hack the safe to find another ebook and Megan’s Bracelet. Now you need to enter the actual police station. You can go in through the front door, where you’ll immediately find Chet Wagner, the officer you need to speak to. However, he’s tight-lipped, so you’ll have to visit his office, which is on the third floor. You also need to look inside Captain Penn’s office on the second floor anyway, so heading into the police station through the back alley can make this easier. Put a crate underneath the fire escape ladder and hack the keypad. This door puts you onto the second floor. Watch out for the security camera and keep going until you see a railing. Be careful, there might be people patrolling here. There should be a vent right by you that leads directly into Penn’s office. Hack the computer inside and read all of his emails to fulfill this particular objective.

Now you need to get up to Wagner’s office on the third floor. The easiest way is to go back outside on the fire escape and climb up. There’s a vent on the roof that puts you on the third floor. Take out the lone guard patrolling the hallway, and confiscate his Pocket Secretary. It contains codes to all of the office keypads on this floor. You can enter the first office to your right belonging to an Officer Alexander. Once inside, move the trash can to reveal a vent that will take you directly to Wagner’s office. Hack his computer and read all of the emails, then go back outside, down the fire escape, and through the front door. Chet Wagner is standing right in the lobby, so talk to him. Once that’s finished, you can go talk to Cassandra. She’s in the lobby of your apartment building. If you picked up Megan’s bracelet from the safe in evidence storage, you can opt to either keep it or give it to Cassandra. Keeping it gives you an achievement. After the quest is over, use the elevator to get up to your apartment. Look on the wall by the kitchen for a keypad. The code is 5375. It causes the TV to raise up, revealing a hole with some goodies in it. Go into your bedroom and look on the table by the bed for an XP Book .

Investigating the Suicide Terrorist

Enter the police station via the front door and talk to Wayne Haas, the guy at the reception desk. In the conversation, keep choosing the Absolve option to win the argument. Head down into the morgue now. After the cutscene, loot the hacker’s corpse. Also, check the desk in here with the computer on it for an XP Book . You can now head back to your apartment. You may be tempted to go ahead and start rummaging through the police station, but the officers inside will still take it as a hostile action if they see you trying to hack something. Of course, you’re free to blow them all away (it’s definitely possible, and it gets the front page in the newspaper). Once in your apartment, use your computer to finish this mission.

Voices From the Dark

As soon as you leave your apartment, Pritchard tells you about someone named Ezekiel who has tried to contact you. While still facing away from your apartment, go down the street in front of it, heading to the right. Keep going until you see some newspaper dispensers on the right sidewalk. There are some hookers around here, and one of them calls you out by your name. Talk to this woman and you’ll find out that she’s actually an undercover detective. She’ll give you the Cloak & Daggers side quest. You won’t have to worry about this now, but part of that side quest can be accomplished while doing the next mission, so it’s best to get the ball rolling.

Anyway, once you reach the waypoint, you’ll find that Ezekiel is actually Zeke Sanders. He gives you a Pocket Secretary with a code and a username/password on it. These will come in handy in a later mission. If you have the Jump Enhancement aug, look on top of the big orange dumpster nearby for a Nuke Virus.

Stopping the Transmission

Head to the street that passes in front of D-Row territory (same street with Officer Alexander/Chiron Apartments). Note: If you’ve received the Cloak & Daggers side quest, one of the secondary objectives in it will be to move through D-Row completely undetected. This isn’t terribly hard, and even if you don’t do it, it’s not essential to completing that quest. Anyway, there are three ways to get into Derelict Row. The first way: A wide alleyway in the middle of the street, populated with gang members. Unless you’re looking for a firefight, this is not the way to go. Theoretically, you can use the concrete pipes next to the orange dumpster, but they don’t go far enough to really make a difference. You just won’t be doing it without the Cloaking aug. The second way is at the end of the street, past your apartment. It’s a door that leads to a hallway filled with heavy crates. You can use something to jump over them if you can’t move heavy objects. Unfortunately, there are two thugs watching the area, so if you do this, you’d better be quick on the trigger.

The third way is a small, dead-end alley in between the other two paths. It’s just before you get to your apartment, and the alley has a fire escape in it. You can use this to get onto the roof of the building. Unfortunately, once you’re up here, if you want to keep going, you’re going to have to start relying on a lot of augments. If you have the Jump Enhancement aug, you can just bolt over to the top of the fire escape across from you. If you don’t, you can jump for the fire escape, and if you’re lucky, you might actually land on it further down. If you do land on it, or if you have the Icarus Landing System aug, you can just head down to the ground level and sneak around from there. If you decide to take the path at the top of the fire escape, you’ll need the Punch Through Walls aug. You’ll also need to not be going for the Pacifist playthrough. There’s a gang member on the other side of the wall you can punch through, and doing this will kill him. There’s also another gang member floating around that will probably become alarmed, but not hostile, as long as you hide next to the hole. After they’re down, keep going and you can drop down a long shaft. You will need the Icarus Landing System aug to survive this. You end up back on the main path after you open the next door. That’s a lot of augs for what is basically a shortcut that lets you move past a few enemies.

If you are trying to go through this with no kills and no alarms, you will practically be forced into using the third option. If you’ve got the augs to get through at the top of the fire escape, great. If not, get to the ground floor and start sneaking towards the orange container. It’s difficult, but possible. If you’ve got the Cloaking System aug, this gets a whole lot easier. Use the next door you find and you’ll soon enter an area with three more enemies. Take the nearest guy out when you get the chance. The other two are more difficult to deal with and best left alone. There are two ways to leave this area. First, you can use the little gutter part to sneak over to the garage door and through the hole in it. You can also leave through the door to the right of the garage door. If you use the gutter, one of the static enemies will see you, but quickly lose interest. If you use the regular door, be quick. He might just come looking around the door, and then you can take him down.

If you decide to use the regular door to the right of the garage door, go right in this room and deal with the lone thug. If you keep going down, you’ll find a wall you can punch through, but this is unnecessary. Instead, go back upstairs, then take the other path, to the left. Be careful around the windows. Enemies can see and hear you from out there. You will come to a room with three guards in it. Wait for two of them to stop talking and they’ll move along their patrol patterns. You can stay along the left wall and here and make it all the way to the other side without being notice. As you’re doing so, keep an eye out for an XP Book on some white barrels. You can just pop out and read it when nobody’s looking. When you go up the stairs and head back outside, you’ll be very close to the next door you need to go through. There is a single thug patrolling this area though. Also, if you want to take care of something for the Cloak & Daggers side quest, head up to the exit door, but go past it, into the next building. There’s a hole in the floor in here. Drop into it and you’ll find the weapon stash.

If you decided to go under the garage door, or if you used the Icarus Landing System to fall down the elevator shaft, you can sneak along the left side here and work your way around to the exit door. Note the structure to the left of the exit door. This is the one with the weapon stash for the Cloak & Daggers side quest, so make sure you explore the bottom area of it before leaving. There’s another way to get through this part. If you’ve just come through the garage door, look to your left for a regular door. If you used the Icarus Landing System, this will be the same door that you’ve just come through to get into the area. To the left of that door there is a large crate. If you can, move it, and you’ll reveal a vent. This vent leads into a room with two enemies and a rocket launcher. Once inside the building, opening the vent cover might attract some attention. Just wait for the guards to lose interest and then drop down. They’ll both wind up facing away from you. The rocket launcher is fun, but takes up a lot of space in your inventory. Anyway, leave through the door. If you keep going forward, through the next door, you’ll be in a small back area that leads to the sewers. There’s a Pocket Secretary in the huge container back here. If you use the windows instead, you’ll wind up on a broken fire escape that leads back to the same area you’d be in if you decided to sneak around. You can also enter the building this way if you can get onto the red container.

There are a ton of different options here, but no matter how you do it, you wind up at the objective door. Head through it and you’ll find three enemies. One of them patrols in a way that brings him towards you. However, he’ll turn and start staring at the corner. When he does, take him down. The other two are just sitting on couches and can be bypassed completely. Use the ladders to get up to the next area. Save your game before you leave the elevator shaft! The next hallway is lined with Fragmentation Mines. Move VERY slowly up to one of the mines and disarm it when prompted. You can also pick it up. Keep doing this until the hallway is clear. You soon come out onto the roof, where you find two guys looking out over the railing. Sneak behind them and over to the antenna. Hack the keypad and turn it off, then head upstairs to the helipad. Use the helicopter when it lands to finish this mission. Note that when you end the mission, you will automatically be taken to the next one. If you’re the kind of person that hates missing out on stuff because of a full inventory, you’d better go sell it now. It’s a pain in the ass having to go all the way back, but the next mission isn’t exactly short.

Following the Clues in Highland Park

This mission starts out titled “The Transmission”, but it won’t stay that way for long. Talk to the nearby MCB Gang Leader for some info. You can also buy some ammo and other items from him, but you can’t sell him anything. Enter the door and keep going until you reach a cutscene. The next door takes you outside, where you’ll find plenty of patrolling enemies. Most of them are surprisingly easy to take out, though. There are three guys hanging around the area by you. Two of them are having a conversation. One grenade will take them all out. If you’re being stealthy, wait for their conversation to end. The guards will all split up. Move around to the containers and use them as cover. You should be between the wall and the container now. One soldier patrols the area where all three were once standing. Take him out when nobody is looking. There is really only one other person that can catch you in the act in this particular area, and he patrols around, so just wait for him to go away. If you want to go left and explore all your options, read the next paragraph. If you want to go right and stealth your way around to a side path, skip ahead a bit.

