Rage Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ (Main Quests) for Xbox 360

Rage Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ (Main Quests) for Xbox 360

Rage Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ

Main Quests

After the cutscene, you’ll automatically emerge from a pod. When prompted, use the Right Thumbstick to look up and down. The game asks you if you want to invert the controls. You can now look around the room if you want while you listen to a recording. You can even use the central terminal, though nothing happens. Exit the door and you’ll immediately find yourself outside. Go left down the path. After the scare, get into the buggy. When it finally stops in the garage, get out and follow Hagar. You can explore now, if you want, though at this point you’d be better off talking to him again to get your first quest.

Quell the Bandit Threat

Talk to Hagar to get this quest. Once you’ve accepted it, pick up the items on the table. You’ll gain the Settler Pistol and some Bandages. Also, if you have any DLC, it should be among your weapons. Hold the Right Bumper to access your weapon menu. If you find yourself in the middle of combat with an empty weapon, just tap the Right Bumper to cycle through your weapons. You can also press Back now, which brings up some menus. The first one is Inventory. Here, you can assign different things to different slots. The Bandages are automatically put into the top slot, so if you want to use them, all you have to do is press Up on the D-Pad, and then press the Left Bumper. If you scroll over to Weapons, you can assign your different weapons to different slots, although this isn’t connected to the D-Pad. When you’re ready, click in the Left Thumbstick to sprint to the ATV and get on it. All the driving controls will be explained via pop-ups, so head for the Ghost Hideout. You’ll soon have to get off the ATV. You can interact with the nearby mailbox, and there’s also a parking meter around here that you can get money from. Head across the bridge and enter the door.

Once inside, loot the body in front of you. Keep an eye out for other goodies, like some cans in the box near the body. Crouch under the obstacle, then jump over the next one. You may notice two doors to your right in this area. One of them simply cannot be opened, but one of them has a lock on it. You can come back here later with a Lock Grinder to open this door up. There are a couple of enemies up ahead. One of them takes potshots at you from an airship that is leaving, so just let him go. The other will come straight at you. Put him down and explore the room. The next hallway has another enemy, so take him out, then look in a box on the left side for an Electrical Wire Kit. You’ll need this if you want to make a Lock Grinder. At the end of the hallway, look on the platform ahead of you that you can’t reach for a box. This is a Playing Card, and you can collect these throughout the game. You might have already collected a few back in Hagar Settlement.

Keep going and kill the other enemy. When you get to the room with the statue in it, you’ll be caught in a trap. The cutscene leads to your death. However, this is simply to introduce the defibrillator. When you die, you’ll enter a mini-game of sorts. First, you’ll see six nodes. Using both thumbsticks, you’ll have to select the two white nodes and press both triggers. Keep doing this until time runs out. The more you successfully press, the more health you get back. It’s basically a morbid version of whack-a-mole. When time runs out, you’ll have to press both triggers again when their icons are over the markers on the screen. If you get close to the markers, you’ll gain even more health. When you revive yourself, you’ll also shock anyone nearby and kill them, which takes care of the asshole standing over you. You’ll soon be prompted to save. Do so, and do so often. The game only autosaves when you enter a brand new area, so don’t rely on them to get you by. If you crouch, you can sneak up on the enemy in the next room. Punch him or just blow him away. No matter what you do, the enemies in the next room will be alerted. Deal with them, including one that likes to hang off to the left. When you enter the room, loot it, then go right until you find a TV on a table next to a wall. Go up to the wall behind the TV and to the right and activate it. It’ll open up to reveal a secret Wolfenstein room, complete with a Wolf Goblet that you can pick up.

There are a few more enemies in the next room. When you leave it, watch for bandits using the ziplines to get to you in the next hallway. When you get close to the end, you’ll face more enemies. Keep an eye out for grenades on a cabinet around here. They should be directly in front of you. After this, keep going and you’ll come across an enemy facing away from you. Take him down and start mopping up the people in the area below you. Make your way downstairs and take out a few more bandits that come your way, then head over to the zipline and use it. Now exit the Ghost Hideout and make your way back towards Hagar. On your way, turn right, into the area where you first emerged from the Ark. If you go right next to the rails, you should see what looks like small field goal posts. Get on the ATV and back up a bit, but stay lined up with them. Drive forward as fast as you can and hitting the railing. You’ll go flying off of the ATV and through the goal posts. If you do this, a horn will sound. This is one of three field goals you need to score in the game to get the It’s Good achievement. Now head back to Hagar to finish the quest.

Medical Supplies

Talk to Dan Hagar to get this quest. Before you leave Hagar Settlement, look around for an area below ground in the middle of the place. This is a store. You can sell your stuff here and buy more goodies, including an assault rifle, if you’ve got the money. If you want to buy a Wingstick, you’ll have to talk to Loosum nearby and do her side quest first. When you’re ready, drive over to the Outrigger Settlement and go up until you meet Rikter. He’ll direct you to another person named Janus at the top. Talk to her to start another quest.

Where’s Juno/Radio Tower Repair

After talking to Janus, head down and talk to Rikter, who gives you the Radio Tower Repair part of this quest. Head for the tower. Shortly after entering the building, you’ll come across two enemies that are facing away from you. Kill them and head to the left. More enemies pop up in a nearby building behind some sandbags. Keep going and you’ll probably face one more enemy before you reach the large target building at the top of the hill. Shortly after entering this structure you come across two new enemies. They attack much like melee bandits, but they seem to be mutants, and they disappear when they die. Examine Juno’s remains, then continue on. After climbing the ladder, look for a switch up here. Hit it to repair the tower, then go down the stairs and use the zipline. When you get back to the Outrigger Settlement, talk to Rikter and he’ll give you a Shotgun, then talk to Janus and she’ll give you a recipe for Bandages. You can now head back to Dan Hagar to complete the Medical Supplies quest as well.

