Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Rookie Award (10 points): Complete the game's first Mission.
      A Fistful of Larry's (40 points): Complete the game's Wild West Dreamscape.
      Chamone (40 points): Complete the game's Horror Dreamscape.
      The Ship of Dreams (40 points): Complete the game's Bytanic Dreamscape.
      The End (80 points): Complete all the game's the main story missions.
      Cupid Sniper (10 points): Complete the Larry Get Your Gun mission.
      Dead Beat (10 points): Complete the Army of the Dead mission.
      Shuffle the Deck (10 points): Complete the Shuffleboard mission.
      Larry Scores (60 points): Achieve a total score of 2800 on Shuffleboard.
      Networking Socialite (10 points): Meet every principle character in the game.
      Best Newcomer (10 points): Collect a total of 10 Larry Awards.
      Best Supporting Actor (40 points): Collect a total of 50 Larry Awards.
      Best Actor (80 points): Collect a total of 100 Larry Awards.
      Gymnastic Larry (10 points): Perform 3 consecutive wall jumps.
      Well Hung (10 points): Perform 3 consecutive ledge jumps.
      Fashionista Award (20 points): Accumulate a wardrobe of 6 outfits .
      Broadcasting on Top of the world (10 points): Reach the highest point in Laffer Studio.
      Old Silver-Tongue Award (40 points): Complete 4 Director Games successfully.
      Hot Foot Award (20 points): Travel 100 miles on foot .
      Road Tripping (20 points): Drive 400 miles.
      Three Bulls (20 points): 3 consecutive Bulls-eyes in the Shuffleboard mini-game.
      Car surfin' (20 points): Stand 50 seconds on the roof of a moving car.
      Mr Lover-man (40 points): Complete all seduction games.
      Carjacker (20 points): 'Hijack' 50 vehicles.
      Pedal to the Metal (40 points): Complete all Races.
      Demolition Boy (20 points): Destroy three vehicles within 60 seconds of each other.
      Le Manns (20 points): Drive in vehicles for a total of 3 hours while playing the game.
      Speed (80 points): Complete the game in under 8 hours.
      Suits you Sir (10 points): Use all unlockable costumes during the same mission.
      Movie Mogul (160 points): Complete everything in the game.

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