Rage Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ (Side Quests) for Xbox 360

Rage Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ (Side Quests) for Xbox 360

Rage Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ

Side Quests

Wingstick Mastery

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Talk to Loosum Hagar in the middle of Hagar Settlement to get this quest. It’s incredibly easy, but required if you want to be able to buy Wingsticks from Halek in the underground shop. All you have to do is aim at the targets that pop up and press the Left Bumper to throw the Wingstick. Bottom targets are worth two points and the top target is worth three. You have to get 10 points to pass, but you’re given so much time that it’s almost impossible to fail. Once you succeed, you get five Wingsticks to start off with.

Mutant Alert

Talk to Ramos in the Outrigger Settlement after completing the Where’s Juno quest to get this. You’ll need to drive all the way back to just outside of the Ghost Hideout. You might have noticed a launcher there when you did the earlier main quest. Use this launcher to set off the fireworks. Watch out though: immediately after you do this, two mutants will get right in your face. Also, since there’s more room to maneuver, they might resort to using Wingsticks, so be ready to get out of the way. When they’re down, head back to Ramos to get 100 Dollars and the Adrenaline Overdrive recipe.

Durar’s Time Trial

Durar will automatically contact you with this proposal as you’re finishing up the Destroy the Barricade quest. Talk to him to get it started. You’ll be placed at the start line just outside of Hagar Settlement. You need to race to a point around the Ark Emergence site and then get back to the line in under 45 seconds. This is very easy, especially if you watch the pre-race camera and do what it does. That means, after you pass the first fork that goes around the rock, stick to the right that way you can easily circle around into the waypoint and then head back. It actually doesn’t matter what route you take. To save time, avoid the jump in the middle of the road on your way back. If you beat the time trial, Durar gives you the Evenflow 2x Boost and a playing card.

Sally’s Bounty

Talk to Sally at the Second Chance bar in Wellspring after winning your first race. She’ll offer to pay you for every bandit car you destroy. That’s about all there is to this quest. Head out into the Wasteland with an armed buggy and start destroying enemy cars. Watch out for turret towers that may be placed along the side of the road, though. You can’t destroy them. After taking a few out, head back to Sally to get some rewards, including a playing card and race certificates. You can now continue to take out buggies and Sally will reward you for it. Just remember to stop by the bar anytime you arrive in Wellspring to pick up your cash.

Miracle Cure

After delivering the supplies to Dan in a main quest, return to Wellspring and talk to Richard in The Second Chance bar. He sends you off to Crazy Joe’s. Once there you can head inside and talk to him. The Night Blossom flower is on the bank of the swamp/creek thing by Crazy Joe’s. Just walk over to it and grab it. Head back to Richard now and he’ll give you the Apophis Infusion recipe. There is no reason not to do this quest. Not only is it short, but the Apophis Infusion will permanently increase your max health. Don’t wait around to do this.

Wellspring Job Board

The Job Board consists of a bunch of mini-missions that shouldn’t take long at all to complete. Some jobs become available after completing more main quests, so check back often.

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Mutant Menace: You’ll be given a sniper rifle with an upgrade that turns it into a semi-auto weapon. Look down below and you’ll see some mutants running around. They eventually go away and two guys will come out of the Wellspring gate. One of them is a worker who will start fixing things around the area. He must not die. The other is a guard. The guard will shoot at the mutants, but his main purpose is to take all of the punishment. Mutants will come down both paths at certain intervals. Near the end, one of them might even climb the wall and get up to you. After a few minutes, the mission ends.

Caravan Cover: This is another sniper cover mission, but it’s really short. A buggy with three guys will come from the top right area. Eventually, two enemy buggies come from the left and stop. You’ll now have to start wiping everyone out down there. When a buggy blows up, no more enemies will come from that direction. The caravan moves a bit further and then another buggy comes from the left and stops ahead of it. A buggy will also drop a guy off on the highway above the caravan. Take them out, then deal with an RC car that pops up and a lone enemy behind the big pile of rocks ahead of the caravan. If you’re having trouble spotting anyone, just watch where your allies are shooting.