The Missing Parts

Talk to Durar in the garage to get this quest. He sends you back to the Outrigger Settlement. Talk to Johan next to the car and he’ll send you to collect the parts from some bandits. He also gives you 12 Fatboy rounds for your pistol, which do added damage, and a Lock Grinder schematic. Build a Lock Grinder to get through locked doors (of course). If you need more ingredients to make a Lock Grinder, Halek usually carries all three in his shop back in Hagar Settlement. Build at least one Lock Grinder right now; you will need it to progress through the Wasted Garage when you get there. Now head back into the radio tower area. After you pass through the first building (that had two unsuspecting enemies in it last time), you’ll encounter two bandits behind the sand bags up ahead, and another enemy at the intersection. You need to left now, towards the dam. There’s one other guy to take out just before you enter the Wasted Garage.

Keep going until you see an office to your right. It has a couple of parts that you can use to make a Lock Grinder, which you will need to use on the next door to get through it. At the bottom of the stairs, fight your way through all of the enemies. At the end, grab the Alternator from the back of the engine. This causes the exit door that was hooked up to the engine via a car battery to open. Go downstairs again and start clearing the enemies out. There’s another set of stairs in the first room that leads up to some goodies. The second room has a locked door with some Steel Blades, Grenades, Cloth Rags, and an Antiseptic Formula behind it. Continue on, through more enemies and down another flight of stairs. The next set of enemies won’t notice you when you first come in, so deal as much damage as you can quickly. You’ll move through a hallway, past a set of unusable stairs. The guy ahead might throw grenades, so watch out. Look through the window here at the next room and you should see some oxygen tanks next to a door. Blow them up, then head back into the previous room and find the newly opened door. Inside the room you’ll find cans of food, a book, and feltrite crystals.

You’ll quickly find the Distributor Cap in a running car. Take it and back away. The car will explode, opening the door ahead. Fight your way into a garage. You will reach a hallway with a tow truck blocking it. Move forward and a car comes from the other end and crashes into the tow truck. An enemy will then hop onto the turret of the car. While he’s getting on, start shooting him. His health bar appears in the upper right corner. When he starts firing, immediately back away behind cover. Don’t relax though, because other enemies will come for you. Occasionally, the guy on the turret will stop firing and just start yelling. This is a great oppurtunity to lay into him. The only thing you can really shoot at most of the time is his head. Wingsticks work pretty well for taking out large chunks of health, and you shouldn’t run out of ammo, since the other enemies that come for you never seem to stop spawning. When he’s down, head to the left to get around the wreckage and you’ll be standing right in front of the Piston Assembly. Grab it and a single enemy will come out. There’s a locked door before you leave here. Inside it you’ll find Buckshot, Oil and Gas Cans, and Feltrite Crystals. Exit the building and kill the two guys by your ATV, then get on it. Before you go too far, you might consider heading back to the Ghost Hideout and using a Lock Grinder on the door in there that was previously inaccessible. Anyway, head back to Durar to finish this quest and get a Buggy.

Note: If you want to, head back to the Wasted Garage exit and enter it again. Keep moving back through it until you go upstairs and enter a bathroom. When you enter the next room, turn left and keep going straight. Continue onwards, but keep an eye out for a small table/nightstand on your right. If you look underneath the drawer, you should see a red button. Activate it. This will be just before you get back to the car that had the Distributor Cap on it. Now keep working your way back, up the next set of stairs. Pass through the large room ahead with sand pouring in one side. When you enter the room after this, immediately look to your left. There are a couple of filing cabinets on the floor. Look inside one of them for a hard-to-see red button and activate it. Now continue on, up the next set of stairs, until you’re in a large room with a red light in it. This is just after passing the engine that had the Alternator on it. Look to the left of the red light for a red cabinet with a tire on it. Look behind this cabinet on the left side for the final red button. Now go back towards the exit, down two flights of stairs. Keep going until you see a Quake symbol on the wall next to a set of stairs on your left that was previously blocked off. This is just before you reach the Distributor Cap car. Enter the portal at the top and you’ll be transported to the Quake difficulty select room. There’s a Shambler Plush to pick up in the middle. You can’t use any of the exit portals, so just step back on the entry plate and you’ll go back to the Wasted Garage.

Destroy the Barricade

Drive towards the wall, but get out just before you go under a partially destroyed bridge thing with a pipe running on top of it. If you keep going, a guy with a rocket launcher will lock-on to your buggy. Once you stop, get out and enter the pipes to your left. They don’t go anywhere, but they do offer good cover from the several enemies on the wall ahead. These enemies include guys who keep getting on a turret and multiple guys with rocket launchers. When you take one down, another one comes out. Just put the sniper rifle to good use and eventually they’ll all be gone. Place the explosives on the big tank in front of the door, then run away. When it’s been blown, head back to Dan to finish this quest.

