Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z



  • All collectibles locations

    Search the indicated locations to find all collectibles (story pieces, health shards, fire shards, electrical shards, and bile shards).

  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Knockout King (20 points): Execute each type of enemy that can be executed.
      Arm Robbery (20 points): Harvest each type of enemy that can be harvested.
      Lust for Unlife (10 points): Activate Bloodlust 10 times.
      Time to Kill (10 points): Enter Ninja Time 50 times.
      Can't Touch This (20 points): Counter each enemy type.
      Breaking Baddies (10 points): Congeal 50 enemies with bile crystals.
      Makes Me Want to Throw Up (10 points): Throw 50 zombies.
      Elementary, My Dear Monday (10 points): Cause each type of elemental effect on zombies and in the environment.
      Better Dying Through Chemistry (10 points): Cause 50 elemental effects.
      Patient 0 (10 points): Create 7 plague clouds.
      Just the Tip (15 points): Complete Mission 1.
      The City is Slicker (15 points): Complete Mission 2.
      Ninja Turdle (15 points): Complete Mission 3.
      Echo Location (15 points): Complete Mission 4.
      I Hate That Guy (15 points): Complete Mission 5.
      All Your Base (15 points): Complete Mission 6.
      Stone Carver (25 points): Complete Mission 7.
      Insert Coin (10 points): Play Arcade Mode.
      Quartermaster (25 points): Complete Arcade Mode.
      Izuna Drop the Mic (50 points): Complete every Mission on Hard difficulty.
      Ninjacked (75 points): Complete every Mission on Nightmare difficulty.
      Hell or High Slaughter (100 points): Complete every Mission on Hell difficulty.
      Chain of Command (10 points): Achieve a 50-hit streak.
      Combination On Lock (15 points): Achieve a 100-hit streak.
      Well-Soiled Machine (25 points): Achieve a 200-hit streak.
      Limb Swim (10 points): Chain 5 or more executions together.
      Card-Carrying Dismember (10 points): Kill 1,000 zombies.
      An Embarrassment of Liches (25 points): Kill 5,000 zombies.
      A Perfect 10 (25 points): Take no damage and achieve Legend status in 10 arenas.
      A Legend in His Own Grime (25 points): Get 25 Legend arena scores.
      Valedictgorian (60 points): Get 50 Legend arena scores.
      Gate Crasher (10 points): Destroy an obstacle with elemental effects.
      Too Many Words (50 points): Collect all of the story collectibles.
      Perky (50 points): Unlock all of Yaiba's upgrades.
      Flower Power (25 points): Collect all the health shards.
      Cold Shard Cash (25 points): Collect all the elemental shards.
      Slight Turbulence (10 points): Yaiba has a rude awakening.
      Armed and Dangerous (10 points): Yaiba gets an armful.
      Rubble Trouble (10 points): Yaiba survives quite the tumble.
      Mad Splatter (10 points): Yaiba reveals a family secret.
      Snot My Problem (10 points): Yaiba gets his hands dirty.
      Cremation Station (10 points): Yaiba directs traffic.
      That's a Clown Question (10 points): Yaiba joins the crowd.
      Swords and Swollcery (10 points): Yaiba brings up a good point.
      That's Pretty Deep (10 points): Yaiba finds religion.
      Reheated Leftover (10 points): Yaiba doesn't sleep well.
      The Miracles of Science (10 points): Yaiba returns to the scene of the crime.
      Staycation (10 points): Yaiba gets some fresh air.
      The Accidental Tourist (10 points): Yaiba sets aside time for traveling.

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