The Exchange: Another sniper cover mission that becomes available after completing the Liberate Captain Marshall quest. This one is pretty short. After the Sheriff throws the suitcase onto the ground, watch for red lasers to pop up. Take these two snipers out and start cleaning up anyone else the dropship brings in. More snipers will keep coming out, so look for the red laser sights. Don’t worry too much about the normal enemies. Your allies generally won’t have a problem taking them down.

Other Missions: Pretty much every other mission on the board involves you going back to a place you’ve already been and clearing it out again. The ones that take you to the sewers are the most basic. You only need to kill every mutant. You must acquire a new copy of Rage and redeem the code inside to gain access to the sewers. The missions that take you back to above ground areas are basic as well, though there MAY be a little bit of new loot. Most of it doesn’t respawn though. Also, you’ll have to reach a certain objective, like a body or a stash of beer bottles to truly complete the quest. For these above ground missions, you will not have to go through the entire area again, only a part of it.

Wellspring Activities

There are a variety of activities to partake in while you’re roaming around town.

Tombstones: You’ll find this just outside the Outfitters store. The game is simple and based entirely on luck. There are three rounds. Each round you roll the dice. The sheriff in the middle will kill a number of mutants based on how many crosshairs you managed to roll. As long as there are still mutants on the board, each round also brings them one step closer to the sheriff. If even one mutant reaches him, you lose your wager, so you’ll have to get at least four crosshairs throughout the three rounds. Also, everytime you progress to the next round (i.e. you fail to kill all the mutants), your potential payout decreases. Although it’s a game based entirely on chance, if you’ve got the patience, you’ll almost always come out richer. Part of this is because the maximum wager is $25, which guarantees that you won’t go and lose everything you’ve got on a bad roll.

Rage Frenzy: Talk to Hendrik in the Second Chance bar to play this game. It’s a card game that uses all of the playing cards you collect throughout the game. Each card has a certain amount of health and attacks in a certain way. Although it’s simple in theory, it might take you a couple of games to get the hang of what’s actually going on. There are three difficulties you can choose from, and the higher the difficulty, the bigger you get to make your deck.

Five Finger Filet: After doing some main quests in Wellspring, you’ll find Abbott in the Second Chance bar. Talk to him to start this game. There are five rounds. In each round, you have to press A when the knife is over the highlighted section between two fingers. Keep doing this until the round is over. If you mess up, you get three strikes before you lose the game. The first four rounds are the same, and you’ll figure them out quickly. The last round is random though, so you’ll have to be quick to make it through to the end.

Stanley Express: Talk to Stanley, who resides behind the stairs leading up to the sheriff’s office. You can do mail runs for him. These are basically races that have you going to waypoints (mailboxes) within a certain time limit. You don’t have to worry about repairing or restocking your own buggy either, because you get to use the one that Stanley provides. It even comes complete with rockets.

Wellspring Raceway: Although a side quest, you should really think about participating in the races here. They aren’t hard at all, and winning earns you race certificates. You can then take these to Rusty at the nearby garage and use them to buy upgrades for your current mode of transportation, which makes the driving parts of the main game that much easier. There are several types of races, including time trials, non-combat races, minigun/rocket races, rocket rallies, and more. You might have to buy a certain upgrade to participate in a certain event. Some of the races are also only for Cuprinos, which are cars that you can access later in Wellspring.

Starky’s Challenge

After completing all of the races in Wellspring, talk to Starky, who hangs out by the Raceway. He challenges you to a one-on-one non-combat race. This is incredibly easy. Just get out in front and start sweeping the boost recharges off of the map. He’ll stay pretty consistent, but you can get a decent lead on him fast and keep it. He gives you the Magnum Grill for completing the quest. It’ll automatically be installed on your car. You can now ram enemies and do massive damage to them.

Finding Feltrite

After completing the Deadly Delivery/Special Delivery quests, talk to Jacob in the Second Chance bar. He needs you to bring him twenty Feltrite Crystals. If you’ve been collecting them so far, good. If you haven’t, then keep an eye out for one of the mini-quests while you’re driving that requires you to collect Feltrite as it falls from the sky. The third time this quest activates, which is during the Recover ID Drive quest, you’ll just be told to collect as many Feltrite as possible within the time limit, which is a good way to finish this quest up. Take it back to Jacob to get an upgrade for your defibrillator.