Now, stay along the left wall (if you’re facing the facility ahead that you need to enter) and move behind the truck. The other patrolling guard will come towards you and stop. When he turns around, take him down. There are two large white crates here. If you can move them, you’ll gain access to a handy but ultimately unnecessary path that takes you to the next enemy, who is standing guard in front of the door to the building. You can also pick up one of the white crates and tip it over by setting it down and moving against it. If you tip it over against the other white crate, you’ll have a ramp that takes you to an upper area. Again, you wind up in the same place, but you do get the 100 XP Traveler bonus. Either way, deal with that guard in front of the door. You can go ahead and enter the facility from here if you’d like. You can also head behind the large containers next to the door. There’s a fence back here with a locked gate. Hack the keypad or put in code 7984 (the code Zeke Sanders gives you in the Voices From the Dark quest). Inside you’ll find some goodies and a ladder. This takes you up to another entrance inside the facility. If you still want to explore outside, you can also use this perch to pick off the other three enemies down below.

If you don’t want to use the ladder or the front door, go past the front door, and follow the wall of the building. You will eventually come to a side path on the far side that leads on. If you want to continue exploring outside, you can. Just ignore that side path and instead take out the guys here one by one. They are easily dealt with. There’s a small building in the area with some stuff inside, namely a Laser Targeting System. You may also notice an area with some electricity on the floor. The circuit breaker is near the middle. Grab one of the small white crates by the little building and put it up next to the wall of the electric maze. Place another white crate next to it and get on one of them. Pick the other one up and put it on top of the maze wall, then hop up there yourself. You can now grab the crate and drop it in front of the circuit breaker. Shut off the current and you gain access to Painkillers and a Credit Chip.

If you decided to go right when you came out of the previous building, you can stealthily enter the little building in the area with the Laser Targeting System in it. You can continue around, remaining unseen with little effort, until you reach the side path.

If you do take the side path to the right, move the crates and you’ll come to a fork in the path. To go left, you must either hack the laser grid or input the code 7984. Either way, time this carefully, because one of the guard’s patrols takes him in front of the grid. When you shut the grid off, move up to the nearest crates and wait for the guard to make his rounds again. You’ll need to take him out as soon as he turns around, because there’s another guy patrolling up ahead that might see you. Going this way leads into the front door path, so everything else here will be explained in that section. If you ignore the laser grid and go straight, you come across two guys talking and a security camera. They will soon split up. If you want to take out the nearest guard, wait for him to get as far away from the camera as possible. It won’t see you this far away. However, you still might have to watch out for a sniper on the catwalk up ahead. You can also use the nearby stacks of white barrels to get up onto a path that allows you to sneak around to the small building. Inside the building you’ll find a sleeping guard and some goodies. There’s also a ladder on the side of the building that takes you up to the sniper. This is a good perch for taking out the rest of the enemies. There’s also a vent up here that leads to a shaft with ladders. Climb down and you can use two vents. The first one deposits you into a room with a bit of ammo. A guard patrols the path in front of the room, so if you’re looking to take him down silently, this is the way to go. If, while in the shaft with ladders, you continue down to the bottom, you’ll be deposited right next to the exit elevator. Just watch out for the camera. If you decide against climbing up to the sniper’s perch, and instead just take out the two patrolling guards, you’ll find a ladder that leads from the main floor right down to the exit elevator.

If you decided to enter the building by climbing the ladder and entering the door up there, you’ll soon come to another door that puts you onto an upper catwalk area. There’s a sniper at the other end. Once you take him out, don’t think you can run. The people below will still hear you. You can use a vent up here to enter a shaft with ladders. Keep climbing down until you see the first vent. This leads you into a room with some ammo. A guard patrols the path in front of the room, if you’re looking to silently take him down. Watch out for other patrolling guards though. If, while in the ladder shaft, you go all the way to the bottom, you’ll be dumped out right next to the exit elevator. Watch out for the camera. Now, back when you first entered the building, if you decided to go past the door leading onto the catwalks, you would go down some stairs. This leads to the area with the front door, and this will be explained in the next paragraph.

If you enter the building through the front door, you’ll have several options. You should immediately notice a vent on the right wall and a door that leads to a room. If you go past both of those and keep to the left, you’ll head up some stairs and to a door that takes you up onto the catwalks with a sniper. Read the last paragraph for more details on this route. If you use the vent, you’ll come out in an area with a patrolling guard. You can use this to silently take him down, but watch out. There’s another guard further out and to the left that also patrols, and he might see you. If you just decide to enter the room, you can also silently take that guard out, and with less chance of getting caught. He’ll just stand outside the door, waiting to be picked off. The room itself has a few goodies in it and a level 3 Security Hub. Don’t hack it unless the nearest two patrolling guards are down. Note the username spaxxor. All other security hubs in the facility have the same username, and as such, they all also have the same password: neuralhub. This hub allows you to deactivate the camera in front of the exit elevator and another one on a smaller building in the far right corner of the area (the same small building described two paragraphs ago.

When you’re ready, use the elevator at the bottom of the large ramp in the center of the room to descend deeper into the facility. Once you exit, immediately take cover behind the crates in front of you. There are two enemies in here on the ground floor, along with a huge mech. Grab the EMP Grenade next to you. EMP Grenades will take out the mechs like the one in the room with you. If you go left, you’ll notice that the way into the room here is blocked by some kind of barricade. Use one of the nearby wooden crates to get over this barricade. There’s ammo in here, along with a rocket launcher. Just be careful, since the windows are open. You can continue out of this room and through the door into the next room, or you can drop into a vent. In here, keep going until you can turn left. This takes you to the other side of the exit door, and is a bit safer if you’re looking to go through that way. If you follow the vent all the way to the end, you come out on the right side of the room, where you’ll find a door and some stairs. Read the next paragraph for more details on this path.

If you head to the right after exiting the elevator, you come to a door and some stairs. They both lead to the same place, but the door is safer. It takes you to a stairwell filled with cameras. They are easily avoided. At the top, you’ll be on some catwalks with three sentries. If you can move heavy objects, stick to the right wall and you’ll find a large crate that you can move. This allows you to sneak around into the room up here. If you can’t do that, then you’ll have to sneak around the long way. This really isn’t that hard. If you’re adamant on taking all three men down, start with the guy in the middle. The other two patrol the same walkway, but they can get pretty far apart, so use this to your advantage. Either way, you should wind up in the control room at the end. Use the door to enter the next area.

If you left the room via the upper path, you can jump down at one point and get back on the bottom path. Watch out for the single guy here. If you want to stay on the upper path, keep going and you’ll enter a room with a security hub in it. Use that hub to open a door in the room and shut off the security camera inside. That little room has some goodies, including Typhoon Ammo. The next room has a computer, which you can hack, if you’re quick. There are two guys on the walkways ahead, and a third comes up after the guards on the bottom floor finish their conversation. You cannot take any of them out while the cameras are still up. The bodies will always be spotted by either a camera or another guard, so you need to get all the way over to the control room on the other side with the big A on it. To do this, go through the left door (the one without all the boxes stacked in front of it) and continue around the left side. Enter the first room you find and use the vent here to get to another similar room. From here, the only obstacle between you and control room A is the nearest patrolling guard. Once inside the room, you can hack the security hub (make sure the patrolling guard is looking away) to shut off the cameras. Now, wait for the nearest guard to come close to the door. When he does, put him down. The guy in the middle walkway should be your next stop, and you can easily take him down from where you are. When dealing with the last sentry, make sure you take him down as he’s moving closer to the middle walkway. If he goes down too close to the stairs, the guards below will spot the body. Now you can explore the rooms you’ve passed through more thoroughly. When you’re ready, head through the exit doors and down the stairs.

If you are using the lower path, deal with the guard you encounter and let the others leave. You’ll come to a room on your left with a security hub in it. Use it to shut down three cameras on this level, along with a turret. You can also make the turret fire on the guards, although this flies in the face of any non-lethal no alarms playthrough. If you are going to wipe them all out, however, this is a good way to do it. Once they’re dead, you can just head straight to the next door and hack the keypad or put in the code 7984. If you want to go the stealth way, look to your left as soon as you enter the room. Move the boxes to reveal a vent. This vent system runs underneath a bunch of holding cells. Only one guy patrols that area, so once he’s down, you’re free to explore the individual rooms, which contain some goodies. There are two doors at the end. Go through the left most door and you can hack the laser grid terminal. If you can, move the large white crate to reveal a vent that goes around the laser grid. Both of these are optional, since you can just come in through the other door, but it’s easy XP.

If you continue on from the lower path, you are forced into a conversation with two security guards. Choosing attack will make them hostile. If you got the codes from Zeke in his side quest, you only need to bluff once to get by. If you didn’t grab those codes, then choose bluff twice, then choose intimidate for the last option. Once you’re past them, you can perform a double takedown on them or just kill them or ignore them. You can now look in the rooms around the cafeteria. There is one room right next to the cafeteria with a locked door. Inside you’ll find an XP Book . Head through the exit door and watch for the camera. If you took the high path in the last room and came down the stairs, you’ll be at this point as well. Enter the room underneath the camera to find some goodies. There are some medical bays with more stuff to collect. Grab everything you can; there’s a boss fight coming up. Also, if you have any explosives, don’t get rid of them.

You’ll come out into a dark room. Don’t worry, the lighting is just for show. Keep going until you reach some double doors. The actual boss fight is through there. If you’ve got frag grenades, equip them. If you’ve got a rocket launcher, equip it. Any kind of explosive will deal major damage to Barrett. Now go through the doors. After the cutscene, you’re trapped in a room that’s just a bit too small with a guy that’s just a bit too big. Explosives not only deal damage to Barrett, but they also stun him a bit. If you don’t have any explosives on you, use concussion or EMP grenades to stun him, and throw the explosive barrels scattered around the room at him. If you have the Typhoon aug, this works too. There’s some ammo scattered around the room, and there are two side rooms with even more goodies in them. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your health. If Barrett catches you in his line of fire, it’ll drop fast. Also, don’t stay stationary for too long. If you do, Barrett will throw out three grenades towards your position. This boss fight really isn’t as hard as it seems. It’s just so different from the rest of the game that you might have to get used to it. Once Barrett is down, loot the room and exit to the helipad.

