Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party


  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Prepare to Hunt! (10 points): Play the game for the first time.
      The Texan Survivor (20 points): Brave the Texas wilderness and all it has to offer in Story Mode.
      The Mexican Heat (40 points): Brave the Mexican wilderness and all it has to offer in Story Mode.
      The Canadian Tracker (60 points): Brave the wilds of British Columbia and all it has to offer in Story Mode.
      The Safari Master (80 points): Brave the Tanzanian wilderness and all it has to offer in Story Mode.
      Survived the Fantasy Reserve (120 points): Complete Story Mode.
      Perkified (80 points): Acquire the maximum level for all perks in Story Mode.
      Glass Jaw (10 points): Perform a stunning shot to a game animal's head. Attainable in any game mode.
      Clean Shot (10 points): Bag animal by hitting it's vitals and bringing it down in one shot. Attainable in any game mode.
      Ruined Trophies (50 points): Continue to perform stunning shots to game animals heads.
      Im All Win! (50 points): Master the Clean Shot in any game mode.
      Clustered! (10 points): Bag 5 birds in one shot. Attainable in any game mode.
      Now Thats Skill! (30 points): Bag 10 animals in a row with 6x multiplier.
      Scoped In (10 points): Bag 30 legal animals while zoomed in with your scope.
      Legendary Trophy (10 points): Bag your first Legendary Trophy.
      Bird Watcher (10 points): Bag 100 birds in any region. Totals can be accumulated in any game mode.
      Bird Connoisseur (50 points): Bag 1,000 birds throughout all game modes.
      Crate Crasher! (20 points): Bust open twenty crates.
      POWER-UP! (20 points): Activate your first power-up in any game mode.
      Slooowww Dowwwn... (15 points): Activate 25 Slow Motion power-ups.
      Long Jumper (20 points): Successfully jump 10 obstacles in any game mode.
      Watch Your Head! (20 points): Successfully duck 10 obstacles in any game mode.
      Bear Kicker! (20 points): Have some guts...Kick a bear!
      Sneaky Sneaky (20 points): Successfully prove your stealth abilities 10 times.
      Take Cover! (20 points): Successfully get behind cover 10 times.
      Advantage Hunter (20 points): Activate power-ups 10 times during gameplay.
      A Solid Defense (10 points): Perform 15 successful kicks on predators. Bears dont count.
      Hand Off (10 points): Start a Versus match.
      King of the Hill (20 points): Win a Versus match against one or more players.
      Survival Instincts (55 points): Last for 8 minutes in any gallery Survival level.
      Sharpshooter (30 points): Finish a hunt with 100% accuracy.
      Savior of the Herd (30 points): Finish a level without bagging an animal illegally (fifteen shot minimum required on level).
      No Monkey Business! (20 points): Bag the only two baboons in Iringa.

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