Tower Bloxx Deluxe


  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Keeper of Time (10 points): Have the countdown clock go over a minute in Time Attack mode.
      Relentless (10 points): Win 50 competitive multiplayer matches.
      Metropolis Builder (30 points): Reach a population of 200,000 in Build City mode.
      Michelangelo (15 points): Reach a tower height of 100 in Build City or Quick Game mode.
      Christopher Wren (30 points): Reach a tower height of 300 in Quick Game mode.
      Louis Sullivan (45 points): Reach a tower height of 600 in Quick Game mode.
      Precise Architect (5 points): Make 1 perfect drop.
      Superior Architect (10 points): Make 10 perfect drops in a row.
      I have a better idea... (5 points): Come up with your own name for the city in Build City mode.
      Trumped! (15 points): Reach the last milestone in Build City mode.
      See you later! (15 points): Overtake three of your friends in Quick Game's friend ladder.
      Guglielmo & Pisano (10 points): Build a 183 block high tower in Co-op multiplayer.

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