Black Stone: Magic And Steel


  • Easy money

    Select the game file that you want to double the money in. With another controller, load the same game file. There should be two identical characters. Start a level and when it begins, attack "yourself" and collect the the money that is dropped. You actually do not have to spend money again; save your game before every purchase, then repeat the duplicate character loading process to get all your money back.

  • Alternate heroes

    For each class, there are two extra hero skins that can be unlocked. In order to unlock these, you must get an "S" rank on the following stages:

      Extra Archer 1: Stage 6
      Extra Archer 2: Stage 36
      Extra Pirate 1: Stage 13
      Extra Pirate 2: Stage 29
      Extra Thief 1: Stage 15
      Extra Thief 2: Stage 24
      Extra Warlock 1: Stage 10
      Extra Warlock 2: Stage 32
      Extra Warrior 1: Stage 2
      Extra Warrior 2: Stage 40

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