Dan’s Message/Changing Clothes

Get in the buggy and head off for Wellspring. On your way, a few bandit buggies will give chase. They have guns and you don’t, so you’ve got no option but to run for it. At one point a buggy may get in front of you and drop grenades, so watch for this. When you get to the Wellspring gate, they’ll go away. Talk to Solomon at the door, then enter the town. The mayor’s office is to your right after you enter. Talk to Mayor Clayton inside and he’ll tell you to change into something less obvious. Before you leave, look on his desk for a Vault Boy Bobblehead that you can snatch up. Go to the front of the gate now and face the rest of the town. If you head forward, you should see a neon sign that says Jackpot. Go up the stairs next to it and keep moving forward. You’ll come out in front of the Outfitters store. Head inside and talk to Coffer. You can now trade in your Ark Armor for a variety of other outfits that each offers a different bonus. The Wastelander outfit gives you a discount on all cash purchases. The Roughneck outfit increases your damage protection. The Fabricator outfit enhances certain engineered items (Wingsticks do more damage, Adrenaline Overdrive lasts longer, etc.). If you have the appropriate DLC, then you can also choose the Crimson Elite armor, which combines the bonuses of all three previous outfits. Pick one, buy some more stuff from Coffer if you’d like (he’s got plenty to sell), then head back to Mayor Clayton.

Renting a Garage

Head across the street to Mick’s Garage and talk to him inside. You can now enter the garage whenever you need to pull out a vehicle. Now head back towards the Mayor’s Office, but instead go down the alley nearby. You should see a big Sheriff sign above the alley entrance. Head up some stairs to get to the Sheriff’s Office. Talk to him and sends you on another quest to arm your buggy. Go downstairs and continue forward. You’ll have to make a left to get back on the ground. Turn right at the next intersection and you’ll be facing Rusty just outside of his shop. Talk to him and he directs you to Jackie Weeks standing in front of the Raceway nearby. He tells you to talk to Slim. Interact with Slim a couple of times to access some races. Just choose the first one in the Beginner’s Luck category. It’s a simple time trial, kind of like Durar’s, except you’ll have to do three laps in a certain amount of time. There are power-ups on the track that refill your boost meter instantly, but once they’re gone, they won’t come back, so use them wisely. It’s still pretty easy to beat the par time, though, and once you do, head back to Rusty. You can buy vehicle supplies with cash, but you can only use racing certificates to purchase vehicle upgrades. Buy some miniguns for your buggy. You might notice that if you press X at this screen, you can tune your car. This just means you can switch between upgrades. New upgrades are automatically installed though, so there’s no reason to mess with this right now.

Go back to the Sheriff and he tells you that the supplies are ready, so go to Mick’s Garage and grab your newly upgraded buggy. On the way, you’ll be prompted to talk to Sally at the Second Chance bar. You should do this. It’s a lucrative side quest that involves you blowing up bandit patrols, which you’re going to be doing anyway. Once you’ve left Wellspring, the bandit buggies will start coming out. Just press A to fire on them when they’re mostly in front of you. You also need to watch for large turrets mounted on towers on the sides of the road. They aren’t numerous, but the only way to destroy them is by running into them, which also damages your ride, so don’t stick around for long. When you finally make it back to Hagar, talk to Dan, then pick up the Striker Crossbow off of the wall. Don’t forget to talk to Durar if you need vehicle repairs. Halek also has a couple of new items for sell.

Note: When you get a chance, swap your buggy for an ATV. There’s another field goal that you can score on the road between Hagar Settlement and Wellspring. If you’re coming from Hagar, go through the gate you had to blow up and take the first right, then turn right again, but take the left-most road here. The other one leads to Crazy Joe’s. The left road will take you to a large metal door in the rocks. The goal posts are just outside of the boundary to the left of the door. You can only see the tips. If you’re coming from Wellspring, then stay left and get on the highway. This also has the benefit of keeping bandits off of you, at least until you reach the dirt again. If you stay on the highway, you’ll come right up to the door. Look to the left of it, beyond the boundary, to find the goal posts. If the bandit buggies are giving you a hard time, just drive into the boundary and fling yourself off the side anywhere. When you respawn next to your ATV, they’ll usually be gone (at least for the time being).

Cuprino Needed

Talk to Sheriff Black when you get back to Wellspring to get this quest. He sends you to Jackie Weeks in front of the Raceway. Jackie tells you to get a sponsorship letter from JK Stiles. Leave Wellspring and follow the white dotted line over to Mutant Bash TV. Go inside and talk to Stiles. He wants you to go through his series of arenas. Once you enter the mission area, move forward until you find yourself locked in a square. You’ll now have to fight off a bunch of mutants. It’s a fairly normal fight, although at one point four platforms holding fire-throwing mutants will come out of the floor. Fire can do a lot of damage quick, so take one out and use his pillar as cover. After you clear the room, move forward and restock on ammo, then get on the elevator.

The next arena is easier and shorter. When you get up there, you’ll notice that there’s a spinning monkey moving around the perimeter of the room. It has blades attached to it, and it can hurt you. However, it’ll completely gib any mutant that it comes across, so this works out in your favor. Just remember where it is at all times. After this you enter a bonus round room. Step into the middle and the gigantic slot machine ahead of you will start spinning. Shoot the target under the first slot so that it ends up on a dollar sign and you could win money. If you get a skull, then you’ll have to fight off mutants. Either way, when you leave this area, look on the right in the next hallway for some ammo.

The next arena has you fighting off hordes of mutants from all sides again. This time though, spikes shoot up out of the holes in the floor at random places. There’s no way to hide from them, and there’s no way to know where they’re going to come up next, so you’ll just have to deal with it. The mutant wave isn’t that difficult. However, when this is over, a large mutant comes through the exit door. He has a tentacle for an arm. Circle around him and keep pumping him full of lead. He’ll shoot his tentacle out at you every so often, and it’s hard to avoid. If it hits you, your vision will be impaired by some goo that quickly goes away. When he’s down, which won’t take long, despite his size, exit the area and hop on the final elevator. You’ll talk to Stiles again, who gives you a playing card and a sponsorship certificate. He also invites you to come back and do the whole thing all over again, which you can, if you need the money.

