• Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Welcome to Harri (5 points): Complete Mission 1.
      Alamo Compound (5 points): Complete Mission 2.
      The Bridge (5 points): Complete Mission 3.
      The Exiled Leader (5 points): Complete Mission 4.
      Rescue Dila (10 points): Complete Mission 5.
      The Long Way Back (20 points): Complete Mission 6.
      Over Easy (20 points): Complete all missions on Easy.
      Just Normal (40 points): Complete all missions on Normal.
      Nothing's Too Hard (60 points): Complete all missions on Hard.
      Tight-Aim (10 points): Get 50 headshots.
      Sir, You Forgot Your Hat (20 points): Get 200 headshots.
      Here, Hold This... (10 points): Get 50 grenade kills.
      Grenade! (20 points): Get 200 grenade kills.
      Hat-Trick (5 points): Kill 3 enemies with one grenade.
      No Mercenaries (10 points): Kill 5 Foreign Fighters.
      Best in Town (60 points): Kill all 6 Foreign Fighters on each difficulty.
      Cut the Chatter (10 points): Find 5 Death Radios.
      Off the Air (20 points): Find all Death Radios.
      Figure It Out (10 points): Find 5 Limbano Lions.
      Lion's Den (20 points): Find all Limbano Lions.
      Propaganda (10 points): Find 5 Graffiti.
      Stop This Madness (20 points): Find all Graffiti.
      Bravo! (20 points): Get over 100% accuracy in a combat arena.
      Plan B (5 points): Get 5 kills with the pistol.
      Quick Draw (20 points): Get 200 kills with the pistol.
      Going Pro (10 points): Get Pro time in a combat arena.
      Elite Club (5 points): Get Veteran time in a combat arena.
      This Ain't Your Daddy's Shotgun! (20 points): Kill 6 enemies with the shotgun without reloading.
      What Time? Can't Tell. (40 points): Get at least 7,000 points in a combat arena.
      No Score in Sight (5 points): Get less than 2,000 points in a combat arena.
      Foot First (5 points): Complete 100 kick quick-time events.
      Jumping Jack (5 points): Complete 100 jump quick-time events.
      Don't Cross This Line (10 points): Kill 25 melee attackers before they strike.
      Recon Recruit (10 points): Discover all paths in a combat arena.
      Recon Expert (20 points): Discover 50% of the paths in all combat arenas.
      Recon Master (60 points): Discover ALL of the paths in the game.
      Brought to You By... (5 points): Watch the credits from begining to end.
      Nothing Thrown (5 points): Complete a combat arena without using grenades.
      The Red Barrel (5 points): Blow up 50 red barrels.
      Recruit (5 points): Complete the training map.
      Party Time (5 points): Complete a competition map with 8 players.
      After Party (5 points): Complete all competition maps with 8 players.
      Blackwater Operator (60 points): Reach experience level 56.
      The Right Person (60 points): Fully upgrade Baird.
      Spray and Pray (40 points): Fully upgrade Devon.
      Riding Shotgun (60 points): Fully upgrade Smash.
      Overwatch (60 points): Fully upgrade Eddi.
      Tired Yet? (60 points): Complete 1,000 quick-time events.

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