Cloak & Daggers

Let’s clear this quest up before you do anything else. You’re about to leave Detroit, and once you do, all the side quests you’ve gathered so far will be blocked off permanently. Leave Sarif HQ and visit a vendor if you have to, then go to O’Malley’s apartment. It’s in the same building as Tindall’s apartment. Once inside, look on one of the white bookcase-type shelves near the computer for a Pocket Secretary. It contains the code to the next door. Open it, but don’t go in! The room has three active mines in it. Disarm them, then pick up either the drugs or the weapon shipment in the room to satisfy this part of the quest. You can also hack the computer for more info, and hack the safe behind the picture frame for a few items.

Now head to the alley next to the police station and talk to O’Malley. He gives you two more objectives. First, you need to go pick up a package. Head over there now, to an alley in front of Chiron Apartments. You’ll find the package, a Crossbow, hidden amongst some boxes. Next, you need to locate the gang member Double-T. He’s in the apartment building by the basketball court. The same one that houses Seurat, except Double-T is one floor above him. When you get up there, there will be two guys talking outside, and more inside the apartment. Double-T and a lone guard reside in the bedroom. If you’re going for non-lethal and no alarms, you’d better have a Stun Gun or a Tranq Rifle. You’ll also probably have to lure most of them out one at a time, which is tricky, to say the least. If you don’t care about killing, you can use a silenced weapon to put most of them down without making too much of a fuss. There’s also a wall that you can punch through. This leads straight to the bedroom. If you don’t alert anybody, when you punch through the wall, you’ll kill the guy standing in front of it and knock Double-T out at the same time. If you can’t punch through the wall, knocking Double-T out is going to require a non-lethal weapon or some baiting. Either way, once he’s down, head back to Jenny Alexander. She gives you the option of going to arrest O’Malley yourself. Head back to his apartment and you’ll find him inside. Talk to him. If you choose the fight option, you’ll have to gun him down. Any other options eventually lead to him trying to bribe you. Accepting the bribe gives you an achievement. Whatever happens, talk to Jenny outside of the building to finish this quest.

Whispers of Conspiracy

Head back to Sarif HQ and go up to the top floor. You’ll automatically talk with Bill Taggart, but you can also converse with Sandoval too, to get some more info. Either way, talk with Sarif, then head back down. Enter your office and speak with Pritchard now. Once that’s done, go back up to Sarif’s office and speak with him again. Although the dialogue sometimes changes, choosing the Refocus option the entire time will pretty much guarantee that you’ll win the argument. Once you do, Sarif sends you some emails, so go back down to your office and read all of them. If you did everything just as described, then a side quest will become available to you later (after you return to Detroit). Once you’re finished here, go to the helipad and talk to Malik to head for Hengsha.

Rotten Business

Before you get to the main mission, there is a side quest that can be completed. Enter the nearby door for the Hung Hua Hotel. Head down to the fourth floor and enter the door here. You’ll hear a man and woman arguing. Enter the room to stop it, then talk to the woman. She gives you this side quest. Now head out onto the balcony and cross over to the last balcony. Sneak inside the room and grab the Smart Card on the table at the end of the bed. You’ll need it later. Now go back to Mei’s room and head downstairs to the third floor. Enter the first bedroom and look on the table at the end of the bed for a Hive Membership Card. This isn’t necessary, but can make things a bit easier down the road. Finally, head down to the first floor and enter the first room on your right. There’s a vendor in here.

Now, you can exit the hotel if you want and explore the city. There’s a lot to check out. Almost all of the shops in the area have little storage rooms that you can enter. Doing this gives you a 100 XP every time, and there’s nearly always something in the room to pick up. If you want to continue with the quest though, head back to the roof of the Hung Hua Hotel, where you started originally. You’ll find Chuanli up here. When you talk to him, he gives you two options: you can either pay him 2000 credits, or you can leave. If you have the Social Enhancer aug, you can use it to convince him to give you information without payment. He’s an alpha type, so choose the appease option. If you don’t have the Social aug or the money, don’t worry about it. You don’t need this information. If you do have the money, but want it back, just bribe him, then kill him.

If you acquired the information, just head for the waypoint. If you didn’t get any info from Chaunli, use the path directly to the right of him (his left, your right if you’re facing him). You’ll go down some stairs and be in an area with some railings. The entrance to the Alice Garden Pods is on the other side of this area. There are two ways to approach this. You can make a U-turn as soon as possible. Get onto the other side of the area and then head back the way you came. You’ll come to some stairs leading down to three guards. These are the guys you need to take out. Alternatively, you can just keep going straight and head downstairs to street level. There is another set of stairs that leads down to a sewer area directly underneath the path you just traversed. Keep going forward in this place and you’ll eventually come to some stairs leading up to the three enemies. Either way, you need to take them all down. One of them patrols, but the tight quarters make it difficult to do this the stealth way. A Tranq Rifle will come in handy right now. If it comes down to it, try to lure them away one at a time. When they’re all out, search them for a Pocket Secretary. It contains the code to the storage area they were guarding. You’ll find Ning inside. Talk to her, then go all the way back to the hotel and talk to Mei.

She gives you another task, so head to the bottom floor of the hotel and out into the city. Go right and you’ll be able to enter the Youzhao District. Once you’re in that district, keep moving forward until you reach the street. You should see some ladders and scaffolding in front of you. Use them to get up onto the roof. There’s a stairwell to your left almost as soon as you get up here. Use it to get to the second floor, and then enter the single apartment here. There’s a guy inside, but he doesn’t cause any trouble. You’ll find an XP Book on the computer desk in here. Now head back up to the roof and go up the stairs ahead of you. Turn right and you’ll use a walkway to get over onto another roof. There’s a door to your left up here. Enter this apartment to find another XP Book . After you’ve got those out of the way, head to Diamond Chan’s apartment. Wait outside of it until he finishes his phone call. When he does, you’ll see him turn away on the radar. Open the door and perform a non-lethal takedown on him. Now drag his body to the marked alleyway and dump it over the side. Doing this gets you an achievement. Of course, if you want, you can just shoot him in the head, but there’s really no reason to. Anyway, go back to Mei to finish this quest up. Also, while in you’re in the Kuaigan District, don’t forget to visit the L.I.M.B. clinic and purchase your two Praxis Kits.

Hunting the Hacker

In the Youzhao District, head to the front door of the target apartment building. Belltower guards have the place blocked off, so you’ll need to find another way in. If you go all the way to the right, you’ll find a vent that leads into the outdoor “entrance” area of the building. Once there, avoid the guards and look for another vent on the same wall further up. You can use this to get into an apartment next to the glass doors that actually lead into the building. There is another apartment on the other side of the glass doors. If you can, enter it and look in the kitchen for an XP Book . There are other ways of getting this book, and it’ll be mentioned again if you’d rather try a different path. Anyway, if you can get into the glass doors (sometimes there are two guards in front of them, sometimes there aren’t), use the elevator to get up to the penthouse floor.

If you want to get into the building a better way, head down the street to the left (if you’re facing the entrance) and turn the corner. You should see some scaffolding on the side of the building. Use it to get up to the roof. There are two ways to go from here. Look on the large rooftop by you as soon as you get up here and you should see two guards conversing. Take them down. There are two more guards floating around the rooftops on the other side. Stay on the same level and work your way around. There’s an open door on the other side that you can use to get down to the elevator that takes you up to the penthouse. If you want, before using the elevator, you can exit the building through the glass doors (sometimes there are two guards here). Once you do that, look for a regular door on the same wall as the glass doors, to your right as you exit. Enter this apartment and look in the kitchen for an XP Book (the same one that was mentioned in the previous paragraph).

The best way to sneak in, however, is by getting onto the roof of the building and hacking the first door you see. There’s a vent in this room (along with a punchable wall that you can ignore). Use the vent to get into an elevator shaft. There’s a Praxis Kit at the very bottom. Go all the way to the top and use this vent to enter a hallway. If you head right, you’ll see some vending machines. These are the same vending machines you’ll be looking at if you used the elevator to get up here. Move one of them to expose another vent that leads right into the apartment. There are three guys in here that move around a bit, but they are easily avoided. Enter the target room and hack the computer, then read all the emails and exit the building. If you weren’t able to move the vending machine, then you’ll have to move through the hallway. Get close to the two guards and let them finish their conversation. Hide in the little alcove and one of the enemies will walk right by you. Take him out, then deal with the next one. When you reach the apartment, you’ll have to be more careful with your sneaking, but the guards are still easy to get by. If you haven’t gotten the XP Book from the previous two paragraphs yet, use the elevator. At the bottom, exit the glass doors (and deal with any guards here), then look on the same wall as those doors to your right. There’s an apartment here you can enter, and you’ll find the book in its kitchen.

Now you need to head for the Hive, in the Kuaigan District. If you followed this guide and picked up the Hive Membership Card in the Hung Hua Hotel, just talk to the bouncer at the front door and he’ll let you in. If you didn’t pick up the card, then you’ll have to bribe the bouncer, or use one of two other ways to get inside the club. The first way requires you to go down the alley to the left of the Hive. There’s a dumpster here with some cardboard boxes on it. Move the boxes to reveal the vent, which takes you to a bathroom in the Hive. Once inside, talk to the bartender on the first floor. He directs to a bartender on the upper floor. To win the argument with the second bartender, keep choosing the Pinpoint option. Once you do that, he lets you into the basement. Open that door and go downstairs, but head left, past the bouncer. Keep following the hallways until you go upstairs, then look for a red door on your right. Inside this room you’ll find an XP Book . You can also enter this room by hacking a door near the entrance, but the bouncers don’t take too kindly to that. Anyway, go back down to the objective and enter Tong’s office. Look on the desk in here for another XP Book . Talk to Tong (again) to get the next objective.