Now head back to Wellspring and talk to Jackie. He directs you to Slim. Enter the sponsored event and you’ll have to do a buggy race. The other buggies are no slouches, but luckily you have 6 quick use Mutant Bash TV weapons. Using one sends out a big wave of energy ahead of you in the shape of the Mutant Bash logo. It practically kills anything it hits, so you’ll have a hard time losing this race. If you win, you are awarded the Cuprino. You can even go over to Rusty and start upgrading it right away. Head to Sheriff Black to finish this quest and start a new one.

Resupply the Watch Tower

Get in your new Cuprino and head for the waypoint. You can switch between rockets and the minigun now. You’ll have to enter Scorcher Territory to get to the Northern Tower. It’s not really any different from what you’ve already seen, but do expect bandits Get on the highway and it’ll take you right to the tower. Talk to the guy in front, then head back to Sheriff Black to end this short quest. When you’ve got time, come back to the watch tower with an ATV and pass through the gate, then go right. Look over the boundary rocks for the last goal post. It’s pretty far out there, so you’ll need to try to remember where it’s at and come at the wall with some speed. Once you get this one though, you should unlock the achievement.

Destroy the Bomb Caches

Talk to Sheriff Black to get this quest. He gives you the RC Bomb Car schematic and sends you off to the Shrouded Bunker. Once you get there, go inside and you’ll find an RC Bomb Car to your right at the end of the hallway. Take it, then prepare to deal with a bunch of enemies in the next room. There’s a guy behind some glass in here that will send out multiple RC Cars. Take them all out and he’ll eventually leave the room and come for you himself. Take them all out, but remember to save one RC car. Look for a red light near the floor. It marks a small hole. You can’t fit the hole, but the RC Car can, so use one and drive it through. Keep going and you’ll drive it into the middle of a bomb cache. Detonate it to destroy the cache and blow open the door to the next area. Move through the hole and take out the two enemies, then use the elevator.

There’s one enemy facing away from you in the hallway at the bottom. The next room is also filled with unsuspecting foes. When they start fighting back, find the RC Car resting on a tire to the right of the main path in the room and shoot it. The explosion will take out anyone near by. An elevator comes down and drops off another enemy or two. Clear this room out and move on. The next hallway will probably have a couple more guys to take out. When you leave that hallway, look to your right. There’s a locked door here with a bunch of ammo and an Authority Machine Gun inside, which is a very useful weapon if you haven’t already bought it from Coffer back in Wellspring. Keep going and look for some bandages on a rock to your left at the end of the path. They mark a large pipe that you can enter. The next room has a few enemies, but they can all be silently taken out with the crossbow. There are more enemies below, but you’ll probably just have to wipe them out. After they’re all down, look for a little room underneath the top floor with a Key Card in it. Pick it up and go back to the top floor, then use the bright blue panel next to the exit door to get through

The next area has several enemies, and they’re all below you. Use the high ground to wipe them out, then go downstairs. Look for a small hole underneath the stairs. Send an RC car through and blow up the next bomb cache. You’ll now have to backtrack through the rooms, clearing out new enemies. When you approach the room that had the small elevator in it, stop. Not only are there enemies in this room, but a manned turret will come out of the wall at the other end. Take them all down and the big semi-circular door ahead of you will open. Two normal enemies and a heavy are on the other side. The heavy can take a lot of damage, so if you have grenades or some other explosives, use them to soften him up. He also wields a minigun. Stay behind cover as much as possible. When they’re down, move through the newly opened door. Several enemies will flood the area, including another heavy. After that, look on the right wall for another RC Car hatch. Open the yellow container to the right of the hole and grab what’s inside, then use a car to destroy the last bomb cache.

Continue forward and use the elevator. As you’re going up, enemies will occupy the rooms and stairs on all sides. Explosions take care of most of them, but stay behind cover anyway to avoid stray bullets. At the top, move forward and a few enemies come out. Two of them hop onto the elevator you just used. Ignore them, because the lift will fall. Head back to Wellspring and talk to Sheriff Black to end his series of quests.

Feltrite Crater

You can get this from the Mayor before you even start the Sheriff’s quests. Drive out to the Feltrite Crater in Scorcher Territory. Once you get there, deal with the two enemies behind the sandbags. Head onto the platform and two enemies will come out of the roof of the small building to your right. Take them down and activate the refinery. After several seconds, pick up the refined feltrite that appears in the container next to the activation button. Another guy comes out of the roof of the previous building. When he’s down, drive back to Wellspring and speak to Mayor Clayton to end this quest.

Feltrite Sample

Head off towards Kvasir’s lab. When you get there, use the intercom and he’ll extend a bridge. Head inside and talk to him for a bit. He sends you on a quest to the Dead City. Head to the entrance and go through. You’ll come out underneath a highway. Move through the area, fighting off the mutants that come to you. When you get on top of a broken highway, start dealing with the mutants there. Soon, a very large mutant comes out. He has a gun with him that shoots a flaming ball into the air, which then splits into two or three flaming balls. Watch out for this. If you’ve got any explosives, now is the time to use them, because this guy takes a lot of damage. Also, keep a shotgun or some other weapon handy. Regular mutants will continue to trickle in as you fight their big brother. When he’s down, move up the stairs into the building. Keep an eye out for ammo in here. When you reach a dead end, make sure you have some kind of close quarters weapon equipped, or get ready to backtrack. Mutants will break through barricades and climb through holes in these two rooms. Take them all out and the exit door falls over. Equip a sniper rifle or some kind of ranged weapon to deal with two mutants who lob fire at you once you leave the building.

