Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Part 2



  • Collectible locations

    Search the indicated locations to find all collectibles:

    Part 1/2

    Part 2/2

  • Easy "Stopped In Their Tracks" and "That Showed Them" achievements

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Wizard-in-Training (40 points): Completed the game on Normal.
      Accomplished Wizard (150 points): Completed the game on Expert.
      Mastering Magic (80 points): Completed the game on Advanced.
      Covert Confidence (20 points): Defeated 100 enemy wizards from cover.
      Blind Luck (5 points): Defeated 10 enemy wizards from cover, without aiming.
      Expulso! (10 points): Defeated 100 enemy wizards with Expulso.
      Confringo! (10 points): Defeated 100 enemy wizards with Confringo.
      Protego! (20 points): Used Protego against 100 spells.
      Expelliarmus! (20 points): Successfully dispelled 100 Protego shields with Expelliarmus.
      Petrificus Totalus! (15 points): Successfully paralysed 100 enemy wizards using Petrificus Totalus.
      Full of Character (40 points): Found all characters.
      Listen Up (40 points): Found all Music Tracks.
      Complete Collection (50 points): Collected 100% of all items.
      A Good Start (10 points): Defeated 100 enemy wizards, in the Main Story OR Challenges.
      Getting There ... (20 points): Defeated 500 enemy wizards in the Main Story OR Challenges.
      Hogwarts Defender (20 points): Defeated 1000 enemy wizards in the Main Story OR Challenges.
      Having a Blast (5 points): Triggered 5 explosive reactions.
      Care of the Castle (20 points): Escaped Voldemort with minimal damage to Hogwarts.
      First Rung (10 points): Completed your first challenge.
      Not a Scratch (5 points): Completed a level without being defeated.
      Up to the Challenge (30 points): Completed all challenges.
      Shining Example (50 points): Completed all challenges at Gold standard.
      A Good Offence (10 points): Defeated 10 enemy wizards before they cast a spell.
      Back to You ... (10 points): Defeated 10 enemy wizards with Protego deflections.
      That Showed Them ... (10 points): Defeated 4 enemy wizards with a Confringo cast.
      Stopped in Their Tracks (10 points): Defeated 5 enemy wizards with one Impedimenta cast.
      Now You See Me (10 points): Apparated over 100 metres.
      Strategic Spell-casting (10 points): Defeated 50 enemy wizards using more than one spell.
      The Best Defence ... (10 points): Used Protego to defeat 20 enemy wizards at close range.

    Additionally, there are 21 secret achievements:

      It's All Come Down to This ... (20 points): Completed 'Voldemort's Last Stand'.
      Magical McGonagall (5 points): Played as McGonagall.
      Motherly Love (20 points): Completed 'Not My Daughter'.
      Streets of Hogsmeade (10 points): Completed 'The Streets of Hogsmeade'.
      Snape Sacked (10 points): Completed 'A Problem of Security'.
      Pulling Teeth (10 points): Completed 'The Basilisk Fang'.
      Future Auror (50 points): Got all achievements, 100% the game!.
      Casting from Cover (5 points): Defeated an enemy wizard from cover for the first time.
      Don't Bank on it! (10 points): Completed 'Gringotts'.
      Hogwarts Burning (15 points): Completed 'The Battle of Hogwarts'.
      Familiar Faces (15 points): Completed 'Surrender'.
      Change of Plans (20 points): Completed 'A Turn of Events'.
      Burning Bridges (10 points): Completed 'A Job to Do'.
      The Bigger They Are ... (15 points): Completed 'A Giant Problem'.
      Lost and Found (15 points): Completed 'The Lost Diadem'.
      Stay Away from Her (5 points): Played as Molly.
      Boom! (5 points): Played as Seamus.
      Got It Covered! (5 points): Played as Neville.
      Defiant Daughter (5 points): Played as Ginny.
      The Brightest Witch (5 points): Played as Hermione.
      Best Friend (5 points): Played as Ron.

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