There’s another way into the Hive’s basement that allows you to skip the dialogue battle with the upstairs bartender and go straight to Tong’s office. Go to the alley to the left of the Hive, but turn left as soon as possible when in there and go downstairs. There’s a manhole here that leads to the sewers. If you do this, you’ll need either the Implanted Rebreather aug or the ability to punch through walls. Keep going until you see some toxic gas ahead. There’s a weak wall you can bust through just before the gas, on the right side. Inside you’ll find a bunch of Nuke Viruses and a valve to shut off the gas. One you’re in the Hive’s basement, follow the hallways to your right and watch for the security camera and the bouncer down here. Just before you reach the last door (which is Tong’s office), you should see a vent to your left. Use it and when you get in view of Tong’s office, a cutscene will automatically play.

No matter how you do it, you need to exit the Hive. Before you do, talk to the bartender on the first floor to get a side quest. Now head to the Alice Garden Pods and go inside. When you get far enough, Malik will automatically start talking to you and give you another side quest. Right after talking to Malik, head left, into another hallway. This leads to a storage room with a vendor inside. When you’re ready, go up the stairs one floor and head to the Section 1 pods. You’ll find an XP Book in Pod 143. There’s a vent in Section 1 that leads out of the area. Note secret paths like this. You might need to use them soon. Head over to Section 0 and take care of the first objective in the Shanghai Justice quest that Malik gave you. There’s a door in Section 2 that leads up to Section 5 and down to the ground floor. Keep looking in the pods until you get to Section 4, where you’ll find a breakable wall that leads to the room with the vendor. Before you talk to Van Bruggen, get a spare weapon that you don’t mind giving up. Now talk to him. If you followed this guide, you picked up the Smart Card when you first entered Hengsha. If not, you’ll have to go all the way back to the Hung Hua Hotel and find it in a room on the fourth floor. Once Van Bruggen gets the card, a cutscene is triggered.

Gaining Access to Tai Yong Medical

After the cutscene, the area will fill up with enemies. You have the option of giving a spare weapon to Van Bruggen. Make sure it isn’t something you want, because you’ll never see it again. He will reward you later, though, with 2,000 credits. Now you need to make it out of this first area. If you go to Section 4, you’ll find two guards patrolling the area. Use the breakable wall to drop down to the first floor. From here, you’ll have to sneak past three enemies (two of them are heavies, so if they spot you, you’d better run) to get to the exit stairs. Alternatively, you could try to make your way down a floor to Section 1. The vent there drops you off at the bottom of the exit stairs, so you can skip the three guys patrolling altogether (they are hard to sneak past without the Cloak aug).

Once you’re out of that area, you’ll come to a room with a single patrolling guard and a security camera. Once you get near the room, the guard moves and will just start patrolling in a single line. The camera is also stationary, so this is real easy to get by. Once you do, you’ll immediately be faced with two options: If you head into the door, you’ll come to the bathrooms. There’s a crate in one of them that you can move to reveal a vent. This vent leads you to the showers area, and allows you to bypass all of the headaches associated with it. This is the preferred method. If you enjoy headaches, however, you can ignore the first door and continue to the right. There are two rows in the shower. One row has two static guards and a turret, and the other row is filled with Frag Mines. Sneak your way over to the mines and start defusing them. Whether you use that method or the vent, you’ll wind up next to a security hub. You can try to hack it and turn the turret on the enemies ahead, but they can see you from here. You could try to shield yourself with the nearby trash can, but it’s just too much trouble.

The next showers area has two rows as well. You can use boxes to shuffle across the electrified floor, or you can throw boxes as the mines lining the other row. Or you can defuse them. Either way, you’ll come to some double doors. There are two guys that patrols the rows in the next room. Before you enter though, you can use a breakable wall to your right to completely bypass this area. The final hallway has a heavy and a regular guard patrolling it. There’s a side area on the right side of the hallway that you can use to get around them, but watch their movement patterns first. The small guy in particular likes to abruptly turn around when he’s walking. The next door you come across leads back to Hengsha. The final objective for this quest is to now simply head to the shuttle and get to Tai Yong Medical. Before you do this, however, finish up a couple of side quests.

Shanghai Justice

You should have already investigated the pod with the Pocket Secretary in it by this point. If not, go do that now. When you’re ready, head to the L.I.M.B. Clinic and talk to Anonymous X, behind the counter. It doesn’t matter what you say, but you’ll wind up talking to him outside. He gives you a Pocket Secretary. You can give him the 1000 credits or not, it’s up to you. Read the Pocket Secretary and you’ll be directed to the Youzhao District. Head up to Lee’s apartment and hack the keypad, then go through the apartment to the bathroom. After talking to Malik, look around the apartment for some items to interact with. There’s an Answering Machine next to the bed, an Antique Clock on a cabinet in the bedroom, a computer in the bedroom, and a Baseball Bat by the front door. Once these have all been examined, head to the Hive.

Inside the Hive, go upstairs and talk to Lee. In the conversation, choose Inaccurate, Drunk, Antique Clock, Pregnant, and finally L.I.M.B. After you get him to confess, you’ll be sent to hack a terminal behind the bar on the upper floor. Once that’s done, head outside and talk to Malik, then face the front of the Hive to finish this quest.

Bar Tab

The first relay you need to hack is on a roof just as you enter the Youzhao District. The second relay is also nearby. It’s on the wall above you, but you can still hack it just by looking at it. Once you do that, climb the ladder to your left and make your way to the roof of the Hengsha Court Gardens. If you didn’t deal with the guards up here in a previous mission, you might have to avoid them now, but this shouldn’t be difficult. After hacking all three relays, you’ll find that Jaya is inside the Hengsha Court Gardens apartment that you’re right next to. You’ve already had to sneak in here once, so you should be familiar with all the paths in. The waypoint tells you to use the elevator, but you can also use the side door to access the vent and make your way to the penthouse apartments from there. Once you’re in Jaya’s apartment, talk to her. You’ve got two options now. You can knock her out and take the aug from her. This doesn’t make Bobby Bao happy, but it finishes the quest. You can also offer to help her. If you do this, go back and talk to Bobby and pay him 5,000 credits to leave her alone for good. This nets you an achievement/trophy (a different one than the one you get for just finishing the quest). You get a Praxis Kit if you give Bobby the 5,000, so it’s basically like you’re buying one. You can now head for Tai Yong Medical. Make sure you complete all side quests before going there. You will come back to Hengsha later, but these particular quests will be blocked off. Also, before going to Tai Yong Medical, you should know that having the Icarus Landing System is going to start allowing you access places. It’s also essential if you want to get an XP Book in the next mission. Also, robots start popping up more frequently, so you might consider putting a point into the Robot Domination aug.

Searching For Proof

Head through the door and keep going until you have to hack another door. Shortly after this, you come across a guy trapped in a room with some toxic gas. Accept his proposal and hack the next door down, then use the valve in here. Talk to the man you’ve just saved for some info. Keep going now and you’ll automatically enter a conversation with a guard. If you saved the man from the gas, just Mention Lee to get by. You can also Bribe or Bluff to accomplish the same thing. Inside this room, hack the keypad or input the code 5720 to open up the catwalk, but don’t press the button yet. Instead, enter the room to your left and use the ladder to get onto that catwalk. You can enter a small room with a bunch of goodies in it. Now go back to the control room. From here you’ve got some choices.

If you have the Icarus Landing System, press the button to move the catwalk, then use the ladder to get back up there. You’ll end up in a room with some goodies and a vent. Use the vent to reach a shaft that you can fall down into. When you exit, you’ll be in a room with two guards. Wait for them to finish talking and then move on. You can take them out, but watch for another patrolling guard in the area, and whatever you do, don’t alert them, or you’ll have to deal with robots.

Alternatively, you can go downstairs from the main control room, then go downstairs again. Avoid the first camera and sneak across the bridge. Avoid the second camera and go right. Move the large white crate if you can to reveal a vent that leads you underneath the area and over to the other side. From here, all you have to do is avoid a single patrolling guard (and don’t alert the two guards in the security room). If you can’t move the big white crate, then you’ll have to just make it to the exit the old fashioned way. This is made easier by a faulty laser grid on the last bridge. The bottom lasers on both sides flicker on and off in a pattern. Watch the pattern and head under when the bottom laser is going to be off for the longest time.

When you go through the exit doors, watch for a guard patrolling at the top of the stairs. Take him down and continue onto the elevator. When you exit, you’ll see some electrified water ahead. If you can, hack the level 4 keypad on one of the caged rooms and enter it. You can use the breaker in here to shut off the current. If you can’t hack the keypad, enter the next room and look on the right wall for a vent that leads into the circuit breaker cage. It also takes you to an elevator shaft with two Credit Chips in it. Either way, once the electricity is gone, look in the next room near the vent for a red box and use it to get above the tall obstacles in the corner. There’s a little secret area in here with two lockers. Now you need to get onto the platform in the room, so use the crates scattered around to help yourself up. Get onto the catwalk at the top and use the ladder. In this next room, go to the right and look for a large white container that can be moved. Loot the secret area behind it and take one of the crates here with you over to the opposite side of the room. Use it to get up to a vent. This takes you to an elevator shaft, and if you have the Icarus Landing System, you can drop down to an area with a Reload Speed Upgrade, a Tranquilizer Rifle, a dead body with some goodies on it, and an XP Book . When you leave, you’ll be in the same vent system from before.

Use the next elevator and when you get out, put away your weapon. You’ll soon come to two hallways that both lead to the same place. Keep your weapon concealed, the guards here are friendly towards you (unless you start something). If you have an Access Card, this will be a lot easier. If you used the Icarus Landing System to get to the XP Book and the dead body in the previous area, then you will already have one. Just talk to the guard in front of the camera and he lets you through. If you didn’t do this, you can get an Access Card from the security room. There are two ways to do this. Head into the second hallway and enter the first room on your left. It’s an open storage area. There’s a vent in here, up high, that you can use to drop right into the security room. Grab the Access Card in the middle and head back the way you came. If, for some reason, you don’t want to do that, wait for the two guards in the first hallway to stop talking. One will go on a patrol path that leads him to the second hallway, where you can take him down. Now go back to the first hallway and take the static guard down (you can perform a takedown from the side). Hack the security room door, hide the body inside, and grab the Access Card. Either way, once you’ve got it, talk to the final guard to get into the lab. Everyone in here will be friendly towards you. Once you’re in the big lab area, go directly to the middle and look for some crates under the big piece of equipment there. An XP Book is on one of the crates.