Move forward and deal with the other mutants. If you have an RC Car, send it up the pipe at the base of the building before going upstairs. Blow it up next to the boarded up door with the oxygen tanks next to it. Now go upstairs and look for a doorway to your left. This leads to the newly opened room where you’ll find a bunch of goodies and a playing card. Go back upstairs and head out of the building now. When you drop down, you’ll face a bunch of mutants and a large mutant with a tentacle for an arm. Continue downstairs and you’ll find a switch. Before you hit it, loot the nearby store. Now use the switch to open the gate and kill the mutants that come through. At the bottom you’ll encounter a new enemy: the slime mutant. He’s tougher than the others, but just as fast. He also likes to spit at you. Take him down and enter Dead City Central.

You should see a locked door straight ahead of you. Find the switch on the escalator gates and follow the line into a nearby store. Shoot the oxygen tanks inside the store to open up a nearby door. Hit the switch at the end of the line, then go back towards the escalators. A mutant and a slime mutant attack you on the way. Flip that switch and you’ll have to hold off several mutants and another slime mutant while the gate opens. When it does, head downstairs and go outside. Find another set of stairs and go down them. The next area has several mutants in it. Move among the vehicles and look for another door on the left side. When you reach what looks like a town, more mutants come for you. Go upstairs, then turn left and you’ll find a locked door. Now continue on until you reach what looks like a dead end. You should find a Rocket Launcher around here leaning up against a terminal that gives you rockets. You’ll have to fight off a gigantic mutant now. He’s incredibly easy though, mainly because everytime he attacks, a red laser on the top of his head shows you exactly where he’s going to put the attack. At first you need to hit a blue electric spot on his stomach. This usually becomes visible after he’s torn a chunk off of the nearby building and is holding it over his head, about to throw it at you. Shoot that spot and he’ll drop the piece and come your way. Just stay away from wherever that red laser is pointing and you’ll avoid his melee attacks. When he grabs the building and starts shaking it, a blue electric spot on the top of his head opens up. Dump a rocket onto it and he’ll back up. This cycle repeats three times before he goes down, though each time you shoot his head, his attacks get faster.

Head through the newly opened doorway and go downstairs. At the bottom, deal with the mutants and slime mutant. After going through the long hallway, there will be more enemies to take out. Fight your way up the lobby of the elevator until you finally reach a room that holds the Defibrillator Upgrade. Grab it and enemies, including a slime mutant, will bust through a wall in the next room. This is your exit, so go towards it, or else you’ll be trapped in the room with a bunch of mutants. Kill them all and go downstairs. When go outdoors again, you’ll be at the beginning where you first entered the Dead City, so just head back to the Wasteland and deliver the upgrade to Kvasir. He sends you back to Mayor Clayton to properly finish this quest.

Hijacked Well

Mayor Clayton sends you across the street to the Wellmasters. Head inside and talk to the man there, then use the hatch to get to the Well. You’ll now have Electro Bolts for your Crossbow. Talk to Jerry ahead of you, then move forward and stay crouched. You’ll soon come across two bandits standing in water and facing away from you. Shoot an electro bolt into the water to fry them both. There are three more enemies in a room up ahead and to the right (though they aren’t standing in water, so switch to a better gun). Move forward and another bandit drops in from the ceiling. Around the area where he drops in, turn left and go down this passage, then up the ladder. There are a few enemies in the next area. After you clear it out and leave, look left at the next intersection to find a locked door.

The next area is filled with enemies. Take them all out and move along the walkway around the perimeter of the room. More bandits will drop onto the walkway from above. When you reach the room with the pile of bodies in the middle, look up and left and deal with that lone foe. When you go to leave this room, the gate closes. You’ll now be locked in here with some bandits. Deal with them and the gate reopens. As you move along the upper walkways, more bandits show up. The room at the end also has a few enemies. When you go downstairs, wait on the stairs and start taking people out. The room eventually fills up with bandits, and some of them like to throw grenades. When they’re all down, move forward, but look for a ladder to your left. It leads up to a secret room with some goodies and a playing card.

When you start heading downstairs again, crouch and use electro bolts to deal with most of the enemies in the next area. Once you pass through these canals, you’ll enter a room and the gate will close behind you. There are three bandits in here to take out. Once you do, use the valve in the center and the exit door will start to raise. When this happens, a bandit with a gun will attempt to use the valve by the door to shut it again. Also, some melee bandits will come for you. Try to stop the guy from hitting the valve up top. If he does hit it, thin out the enemies and use the valve again. There are about three waves you have to contend with. Once they’re gone, the gate is free to raise. Keep going and you’ll come across friendly forces. Help them defeat some of the bandits in the next room. When one of them manages to raise the gate, it’ll become all out war. If you’ve got a shotgun, use it to blow everything away. When the room is clear, take the ghost toxin out of the back of the large device in the center. Use the lever next to the device to raise it and you up to another level. From here you can quickly exit back to Wellspring. Talk to Carlson again to finish the quest.

