Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    After All, You're Weak... (10 points): Made 20 mistakes while using a map trigger.
    CG Complete (50 points): Saw all CG events.
    Chaos Perfectionist (100 points): Completed Chaos;Child.
    Good, but Disappointing (10 points): Saw the bad ending.
    Negative Human Look (30 points): Saw all negative delusion triggers.
    Please Note (30 points): Complete a map trigger without making a mistake.
    Positive Human Look (30 points): Saw all positive delusion triggers.
    Sounds Complete (50 points): Listened to all audio clips.
    Surely the Wind is Blowing (10 points): A great wind blew.
    Tips Complete (50 points): Read all tips.
    Trigger of Delusion (10 points): Pulled the trigger of delusion without fear.
    Ultimate Megalomania (50 points): Saw all delusion triggers.

Additionally, there are 22 secret achievements:

    Approaching the Past (secret) (10 points): Began chapter 6.
    Capturing the Past (secret) (10 points): Began chapter 7.
    Dance to the Reverberations of the Past (secret) (50 points): Saw the Deep Sky ending.
    Disseminated Information of an Incident (secret) (10 points): Began chapter 1.
    Erosion of Unconscious Kindness (secret) (50 points): Saw the Dream Sky ending.
    First Ending (secret) (50 points): Saw the Over Sky ending.
    Her Speculation (secret) (10 points): Began chapter 10.
    His Battle (secret) (10 points): Began chapter 11.
    I'm Gone! (secret) (20 points): Found Katsuki.
    Intricate Thoughts of Light and Shadow (secret) (50 points): Saw the Real Sky ending.
    Oh, That... (secret) (20 points): Found Yamazoe.
    Reflections on the Truth (secret) (50 points): Saw the Dark Sky ending.
    Residential Commotion (secret) (10 points): Began chapter 5.
    See You All Soon (secret) (20 points): Found Arimura Hiyoko.
    Speculation Becomes Complicated (secret) (10 points): Began chapter 9.
    Stop Chasing After the Incident (secret) (20 points): Found Kurusu Pak Lai.
    The Delusion Behind the Story (secret) (10 points): Began chapter 4.
    The Erosion Incident (secret) (10 points): Began chapter 8.
    The Incident and You (secret) (10 points): Began chapter 2.
    The Story of the Festival (secret) (10 points): Began chapter 3.
    Their True Way of Life (secret) (100 points): Saw the Silent Sky ending.
    You Did Not (secret) (30 points): Found the true root.
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