If, for some reason, you just don’t want to do things the friendly way with an Access Card, then you can sneak into the lab. Go to the second hallway and enter the first room on your right, then hack your way into the next room. There’s a vent here that leads into the lab. You’ll have to watch out for two guards in the adjacent room, plus another one that patrols the second floor. There is one last alternative for entering this area. If you go past the two hallways, you’ll find a vending machine directly below a balcony. Move the machine under the balcony and, if you have the Jump Enhancement aug, use it to get up to the second floor, bypassing the lower lab altogether. Even if you don’t take this path, you should explore the offices in this hallway when you get up to the second floor of the lab. One of them has a Praxis Kit in it.

However you manage to do it, get up to the second floor and move on until you go up another set of stairs. Explore the offices, then head for the guy in front of the camera. You can’t get past him, at least not without starting a firefight, so go right. There’s a laser grid here that shuts off when the guard stands near it. The moment you cross that grid, the guards will consider you a hostile, so wait for the lone enemy to start walking away and follow him, then take him down. Keep going and you’ll find a heavy patrolling the next path, but a regular guard also has a patrol on the next branching hallway that brings him out onto this outside path. There are multiple ways to get into the next room where you need to be. If you wait for the heavy to walk away, you can take out the guard in the other hallway and take his Pocket Secretary. It had the code for the nearby door, which leads you into a room full of lasers. This is the quickest way to get in here. If you’re looking to explore, take out the guard, but then head back to the outside path and deal with the heavy as well. Go to the end and look inside the room here. There’s a vent near the top that leads to the security room by the camera. If you move the two small crates nearby, though, you can punch through the wall and climb the ladder inside. This takes you to another vent which also dumps you into the laser room, though you aren’t much further in than if you decided to just use the door.

Either way, you’re going to have to note the pattern of the lasers and be quick about your movements. If you get into a tight spot, activate the Cloak aug and the lasers won’t detect you. You may notice an open room on the right side of the area. It’s blocked off by lasers, but the bottom laser is faulty, and will blink in a pattern. When it’s safe, enter this side room and move the crate. Use this vent to get into a security room with three guards. Use a takedown on the nearest guy. The other two won’t see anything you do in this corner, so don’t worry about it. You can now hack the terminal on the wall to shut off the lasers, and you can hack the security hub to shut down a camera (and activate a robot, if you want). Take down the other two guys if you want, otherwise, head back into the main area. There’s another side room in here with a few things on interest. When you’re done, use the elevator.

Entering the Dragon’s Lair

Go past the lasers and continue until you enter a room with two enemies. They are both easily taken down, but first, you may want to enter the office on the right and use the security hub to shut off the camera. Once you’ve cleared the area, move into the hallway. The first door on your right has a large crate in it. Move that crate to expose a vent which leads into a security room across the hall. There are two guys in here and some things to loot. Continue down the hall. At one point, you can turn left, though these two offices are non-essential. There might be a guy in the last office. He’s the same one that was leading the charge when you were ambushed at the Alice Garden Pods. Of course, if you killed him then, he won’t be here now. Anyway, when entering the door into the next room, watch for the camera ahead. If you can, use the door under the camera to reach a breakable wall. If you can’t, you’ll have to use the other door. Enter the code 6906 to get through. Be quick, or the camera will turn hostile.

Note: If you’re trying to go for a no-kills no alarms playthrough, you should already have the Cloak aug. If you don’t, now is a very good time to pick it up. You will have to sneak past a ton of guards, and that aug makes things easier. Get on the elevator when you’re ready and head up. If you gave Van Bruggen a weapon back in the Alice Garden Pods, he’ll thank you now, by giving you 2,000 credits. Once you reach the top, you’ll enter a large room. If you want to make things a lot easier, place a mine at the doorway here. Non-lethal playthroughs require a gas mine, obviously. In the big room, note a vent on the left wall. Loot the first desk, then head upstairs and loot the second one. The computer has some non-essential info, but the safe (code: 0117) has a Credit Chip, a Pocket Secretary, and a Heat Targeting System in it. Continue upstairs to the door to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene, go downstairs and look on the right side for a vent. This leads down to the vent that was pointed out earlier. This is your only way of sneaking around the large group of guys that are flooding into the room, unless you’ve got the Cloak aug. Of course, if you placed a mine at the door, then most of them are probably gone. If, for some reason, you don’t have the Cloak aug and you want to do a stealth playthrough, you can try luring some of them away. Gas grenades work well on groups, and as long as they don’t actually see you throw it, you should be fine. If you’re intent on taking them all out, you’ll have to try and do it one at a time.

Head into the elevator and down to the hangar bay. Two mechs spring to life, and you need to disable them before you can open the hangar doors. If you have EMP grenades, you can use them now. If you want to be quieter about it, go right when you enter the hangar and drop down to the ground floor when the mech comes close enough to you to not be able to see you. Head forward and up the stairs here. There’s an EMP grenade in this control room, in the desk if you need it. Otherwise, keep going, to the next control room. Hack the security hub (or use password: qilin) and shut the robots down, if you have the appropriate augs. Also, don’t forget to read the XP Book in here. If you don’t have Robot Domination, and if you don’t have another EMP grenade, then you can find a rocket launcher at the back of the room behind some crates. There’s also a heavy rifle under the platform where you first jumped down when you entered the hangar. Either way, once both mechs are out, use the button in control room 02 to open the doors, then head for the chopper to end this mission.

Confronting Eliza Cassan

Head inside the building. You’ll quickly realize that nobody’s home. You can explore and loot every single thing you can find, without having to worry about opposition, as long as you don’t enter the objective door. There’s even a Praxis Kit in the main room, on the bottom floor in one of the desks. When you’re ready, enter room 404 to trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, use the security hub in here to shut off two cameras, then head back out into the hallway. You now have several options for getting down to the next floor.

If you go right and enter the only room here, you can climb into the vent. This takes you all the way up to the second floor of the main room, which is now filled with enemies. You can then sneak to the left, all the way around to the open doorway on the other side. Go left once you pass through it and head downstairs into another room with a couple of enemies in it. There’s an elevator here that you can use, or you can just jump down the shaft next to it, if you have the Icarus Landing System. The shaft puts you a little further ahead, but you don’t miss out on anything if you just use the elevator.

If you want, you can also just sneak straight through the bottom floor of the main room to reach the area with the elevator. If you do this, try to stick to the left side of the area and circle around that way. When you approach the next room with the two enemies in it, look for a bathroom on your left. There’s a vent in here that you can use as an alternate entrance into the next room.

You can also sneak through the bottom floor and enter a newly opened door to the right. This leads to a level 4 keypad that you’ll need to hack to open the door. Go downstairs in the next room and you’ll find a breakable wall. Use the ladder behind it to get down to the next floor. All methods put you in the same general area, though, so feel free to use any of them, or at least revisit them to get the extra XP.

If you came onto the floor via the elevator, enter the hallway up ahead and then use the first door you see. Go upstairs and look in this room for an XP Book . The vent nearby leads to the elevator shaft, so if you came down that way, you will exit right next to the book. If you used the breakable wall to get down here, you’ll be further ahead, but you’ll also have to backtrack a bit to get to the book. Enter the door just before you get to the lobby and go upstairs to find it. No matter how you get to this floor, you’re still going to have to make your way through a room filled with bad guys to the exit on the other side. If you keep moving through the hallway, look for a door near the second entrance to the main room here. Inside you’ll find a security hub that shuts off a camera further on in the hallway. You can now continue, up some stairs and to the top floor of the main room, where you’ll find two guards patrolling. You can now move downstairs when nobody is looking, but make sure the turret isn’t looking your way either. Jump over the left side of the stairs as soon as possible and you’ll find a security hub behind them. This is also where you should come if you decided to just enter the room from one of the two regular entrances. Hack the security hub (password: macro) and turn off the turret or turn it on everyone else. If you want to sneak by, you’re going to have to stick to the right. The last part is particularly tricky, since there’s a heavy that just won’t go away.

There’s a breakable wall just before the exit doors, but it leads to the bottom of the stairs, and is entirely unnecessary. Just use the vent down there to get the exploring XP. There are two guards at the bottom waiting for you, and they’re both facing away, so you can perform a multiple takedown. There are some side rooms to explore in this area. The room with the funicular has three entrances. There’s two obvious doorways, and there’s also a vent behind the vending machine next to the leftmost doorway. It puts you right at the security hub that controls the turret and camera in this room. The password is macro again, and you might as well use it, because you’ll have a hard time hacking the thing without the two patrolling guards seeing you. Once those two guys are out, note a few places. First off, the vent that leads from outside (near the vending machine) to the security hub. Next, there’s a gutter area near the security hub that goes underneath the stairs leading up to the funicular. Third, there’s a hole in the floor near the security hub that drops you into a vent system that empties on the other side of the room. Finally, you can get upstairs, and there’s a little room up there, though it’s pretty useless. Still, these are all worth knowing if you intend to get through this undetected. Also, look on the crates and stuff in here by the security hub. You’ll find some ammo, two concussion mines, a mine template, and a gas grenade. Enemies will come in through both doorways, so you’re going to have to decide how you want to play it. When you’re ready, call the funicular. A set number of enemies come towards the room, so if you eliminate them all quickly, which is likely if the turret is on your side, then all you’ll have to do is wait. If you’re going to stealth this, you should really have the Cloak aug by now. If you don’t, then try to distract the guards by throwing one of the white crates by the security hub. This should keep them busy long enough for you to enter the funicular when it arrives.