Deadly Delivery

After completing the Hijacked Well main quest, talk to Carlson again to get this. Head out towards Kvasir’s lab. On the way, a mini-quest will start similar to the ones that require you to blow up a certain amount of cars. Here, you must collect the Feltrite that crashes to the ground. Collect all of the Feltrite as fast as you can. This isn’t required though. Enter Kvasir’s lab and put the toxin on the table. When he’s finished, he’ll give you some new mind-control bolts for your crossbow and send you back to Wellspring on another quest. When you get there, talk to Elizabeth in the Second Chance bar to get yet another quest.

Liberate Captain Marshall

Talk to Elizabeth in the Second Chance bar. She sends you to the Authority Prison. Once you get there, stop behind a rock. There’s a guy on a turret above the gate, and there are probably soldiers in the windows as well. Kill them all and use the device by the gate to open it up. Go down the ladder and head into the prison. Keep going until you head up some steps. Go into the left most door and pick up the EMP Grenades schematic inside. Now head through the other door and keep going until lasers block your path. You’ll need to destroy the big power supply thing next to the lasers. One EMP Grenade will do the trick. If you don’t have any, then you can also shoot it. There’s a health bar on the side of the power supply. Once you move through the next door, there will be an enemy patrolling the walkway above you. Take him down and then deal with the next enemy that comes in, who will probably have a shield. An EMP Grenade can take that out real fast.

Move through the doorway and a guy will bust through the door ahead of you. Take him down and enter that room. Look through the open window and take out the next power supply. Exit the room and deal with two enemies in the hallway. The next room will quickly fill up with enemies, and some will even drop in through the roof. At least one of them has a shield. When they’re all down, take out the power supply in the far left corner and move on. You’ll soon come to a room with a turret in it. Destroy the power supply to the right of it to shut it down. The next hallway has another turret that pops out of the ceiling. Enter the room to the left. There’s a hole in the wall at the end and you have a view of the next power supply. The room after that has yet another turret. Work your way to the right side and you can see the power supply in the next room. Take it out and move on. A few enemies will flood into the room. Take them and the power supply out and head upstairs.

You’ll soon encounter a few more enemies. After this you come to a laser grid and a switch overlooking a cell block. Flip the switch and you’ll open the doors, releasing mutants into the area. Clear the area and work your way down into the cell block. Hit the switch outside of Captain Marshall’s cell to release him, then equip something that’ll deal with the shielded enemies, like an EMP Grenade or the AV2x rounds for your Authority Machine Gun. Several enemies will flood into the cell block, and the guy with the shield likes to come straight at you, so put him down quick. Follow Marshall once the area is clear and you’ll both come out into a courtyard filled with enemies. There’s a guy on a turret at the far end. Try to take everyone out as quickly as possible. Marshall has a health bar that appears in the upper right corner. When this place is clean, go up the right side stairs and you should be able to see a power supply at the top in a room beyond the laser gate. Destroy it, then move through and use the switch next to the other laser gate to let Marshall through. He’ll start placing a charge on the exit door. Man the turret in the middle. A dropship will come in and dump six enemies onto the battlefield. The turret easily rips them apart though.

You and Marshall are quickly separated, but you’re nearing the end of the prison anyway. A soldier will bust through the nearby door. Take him out and move through it. From here you can go straight to the exit and out to your ride. Head back to Wellspring and enter the Second Chance bar. Go through the back door where you talk to Elizabeth earlier and head down. Talk to Marshall and Elizabeth to finish this quest.

Recover ID Drive

Go back towards the Ark. The ramp down to the area in front of the Wasted Garage is barricaded, so you’ll have to go on foot. There are two guys here, one in front of the Wasted Garage exit and another walking down the middle path. Both are facing away, so use the crossbow if you can. Enter the Ark and use the terminal in the middle. When you leave, a few soldiers will be waiting for you. Take them out and head for Wellspring. Talk to Captain Marshall to finish this up.

Lost Research Data

Head back to the Dead City and go in through the exit door. You’ll be working your way through the city backwards now. There are a few mutants to deal with until you get to the lobby, which quickly fills up with Authority soldiers. If you can destroy the drone floating around quickly, you can take at least one of the guys below out silently. Clear this area and continue on. When you reach a door with blinking red lights on it, stay back. It will blow open and two guards will rush in. Head upstairs and a sniper takes out a mutant ahead of you. This next room has a few enemies in it. There are some more foes in the area ahead. When you reach the area with the shacks, watch out for two snipers ahead. When you reach the large area on the sand, a dropship unloads some troops. There’s also a turret up high at the far end. Keep going and enter a door that wasn’t open the last time you were in Dead City. You’ll come to a laser gate with two enemies on the other side. There is a hole in the wall to the left of the gate. You can shoot through this hole to disable the power supply.

Grab the research data and the door next to you will open up. Take out the power supply and go on. You’ll face a few more enemies before you reach the door leading to the Dead City Streets. Head up the escalators and stairs. When you reach the top, get a sniper rifle ready and deal with the enemies here. When you enter the next building, watch out. There might be a single enemy hiding out around the desks. Enter the open doorway and go downstairs. Destroy the power supply and grab the ammo. When you enter the next building you’ll eventually come up directly behind a sniper. Continue downstairs and deal with the enemies that get dropped off ahead of you. When you move underneath the highway, don’t go too far. The area is filled with enemies, including a heavy who can take three rockets before dieing. Once they’re down, head back into the Wasteland, and then talk to Captain Marshall in Wellspring to finish the quest up. Now would be a good time to go around completing any side quests and job board quests you haven’t finished. When you speak to Captain Marshall again, you’ll be whisked away to the Eastern Wasteland.