Brick’s Bounty

After talking to Mayor Redstone in Subway Town for the first time, head over to Fez bar and talk to Brick, the bartender. This is exactly the same as Sally’s Bounty back in Wellspring. You blow up bandit vehicles or Authority Predators and he’ll pay you for it.

Comet Bloom

Talk to Norbu by the stairs leading up to the Mayor’s office in Subway Town to get this quest. Leave Subway Town and drive to the waypoint. Run over the mutants here and then grab the flower. When you pick it, a few more mutants will come for you. Kill them, then drive back to Norbu. He gives you 350 dollars for doing this incredibly easy quest.

Subway Town Activities

Subway Town has many of the same activities that Wellspring does. You’ll find Tombstones one floor down from the main platform. The Raceway is a floor below that. Talk to Abbot in Fez bar if you want to play Five Finger Filet. Teague also resides in the Fez. Talk to her if you want to play Rage Frenzy. There’s a new game in Subway Town called Strum. Head to the upper floor and go all the way to the back. You’ll find someone named Hope standing next to a guy with a banjo. Talk to him to get the game started. It’s basically Simon Says. He’ll play some notes (each note corresponds to a button on the controller), and you have to play them exactly like he did. Also, if you want to go back to Wellspring for whatever reason, head back into the Resistance Base via Saul’s garage and talk to Charon by the airship that brought you in.

Abandoned Distillery

After completing the Mutant Expansion quest, find Dietrich in a newly opened room behind Jani’s shop. He’ll give you this quest. Exit Subway Town and enter the hole by the highway supports. You’ll soon come to the Distillery entrance. Once inside, keep going until you have to open a door using a Lock Grinder. There’s one in the office to your right, inside the desk drawer. You’ll have to drop down a hole soon. After you do, look to your right for a yellow breaker box. Hit it with an EMP grenade or electric weapon to open the nearby door. You’ll find some goodies inside, including an intact turret. Head back onto the main path and you’ll start fighting mutants. After going up a spiral staircase you’ll drop out of a window. Kill the mutants and go downstairs, then drop down again. In this room, a few enemies show up. There’s a railing in here that broken. Move through that hole in the railing and you’ll drop down again. Move behind the structures until you reach a little cubby hole with some loot. Take everything and use the valve here. Now head back and use the ladder to get back up where you were. Immediately look to your right and you’ll see a door that’s half-open. Enter this room to get the Dev Graffiti achievement/trophy.

Find a ladder in the main room that takes you up onto one of the cylinders. You’ll face more mutants on the way up, including one that throws fire when you actually get to the top. Fight your way around the catwalks. When you approach the top of a cylinder with no railings on it, back up and let the enemies come for you. The mutants can and probably will knock you off the top of that cylinder, and the fall will kill you. When you drop back down onto a catwalk up ahead, more enemies come for you. Keep going and fall down the hole, then head up the next set of stairs. There are two jugs up here. Grab them, then stick one inside the thing with the open hatch right by you. Use the valve next to it to close the hatch. Now would be a good time to stick up a turret or some other defensive device. Enemies will come in from the front of the room, and most of them will jump onto the railing by the valve you just used. If they stop coming, this means the first jug is full. Take it out and put the other one in, then repeat the process. Once both jugs are filled up, a gate opens on this upper floor. A few more mutants come through it. Go through and you’ll soon arrive at the front door. Now just head back to Dietrich to collect your reward, the Regenerative Infusion recipe.

Starky’s Monarch

After completing the Gearhead Vault quest, head down to Sparky’s auto parts one floor above the Raceway in Subway Town and you’ll find Starky. He challenges you to another one-on-one race. This is just as easy as the last race, except this time you get a brand new vehicle: the Monarch. It’s tougher and faster than the Cuprino, and you’ll need it to do some of the races in Subway Town. The Monarch also comes with a new weapon: the Pulse Cannon. This functions like a rocket launcher, but it does even more damage.

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