The room at the bottom has a camera in it, and the hall is blocked off by a laser grid. You can’t hack it before the camera spots you, so don’t bother. You can, however, punch a breakable wall to the left of the security grid. Do this quickly, as two guards will eventually wander into the room. You can’t take them out without the camera seeing, so you’ll have to wait for them to leave before you can do anything else. If you do break the wall, there’s a vent in here. At the end, if you go right, you enter the area at the end of the hall. If you go left, you enter the next area on the bottom floor. If you can’t break the wall, then you’ll have to get through the laser grid. The best way to do this is either by taking down a guard so that he lands in a place where the camera can’t see him, like a couch, or by following a guard out into the hallway, and taking him down there. If you do this, you can explore an office to your right in the next area that has a single guard and a security hub in it. Use the hub to shut off two cameras. Another guard patrols the next hallway, so once the cameras are out, take him down. You can then go upstairs and reach the next area via the second floor.

No matter how you enter the large room up ahead, you’re going to have to deal with a ton of enemies. If you want to loot the place, you’ll have no alternative but to take everyone down, and to do this properly, you’ll need to pay a visit to the security hub on the second floor, in the large middle room. It shuts down the cameras in the main room and controls a robot floating around on the first floor. If you came into this area via the second floor, then you’ve probably already encountered a robot and a turret up here. These are connected to a seperate security hub in the armory, which is right next to the camera. The armory also contains a bunch of weapons and related goodies. Whether you sneak or not, make sure that you’re always keeping an eye on your radar! Specifically, pay attention to grayed out arrows. Just because they aren’t on the same floor as you doesn’t mean they can’t come up to you. Also, if you decide to engage these guys, know that at least some of them can cloak. However you do it, don’t forget to check one of the bottom floor offices for an XP Book . You should notice an office on the second floor with huge windows that overlooks the entire main floor. The book is in the office directly below that room, accessible by a door on the opposite side of the stairs.

Use the exit doors, but be careful. There are two mines on the stairs. Disarm them and head down. If you’ve been quiet, you’ll only have to worry about a single patrolling heavy guard, plus the two cameras. If you made a ruckus upstairs, a robot will patrol the main hallway, and the heavy will move into a room to the right of the hall. At the bottom of the stairs, if you look to the right, you’ll find a breakable wall that you can use to get over to the two offices directly below the cameras. If you’re quick enough (or have the Cloak aug) you can move from the second office to the next hallway without raising an alarm. If you don’t want to do that, then when you reach the bottom of the stairs, keep going forward and enter the room over here. There’s a security hub in here that controls the cameras and the robot, but you can also just use the room to sneak around. Of course, if you take care of all opposition here, you can hack the level 3 keypad at the end of the main hall, open the double doors, and take the first left into the next area.

If you can’t eliminate the opposition for whatever reason, or if you can’t hack the keypad, then you’ll have to go down the side hallway and into the next room. There are two patrolling guards in here, along with a camera, so taking them down without raising an alarm is out of the question unless you’re really quick. Go downstairs and into the nearest door when nobody is looking and you’ll come to a security hub (password: spitfire) that shuts down the previous camera and another one up ahead. If you keep going, up the next stairs, you’ll find a breakable wall that takes you to the next area. If you can’t use that, then head back to the previous room and take down both guards. Enter the next hallway (this is the one guarded by the second camera, so if you didn’t shut it off, be careful) and hack the level 3 keypad doors to get through, or use the nearby vent. Either way, once you’re in the final hallway, use the side door near the exit to find a heavy rifle and a bunch of ammo. You can drop some of your stuff in here and take the rifle with you, then come back and pick it all up again after the boss fight is over.

After the cutscene, you’ll have to fight Fedorova. Unlike Barrett, she is extremely quick and will dart all over the place. First, she’ll run at you and perform an attack that deals a ton of damage in the area. When she runs towards you, run towards and past her, to avoid the brunt of the damage, then attack her while she’s recovering. If you have the Typhoon aug, particularly the heavy damage variant, get right next to her and use it just after she uses her own heavy attack to deal some major damage. If you don’t have the Typhoon, remember that other explosives work wonders. There are also lockers scattered around the area for you to explore. After she does the big attack once or twice, she’ll cloak and run away. The entire area is covered in water though, so you can follow her and lay into her when she stops. She’ll retaliate with dual machine pistols though, so don’t get too cocky. Finally, there are four generators on the wall around the room. If a generator sustains enough damage it’ll blow and electrify the entire floor. This damages her, but it also damages you, a lot, so try to keep this from happening unless you have the EMP shielding aug. Either way, she’s not particularly hard to beat, and Eliza Cassan will warn you everytime Fedorova comes at you with her explosive attack. When the fight is over, loot the body, pick up anything you might want, and exit to the helipad.

Finding Isaias Sandoval

Look for a breakable wall on the side of the roof that takes you to a couple of secret places, then head down to your apartment and talk to Sarif inside. Once that cutscene is over, head down the lobby. If you talked Wayne Haas into letting you into the morgue in a previous mission, you’ll have a brief conversation with him. When you exit to the streets, you’ll notice that the riots have changed things a bit, but everything is still pretty much where you left it. Check Seurat’s shop and the gas station shop for new items, and also to sell off your own inventory, then head to the L.I.M.B. clinic and buy two more Praxis Kits there. If you won the social battle with Sarif and read all of the emails he sent you earlier in the game, Pritchard will contact you now and give you another side quest.

Now enter the convention center and keep going until you head upstairs to the second floor and enter the door with “meeting hall” on it. At this point, there will be two hallways in front of you, both leading to some bathrooms. One of these bathrooms contains a vent that leads into the backstage area. If you can’t smooth talk Bill Taggart into telling you where Sandoval is, you’ll have to come back here and use the vent system to access Taggart’s computer. Anyway, keep going to the main room where Taggart is giving a speech, and you’ll automatically enter into conversation with him. The conversation can change a bit, but in general, choosing Confront, Discredit, Redirect, and Confront will win the argument. When this happens, go backstage and find Taggart. When you get to the room just before the room with Taggart in it, look next to the coffee maker for an XP Book . Talk to Taggart, then leave the convention center. You’ll come across an officer Nicholas, who gives you another side quest.

Head to the marked building and go up the fire escape, then inside. When you go donwstairs, you’ll find two enemies at the bottom. Wait for them to move away, then head for the apartment on this floor. Inside, you’ll immediately see a body on the floor holding a Praxis Kit. Do NOT pick it up. Instead, take cover next to the door ahead and open it. Zeke Sanders is waiting on the other side, and he’ll come investigate. He shouldn’t see you if you stay in cover, so wait for him to turn around and then put him down. Now, go back to the Praxis Kit and move the body. You’ll see two EMP mines. Take them, then the kit, and move into the next room. There’s a safe behind the picture frame. Go into the bathroom and move the crates to access a switch that opens the wall in the previous room. You can also break the wall in the bathroom, which lets you bypass most of the guards in the next area. If you can’t break the wall, then go ahead and use the switch, then head downstairs. Keep an eye out for two green barrels. Use them to get onto the ledge, and you can work your way around to a shaft (the same place the breakable wall takes you). Just make sure nobody on the bottom floor is looking your way, then drop in. Head into the red container and down into the sewers.

The sewers has a lot of guards, but they are easy to get by. Wait for the first patrolling guard to move away, then head left, towards the lasers. There’s a vent here that you can use to get to the next hallway, where you’ll find another guard patrolling. Wait for him to head back towards the lasers, then take him down. Be careful: he likes to turn around while walking forward, so wait until he does that to strike. Search his body for a Pocket Secretary, then use the nearby terminal to shut off the lasers (or just leave his body near them). You’ll need to sneak past one mine on the bridge, and no, you can’t disarm it. Enter the next door and you’ll have a conversation with Sandoval. Keep choosing Empathize to win the argument, then grab the revolver and an XP Book on Sandoval’s desk. Exit the sewers now and when you’re ready, head to the roof of your apartment. Malik will fly you to Sarif HQ. After this, you won’t be coming back to the Detroit streets, so make sure you’ve explored everything and done all side quests before heading off. When you get to Sarif HQ, head up to Sarif’s penthouse and talk to Hugh Darrow, then head back down to the helipad. You won’t be coming back here either, so if you haven’t explored Sarif HQ, now’s the time.

Smash the State

You are told to visit the metro tunnel, the alley by the police station, and the sewers. The target and the bomb are in the sewers, but visit the other places anyway for the free XP. When you reach the alley by the police station, you can use the manhole here to reach the sewers. There’s a breakable wall around here with some stuff behind it. Be very careful as you head on from here, though; the area is mined. They are all over the place too, so you’ll need to really watch your step. Of course, they’re packed so close together that you can trigger the first one, then quickly back around the corner, and it will set off the other mines. If you’re going the stealth route though, take the mines out and enter the first side hallway. There’s a vent-type system here and if you follow it through to the end, you’ll reach a security hub that you can use to shut down the turrets. Jacob White also patrols this area, so when you get the oppurtunity, take him down. You can lure him out, if you want, by using a barrel or something. You’ll have to do this if you can’t disarm the turrets. You can also just run over and pick up the turrets when they aren’t looking and place them so that they’re facing a wall. Either way, once White is down, find his bomb near the ladder and disarm it. If you enter the code 0000, you get an achievement/trophy. If you head up the ladder, you’ll reach a circuit breaker that shuts off the current in the water in the sewers. Head back to Nicholas to finish this quest up.