Gaining Influence

After you arrive in Subway Town, talk to Captain Marshall. He sends you off to Mayor Redstone, so head up to the garage and out into the town. Go forward and turn left. The Mayor’s office is upstairs. Redstone sends you off towards the Blue Line station to talk to Foreman Jones. Before you leave the Mayor’s office, pick up the Blake Bobblehead on his desk. Before you head off, now would be a good time to pick up a couple of side quests and get familiar with the town.

Mutant Expansion

Go back to Saul’s garage and exit Subway Town. All you have to do is drive around to the right of the bridge you’re on. Get out of your vehicle and enter the Blue Line station. There will be one enemy to kill until you enter the actual station part and go upstairs. From there, turn left and then left again and enter the area with a ton of ammo in it. The TNT you need to pick up is in here. Once you do that, you’ll be stuck here and forced to hold off a horde of mutants. After a while the gate opens, but there are more mutants outside. You’ll also start facing mutants that run at you while holding sticks of dynamite that have been lit. Take them down quickly and stay away from them. If you can keep an eye on them, they’ll actually help you out, since the explosions will tear apart any other mutants nearby. Go back downstairs and look for a newly opened door here. When you next enter an open area, take out the two mutants throwing fire at you, then start working on the melee mob. Move up the stairs and fight your way into the next area.

When you’re at a fork, go left for some ammo, then head right into the big room. Here you’ll have to fight off a horde of mutants for a while. Eventually a large mutant with a mortar-type gun will destroy the exit doors. Take him down and move on. Keep fighting your way through the area until you reach a point where you have to place four bundles of TNT on the walls. Do this, clear the area, and go for the detonator. Get a heavy weapon and maybe a bot or turret ready to go, because after you detonate the dynamite, two of the large mutants with tentacle arms will come out. After they’re down, you’ll need to fight off one last horde of regular mutants as well. When the place is finally clear, backtrack to the beginning and enter Subway Town. Talk to Foreman Jones, then talk to Redstone again.

Gearhead Vault

After getting the key from Redstone, stay on the upper floor and go towards the back. The door you need to use is by Dietrich’s room. Once inside the Gearhead Vault, look for a locked door on the right hand wall. There’s some goodies behind it. Now move forward, but watch out for the hanging spiked balls. These are mines. The next area is filled with enemies. The Gearhead guys are usually armored and they will throw out sentry bots. Feltrite AR rounds and AV2x rounds will make this a lot easier. When you reach a ramp, a heavy soldier will come down. Keep going until you reach another incline. There are a couple of enemies up there, including one wields a flaming stick. The way ahead is blocked by flames, so enter the nearby cafe and use the ladder to get up to an area with more enemies. At the end there’s a valve you can use to shut the flames off. Get on the nearby lift to quickly descend and kill the soldier by the newly opened exit.

The next room has a lot more enemies and another heavy. Move through it and you’ll soon enter a small room with a bunch of desks and computers in it. Before you can leave, the exit and entrance become blocked by flames and heavies come through both of them. Once they’re down, if you don’t mind looking for an easter egg, go back to the entrance of the room and then face the room. There are two computers in front of you and a little to the right. Use the keyboard of the computer that is farthest from you. Now enter the office behind those two desks and use the keyboard in here. Now go straight from this office to the next one and use the keyboards of the four computers against the wall. Finally, turn around and use the keyboard of the computer that is closest to the door you just entered. There might be some Fatboys on the desk. If you did this correctly you should hear a distinct sound effect. Go ALL the way back to the beginning of the vault and face the door leading back to Subway Town. Turn left and you should see a black door with Jerk written on it. You can now open this and hop over the boxes to get inside. The portal takes you to E1M1 of Doom. There are no enemies, and you can’t leave the first area, so just enter the side room and go up the stairs. There’s a Doom Marine Bobblehead at the top.

Either way, move beyond the computer room and a guy at the top of the next stairs will kick a barrel down towards you. Take him out and move on. Watch out for a propeller that comes on intermittently up ahead. Once you reach the vault, pick up the cell. When you go to exit, a heavy will be in your way. This guy wields some kind of weapon that launches flaming balls at you. Shoot the tank on his back to send him flying away. Watch out for the flames that come out of the pipe nearby and move back into the propeller room. Deal with a couple of enemies in here. When you get to the exit, a gate blocks it off. A heavy will then bust through the wall ahead of the propeller. Kill him, go through the hole he made, and start downstairs. A few guys come out at the bottom, including someone with a rocket launcher. Move on, hit the valve, and you’ll be back at the doorway that was blocked by flames before. Once you pass through it, two heavies with combustible tanks on their backs come at you. Destroy them and you can go straight back to Subway Town and Mayor Redstone

The Price of Power

There will be plenty of bandits to deal with on your way to the Power Plant. To make this easier, go down to Sparky’s Auto Parts and look around for Starky. Race him and win, and he’ll give you his Monarch. It can take more damage than the Cuprino, and it comes with a Pulse Cannon, which can decimate most buggies in one shot. When you’re ready, head out to the Power Plant and go inside. There will be a person facing away from you as you enter. Keep going and you’ll soon need to use an electric weapon to hit the next two breaker boxes. Go downstairs and shoot the next breaker box. The area behind it has some loot. Go downstairs again for a couple more items, then head back upstairs and through the exit door. You’ll soon face a few enemies, including a heavy. There’s an obvious locked door nearby as well. Move into the large room ahead and start dealing with the enemies here. There are also sentry bots around, and they can jump up and cling to the beams/pipes running along the ceiling. Your own sentry bot would be immensely useful in this place. As you work your way up, go slowly. Enemies will constantly come out ahead of you, including a heavy at the top. There’s not a whole lot of substantial cover, and you can take a lot of damage fast.

