Serious Sam: Double D XXL


  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Monkey's Uncle (10 points): Defeat the boss of Ancient Egypt.
      You Bet Jurassic (20 points): Defeat the boss of Prehistoric Nova Scotia.
      Getting Serious (30 points): Beat the campaign on any difficulty.
      Seriously Tough (10 points): Clear 2 Challenge levels.
      Seriously Nuts (15 points): Clear 8 Challenge levels.
      Seriously Unstoppable (20 points): Clear all Challenge levels.
      White Men Can Jump (10 points): Find the Jump Pad.
      Gnaar-body's Fool (10 points): Kill over 50 Gnaar in a single level.
      Unflinching Sam (20 points): Beat any level without dying.
      Untouchable Sam (20 points): Beat any level without getting hurt.
      Dino's Best Friend (10 points): Convert 3 dinosaurs to your side by destroying their helmets.
      Speed runner (10 points): Complete a level from the start at over 100% gameplay speed in one sitting..
      GUNSTACKAAAAAAaaahhh! (20 points): Create your first 6 gun stack.
      Cat Jumped in My Lap (5 points): Die in the spikes in the tutorial area of level 1.
      Repeat Customer (10 points): Buy 4 different upgrades for one gun type.
      Like Butta (10 points): Trip a Therizinosaurus with the Hot Butter Spreader.
      Tricked Out (20 points): Buy at least one of every upgrade.
      Pawn Shop (5 points): Revert at least one gun to get some money back.
      Get Some (10 points): Buy 16 different upgrades.
      Tickets to the Gun Show (10 points): Find 16 guns.
      Gun Aficionado (15 points): Find all guns.
      Red Light Rendezvous (10 points): Find the Secret Red Light District.
      I Heard You Like Parallax (10 points): Find the Secret Monument to Parallax.
      Exterminator Sam (10 points): Kill a Giant Flea in Fireball Fury.
      Templeton's Buddy (10 points): Help Templeton unlock his secret room in Amethystine Depths.
      Quad Power (10 points): Find all 4 of any gun type.
      Laura Who? (10 points): Find All Secrets.
      Paradox Shmaradox (10 points): Replay any previous level with new inventory (Choose Level menu).
      My Man Huff (20 points): Beat a level in coop.
      Two Can Play At That (20 points): Beat a challenge in coop.

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