Acquaintances Forgotten

Head to Radford’s apartment. Go to the bathroom and you’ll find a guy facing away from you, talking to Radford, who’s been shot. Take that guy down, then talk to Radford yourself. He requires morphine, so head into the previous room and look in the closet for it. Return to him and choose the morphine option. Everytime the morphine option pops back up, use it to give him another dose and keep him talking. Once you’re able to find out everything, leave, and he’ll ask you to give him a lethal dose. If you do this, you get an achievement/trophy. Either way, head for the next waypoint. It takes you to an alley with four guys in it. You’ll need to dispatch all of them. One of them walks around, one of them stands guard in the storage locker, and two just stand facing a wall.

Once they’re out, hack the computer and the safe and get all the information you can, then go for the next waypoint. You will need to climb a fire escape to get onto the roof of this apartment building. Head down to the target apartment and talk to the woman inside. Once you extract as much information as you can from here, leave the apartment to complete the quest.

Find Vasili Sevchenko’s GPL Device

Save your game as soon as possible. The area ahead will start filling up with enemies, and if you’re fast, you can take them all out and save Malik’s life. You can even do this without anyone seeing you and without killing anyone, but you’re going to really have to get to know the area. You’re also going to need to come in with some decent weapons, and preferably an EMP grenade, since a mech is dropped in. If you don’t have any grenades, then you can go to the left and drop down. Move around the electric water and enter the pipe. Inside you’ll find an EMP grenade and a frag grenade. Either way, once you reach the elevator, use it to enter Hengsha.

Once here, make your way to the L.I.M.B. clinic. Avoid any Belltower guards you see on the streets. If you hang around them for too long, they’ll turn hostile. Inside the clinic, talk to the receptionist, and do NOT get the upgrade. If you do, it’ll come back to bite you in the ass later. Buy your two Praxis Kits, then talk to Doctor Wing nearby to get a side quest. Now head for the Youzhao district. You might encounter a guy in a red vest hanging around outside the Hung Hua Hotel. He tries to blackmail you. Just intimidate him to make him shut up. Once you enter Youzhao, Hugh Darrow contacts you and gives you another side quest. If you want to do the side quests, now is a good time to get on them. Once you’re ready to do this, you should know that there are two ways into Harvester territory (not counting the front door, it’s just too heavily guarded). The moment you enter Youzhao (from the street level subway looking entrance, not the gate), head out onto the streets and turn right, then take the first left into an alley. This manhole takes you to a sewer entrance. You can also get onto the roof of the actual building with the target door. There’s a vent up here to leads in as well.

If you dropped into the sewers, you’ll have to deal with some enemies before you can actual enter Harvester territory. They patrol in predictable paths, so taking them out isn’t a big deal. You may notice the two guys near the exit door that are static. If you cut to the right and work around that way, you can just ignore them. Once inside, you’ll come to a room with two guards. One patrols, and the other sleeps, so just take out the patrolling guard whenever he isn’t facing you, then deal with the sleeping guy (or not). From here, you can directly enter the next room, or you can enter a bathroom, which has a breakable wall in it. This leads you to a back area with two more breakable walls. The first leads to a locked room with a Damage Upgrade and an ebook in it. The second leads to an operating room where a guard likes to patrol, so look at your radar before breaking the wall. Even if you don’t break the wall, you should still enter this room at some point. You’ll find an XP Book inside, along with Malik’s body if you let her die. Anyway, get through the big room and enter the next one either via the main doorway or a hole in the wall to the right of it that’s covered up by cardboard boxes. There are two guys in here patrolling, but they are both fairly easy to take down. Enter the final room to have a chat with Tong

If you came in through the vent on top of the building, you’ll have to drop down an elevator shaft. You can do this without the Icarus Landing System, though it’s not easy. You’ll soon reach ladders and then elevator doors that you can open. The area outside has enemies though, so watch out. Go right and enter the first door you find. There’s a breakable wall in here that leads down to another breakable wall, which leads into a room filled with enemies. If you do break it, back up and hide somewhere until they stop looking around. From here you can sneak around and enter the next room to your right either via the main door or a hole in the wall to the right of it, covered up by some cardboard boxes. The two guards in here are easy to deal with, so take them out or just ignore them completely and use the final door to trigger a cutscene with Tong.

A Matter of Discretion

When you enter the Youzhao district, Hugh Darrow gives you this quest. Talk to the woman on the rooftop. Before heading back to Kuaigan, get the first part of the Talion A.D. quest done. It’ll save time. Now enter the Kuaigan district and head towards the Alice Garden Pods. When you get close, six markers pop up. You’ll have to take all of these guys out non-lethally. Although at first it looks like they’re crammed together, it’s actually pretty easy to take them all down. First, head to the stairs leading down to them. One guy will patrol the area at the bottom of the stairs, so take him out when he’s facing away. Now move forward and hide behind the concrete block. There are four guys in this area. The single enemy to your right patrols in a straight line up and down. The closest guy to your left also patrols in a straight line. The other two guys just stand at a barrel, facing away from you, so you don’t have to worry about them. Wait until the guy on the right is facing or moving away, then take out the nearest terrorist. Now go deal with the other patrolling guard. Finally, take out the men by the barrel with a multiple takedown, or with two very quick single takedowns. One they’re all out, search the body for the data chip. Before heading back to the Youzhao district, you should really finish up the Talion A.D. quest if you haven’t already done it. If you’ve already visited the butcher shop in the Youzhao district, then head into the nearby manhole to reach Zelazny. Anyway, go back to Youzhao and talk to Mengyao to finish the quest. If you have the Social Enhancer aug, choose the Inquire option before giving her the chip, then use the pheromones and Charm her. This gives you a little bit of information and an achievement/trophy.

Talion A.D.

After talking to Doctor Wing in the L.I.M.B. clinic, head to the Youzhao district. The waypoint directs you to the back of a shop. Go downstairs and you’ll find a body. Read the Pocket Secretary on it. Now you need to head to the Kuaigan district. If you’re also doing the Matter of Discretion quest, go there and finish it up first. If you aren’t doing that quest, then go to the area just outside the Alice Garden Pods and drop into that sewer area below it. Use the manhole here and you’ll eventually come across Zelazny and his mercs. Talk to him to get more information on the situation. You can choose to fight him at almost any point, or you can keep getting info and eventually let him go. Either way, head back to Wing at the L.I.M.B. clinic. If you opted to let Zelazny go, he’ll contact you, telling you that he got some of the Belltower patrols moved, which might make moving through the city a bit easier. Talk to Wing and he’ll give you a Praxis Kit.

Stowing Away

After talking to Tong, grab the Laser Rifle in here and head back to the sewers. Before long you’ll be back above ground. Head across the way to the small building with the 2 on it. Inside you’ll find some goodies and a security hub. Hack it and you can shut down the cameras and play with the robots (a great way to thin the area out). You can also open the front gate. Now, you can enter the area via the front gate, or via a hole to the right of the gate (you’ll have to move a box). If you have the Jump Enhancement, you can also get on top of the structure to the left of the gate and use it to jump over. Either way, once you’re on the other side, you’ll have plenty of enemies to worry about. The patrols on the sides of the area are relatively easy to take down. Just watch for a sniper on the target building and one further ahead on the main building. As long as you steer clear of the central path, you should be ok. Now there are multiple ways into the target building. You can just walk up to it and enter the front door, or use the breakable wall to get in. If you entered the docks area through the hole to the right of the gate, and if you have the Implanted Rebreather, head downstairs when you get the chance and enter the first door you come across. This leads to a sewer area filled with gas (and a robot), but it comes up directly in the room where you need to be. If you used the Jump Enhancement to get over into the docks area to the left of the gate, or if you just want to use the sewers but don’t have the rebreather, go downstairs on the left side and look for a vent underneath the stairs. It leads to a room with a breaker that turns on the ventilation system in the sewers, clearing out the toxic gas. Avoid the robot and go up to the target room from there.

Either way, once you actually have the explosives package, you’ll need to enter the main building. You can enter the front door, which kind of puts you in an awkward position as far as enemy patrols go, but it’s still doable. You can also use the ladders next to the door to get up to the catwalk. There’s a sniper up here, so be careful. You can then hack the level 3 door at the end and wind up on the second floor. From here you can sneak downstairs, around the right side of the room (or through the middle, whatever works). Either way you need to get to the other set of stairs. There’s a room beneath those stairs with a security hub that shuts down a turret on the path at the top of the stairs. There’s a third way into the room as well. If, instead of hacking the level 3 door, you head up the next ladder, examine the skylight for a piece of glass that looks different from the others. You can break it and drop right into the middle of the room. Survival isnt guaranteed. One final note here: if you made a mess outside, a mech might get dropped into the middle of the room. Anyway, go up the next set of stairs and use the ladder here to get on top of the offices, then drop in though a vent. Move through until you reach the waypoint and set the bomb.

Rescuing Megan and Her Team

There’s a level 5 door behind you at the start. Head outside and you’ll be near two guards talking to each other. When they split up, one goes the other way, and one heads into the warehouse you just came from. Both are easy to take down. When they’re out, instead of going up the stairs, look on the side of the building ahead of you. There are two sets of crates, both leading up to windows you can open. Do NOT use the right side crates, or the guards will see you. You can use the left side crates to enter an empty room. From here, enter the room to your left and you can shut down the jamming signal. Note that it’s not necessary to shut this off, but if you don’t, you won’t get the waypoints of the three scientists you need to find.

There’s another way into the jamming signal room, if you just feel like exploring. To the right of those crates you used to get up to the window, there’s a fence with a hole in it. Move through the hole and to the other fence, where you’ll find more crates leading up to another window. It’s all the same building though, so it’s up to you. However, if you have the Jump Enhancement, drag the dumpster over here and get on it, then pick up the large white container and set it on the brown box. You can use this to jump over the last tall fence. You can use this method to get around after you’ve shut the jamming signal down. If, after shutting the signal down, you don’t want to use the fence jumping method, you’ll have to go through the front door and to the right, then down the steps. You need to enter the closest building, so wait for all the patrolling guards to look away and head inside. It’s unwise to engage in an outright firefight anywhere in this complex. There are a ton of guards floating around all over the place, and a few of them are heavies.