Once you reach the top, hit the switch. You’ll have to hold off a few enemies while the elevator comes down to you. Get inside when it arrives and hit the next switch. After the mishap, exit the elevator and start dealing with enemies and sentry bots. For a while now you’ll just be moving through a maze of walkways, taking out wave after wave of enemies. At one point you should see a locked door directly in front of you. The exit is blocked off by flames and a heavy with a combustible tank on his back will head your way. Propellers will also drop down from the ceiling and start moving up and down the room. After a while, you’ll wind up on a straight walkway in a big open room. There will be quite a few enemies that come for you, including a heavy. At the end, go through the doors and they’ll shut behind you. You’ll now have to deal with the boss upstairs. Remember to use explosives or anti-armor rounds. Once he’s out, hit the switch and take out the guy that comes through the door up here once it opens. Pretty soon you’ll run into one of Redstone’s men. Go downstairs and you should see people fighting on the walkway you traversed earlier. Redstone’s men are on the left, and the Gearhead guys are on the right. Now go up to the three switches here. The left switch causes electricity to come out of the left generator. The middle switch shoots flames into the middle of the walkway. The right switches causes propellers to move along the right side of the walkway. Use these, plus your weapons, to deal with the enemies. When they’re all gone, you’re free to exit the area and head back to Subway Town.

Ark Equipment

Use the elevator in Saul’s garage to get back down to the Resistance Base. Talk to Lassard to get this quest. Head up to Jackal Canyon and enter it. The first enemy you come across will be facing away from you. When you reach a bridge however, two bandits will come straight for you, and more will start shooting at you from the structures ahead. Run across to the lever and use it. This opens a door that you passed earlier, so backtrack a bit. More enemies come flooding through. These Jackal bandits love to get in your face. Sometimes even the ones with guns will rush you, so have a close range weapon ready. As you move through the canyons, watch for ranged foes on the big structures. Also, note that there are ziplines all over the place, so a bandit could drop in on you at any point. Sometimes they’ll even use a zipline that you just used. In short, you need to be watching everywhere at all times. Don’t ever let your focus fall on one enemy for too long. You’ll soon come to a platform with an explosive barrel on it. There’s a guy nearby that shoots either rockets or dynamite bolts at you. Either way, be careful, and use that barrel to clear the area around you.

When you go down the elevator you’ll be in another area just like the last. You eventually make it to a long spiral “staircase” of sorts. Red balloons carrying explosives will occasionally float up, so watch out for them. Fight your way down to the bottom through a ton of enemies. The Ark is up ahead. Inside, you can use the central terminal to hear the generic message again. Use the terminal with a handprint on it to release the Ark Equipment. Kill the guy that pops up outside and go up the stairs. There’s a weird vehicle here that travels along the ziplines, so use it and you’ll automatically be whisked back to an area near the entrance. Take out two last bandits and leave this place for good.

Assault the Authority Bridge

Get this quest from Portman, then head out towards the waypoint. Run over any mutants you can, then get out and kill whatever mutants show up. Place the charges on the door and get back in your vehicle. When it blows, plow through the enemies that appear. As you drive to the lift, you’ll have to deal with Authority Predators. These vehicles only need one shot from a Pulse Cannon to put them down. However, they have their own rapid fire pulse cannons that can inflict serious damage on your ride quickly. When you reach the lift, drive your car on it and ride it up. Take out the Authority up here and plant charges on both generators. When they blow, get back in your car and get on the bridge. Turn right and head back to Portman, who gives you a new weapon.

Assault Capital Prime

Note: A lot of people like to horde their best ammo (Authority PUlse Rounds, BFG Rounds) for the final fight. In this game, that tactic is unnecessary, so go wild as you progress through Capital Prime.

Talk to Captain Marshall to get this quest started. Stock up on all the ammo and supplies you can; you won’t be coming back here again. Head to the Authority Bridge and drive across it. The area ahead is filled with Predators that spawn forever, so quickly make your way to a vent at the bottom of the large wall and head inside Capital Prime. Once you reach a small hangar, you’ll encounter some drones. The hallways ahead of you will have enemies in them, including at least one heavy. Ride the lift up and you’ll soon encounter mutants with pulse guns attached to them. Fight off several of these guys and then use the terminal ahead of you. Go upstairs and when the lasers disappear, step onto the large platform. You’ll ride up a bit. Go towards the doorway and more mutants come out. Take them down, then head downstairs and hit the switch to remove the laser gate.

The next set of hallways contain both mutants and Authority soldiers. This area is short though. Once you reach the next laser gate, hit the nearby switch, then hop on the lift. At the top, take out the two mutants and go down a level. More mutants come out when you get down here. Hit the switch directly underneath the bridge to bring the platform up, and use it to get over to the other side of the bridge. Mutants and soldiers are through the next doorway, but some mutants also come up the sides of the bridge, so don’t go too far ahead or you’ll get trapped between them. The hallways ahead have a few more enemies, and then there’s another lift at the end. This takes you up to another terminal. Press it to raise the big platform in place, then hit the second terminal ahead of you. When prompted, hit the terminal on the left side. Now you’ll have to hold off a horde of mutants until you’re prompted to use the terminal on the right side. Once you hit that, fight off another wave of mutants. Hit the final terminal on the back of the central structure to complete the game. Yep, that’s it. No boss fight. None of the usual skyscraper-sized megabosses that you’ve come to expect from id Software games. Just a terminal. Congratulations.

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