If you have a Cloak aug, instead of entering the next building, you can continue on around the corner while cloaked and find a breakable wall up ahead. This requires at least a few energy cells to accomplish, but you can bypass the beginning lobby area (which isn’t that hard to get past anyway). If you head into the building the regular way, you’ll pass through a decon room and come to a lobby area with a patrolling guard and a camera. Another guard patrols further ahead, so watch him as well. You’ll want to enter a vent that’s on the other side of a planter on the right wall. This takes you behind those two guards. Continue on into the first doorway on your right and then make another right. If you came in through the breakable wall outside, all you have to do is take a left when you enter a hallway and you’ll come to the same spot, which should be outside room G-12. There’s a guy in there, so be careful. You can either take him out and break the wall to get into the next room, or just hack the next room’s level 4 keypad. Either way, once you’re in there, move the boxes to access a vent. This takes you directly to Dr. Colvin. Talk to her when you get there.

You now need to get out of here. If you have Cloaking, just activate it and head out into the hallway, past the camera and the patrolling guard. Continue down the hallway and around the corner. You need to get into room G-23, but you’re cloak won’t last that long. If you can’t cloak, then you’ll need to open the door in Colvin’s office when the guard is sitting and take him down when the camera is looking away. Drag his body into Colvin’s office and move down the hall again, avoiding the camera. Either way, you can’t hack the keypad without the camera seeing you, unless you’re quick, so you need a different way in. There’s a breakable wall a little ways down the hall that does the trick. If you can’t do that, then keep going down the hall until you reach G-24. Take out the sleeping guard inside, then move to the next room and hack the security hub to shut the camera off. Once you enter G-23, if you came in through the door, head into the room to the left and read the XP Book on a table in here. If you busted through the wall, you’re already in the right room. Now move the containers in front of the elevator and use it to get up to the next floor. You’ll find Dr. Koss in here. After talking to him, ride the elevator back down and leave the room, then head right down the hall. You’ll come to a bridge that you need to cross.

Go downstairs and you’ll come to a large room with two enemies in it. Sneak to the right, up the stairs, and around to the open doorway on the other side of the room. Once you make it through, head right, down the hall, until you reach an intersection. You need to head through the laser beams to your left, so either hack the level 4 terminal or use Cloak, then get on the elevator. It’s now a straight shot to Faherty. After talking to him, exit the room and go left, into a cold storage area. There’s a breakable wall in here that leads to an area with toxic gas. Use the valve to clear it out, then use the pipes to get up out of here. This puts you right on the path to the next objective. Keep going and you’ll find a robot and a camera around the next corner. Use the left wall to sneak past them. There’s another camera in the tunnel ahead. Get past it and into the security room. You can use the security hub in here to control the camera and the deactivated robot in the storage unit. Use the disk reader when you’re ready and soon a bunch of guards come flooding out, heading towards the previous building complex. Head into the newly opened doors and use the elevator. A boss fight awaits you, so prepare yourself.

Enter the room and you’ll have to fight Jaron Namir, the man who nearly killed you. If you went ahead and got the upgrade when you went back to Hengsha the second time, then you will be unable to use any augmentations in this fight, and your vision will be screwed up bad. Namir is basically the worst parts of Barrett and Fedorova combined. He carries a Plasma Rifle that packs a hell of a punch, and he throws out three grenades from time to time. However, he’ll also cloak, and he can hop over the walls in the area, so he may pop up right behind you if you’re not careful. You’ll find weapons laying around the room, but don’t forget to check the drawers as well for goodies. As usual, explosives are your best bet, and a few Typhoon shots will take him down. Otherwise, you’re just going to have to play cat and mouse with him until he succumbs. Once that happens, loot him and the room, then exit to the final doors. After the cutscene, you can hack the computer and the safe. You’ll find your last XP Book inside the safe.

Use the elevator when you’re ready and press the button in the next control room. Use the door and head down, then go left into an alcove and left again. You should see a crate. Move it to gain access to a room with a computer. Hacking this computer gives you an achievement. It’s hard though, so you might just want to use a bunch of Nukes to get through it. Exit back into the hangar and make your way to the button on the other side of the room. The guards (and every other regular enemy you’ll face from now on) have gone insane, so they won’t shoot you, they’ll just run up and start beating the hell out of you. If you saved Malik before, she clears the room out for you. Once you press the button, this mission is over.

Shutting Down Darrow’s Signal

First off, you should know that there are no alarms to set off in Panchaea. If you haven’t set off any alarms up to this point, then the “Foxiest of the Hounds” achievement/trophy should be in the bag. You just have to finish the game to get it. Now, if you have the Jump Enhancement, you can skip almost directly into the next area by moving forward and climbing to the top of the containers to your left. You can then get on a high ledge and into one of the big circular vents that happens to be open. This puts you on top of a room. Head right and into this little space. There’s a rocket launcher here that you might need later, if you’ve got the room for it. Now go back to the yellow beams and head left this time, into another small space with a broken window. You can drop down into the hallway here with the elevator.

If you don’t have the Jump Enhancement aug, you’ll have to drop into a hole ahead of you and to the right to enter the facility. Keep going until you come across electrified water. The hallways ahead will be mined, as well. You’ll have to use pipes and boxes to make it across. Be extra careful not to let the mines go off, because they can destroy precious wooden boxes that you might need to get across the water. Keep going straight until you reach a barricade. Hop on top of it and use the container up here to bridge the gap to the next pipe, then continue on. You’ll soon reach a bunch of boxes with a vent behind them. If you don’t care to explore, ignore the vent and just continue until you reach a ladder leading to the next area and eventually the elevator. If you do want to explore (though there isn’t much to look at, but still) then you’ll need to cut the power. You can either keep going, past the vent and the ladder, until you reach a door locked with a level 4 keypad, or you can enter that vent and drop into the room with the circuit breaker. Be careful if you do that though; there’s another mine in the vent system.

When you get to the next floor, feel free to explore. The only opposition here is one turret just before you finally reach Hugh Darrow. Once you do get to him, a social battle will commence. Keep choosing Extrapolate to win the argument. Now you’ll need to head back through this floor to the elevator, except the area is littered with insane people. You can still sneak past all of them, since they mostly just face the walls. When the elevator stops, you’ll be in the previous area. You’ll now need to make your way to the other side, so use the shelves at the end of the hall to get up into the small space above and then onto the yellow beams. Make your way over and drop down, or use the vent in the next small space to get down more silently. Be careful of the enemies here and use the next doors. Hop into the broken window and enter the pristine hallways. Keep an eye out for a L.I.M.B. clinic in a hallway that branches to the left. You can buy your last two Praxis Kits here, along with a few other items. Keep going and eventually Taggart contacts you.

You’ll soon enter a large, multi-level area filled with insane people. If you can, use the scaffolding to your right to get up and around to the other side. If not, you can just walk around, it’s not that big of a deal. You can sneak through these guys rather easily. There’s only a couple that actually patrol. Stay on the upper level and head through a door at the end that’s partially blocked off by beams. When you go downstairs in here, be wary of the cameras. Triggering them sends a robot to investigate. Drop down by the pipes to your left and hug the wall until you reach a vent. Enter it and turn right. Break the wall in the next room and you’ll find yourself in a room with Bill taggart. Talk to him to get a bunch of info. Now you need to find David Sarif, even though he hasn’t contacted you yet. If you’ve got the Icarus Landing System, back track to the big multi-level room filled with enemies and look for a big hole in the floor. You can jump down there (hold the Right Trigger to stun the enemies at the bottom). From here, keep moving through the rooms until you see a vent on the wall ahead of you. Use it to get to Sarif, then use the elevator to get back up onto the main path. If you don’t have the Icarus Landing System, backtrack to the big multi-level room, but instead just go down to the next level and exit the area through the open doorway. You’ll have to get over a barricade. Use the elevator ahead to get down an area where you’ll find Sarif.

Either way, once you’ve done that, head back towards the waypoint. When you reach the next doors, they’ll open, revealing a narrow bridge filled with enemies. It is possible, although very difficult, to sneak past them using little side paths on the bridge. If you have Cloak, it makes it a whole lot easier. If you just want to mow them down, look for a vent on the left just before the bridge begins. It leads to a room filled with toxic gas. Use the security hub in here to turn the turret at the end on, and it’ll blow everything away. Keep moving until you reach a large elevator. Once you’re ready, push the button to begin the long descent down to the final boss. There’s one last hallway. Reload all of your weapons now, and if you have the Laser Rifle, pull it out, then save your game and enter the next room.

After the cutscene, you’ll need to take down Zhao. However, she’s shielded. If you have the Laser Rifle, you can shoot directly through the shield. If you’ve managed to collect 1000 laser ammo (on medium difficulty, anyway), then you’ll bring her down just as you run out. If you don’t have the laser rifle, then you’ll need to shut the shield off. There are multiple ways of doing this, but the easiest way by far is to find a level 5 terminal somewhere on the central column. Avoid the turrets while doing this. Put in the code 2012 and the shield will turn off. You can now just throw everything you’ve got at Zhao. After doing some damage, insane enemies will come into the room, and sometimes the floor will electrify. Because of this, try staying on the black areas, preferably on one of the upper levels, where you have a good view of Zhao. Robots will also come out after she’s taken a lot of damage. If you don’t want to use the level 5 keypad, then you will need to open the three pods on the central column and kill the people inside. You can do this by going up to the pods individually and pressing the button, or you can hack the computers that are on the outskirts of the area. The computers are level 4 hacks, but they do put some distance between you and the turrets. After hacking the computer, you can then shoot the person inside. Either way, this fight really isn’t too difficult, once you know what’s going to happen. When Zhao goes down, head for the final room, but save before you get there. If you found Taggart and Sarif, you’ll have access to all four endings. Keep reloading your save and choosing all of them to get an achievement.

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