Azure Striker Gunvolt

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Handmade Necklace

Collect all seven hidden jewels, then speak with Joule to get the Handmade Necklace.

Broken Necklace

Successfully complete the "Firmament" level with the Handmade Necklace equipped to get the Broken Necklace.

Fight the True Final Boss

Successfully complete the "Firmament" level for the second time with the Handmade Necklace equipped to fight the True Final Boss.

Best ending

Defeat the True Final Boss to view the Best ending.

Special missions

Defeat the True Final Boss to unlock four Gauntlet-style special missions. They do not have checkpoints and include more enemies than the normal stages.

The Dullahan weapon

Successfully complete all four special missions to unlock The Dullahan weapon. The Dullahan bullets are more powerful but cannot tag enemies for electrical attacks.

Lumen Audiolockets

Spend at least 3,000 Kudos at a checkpoint or while earning an offensive skill to get a special pendant that can be synthed. Equip that pendant to change the background music to a particular song when you spend enough Kudos in a specific area. Note: This effect happens the first time you reach 1,000 kudos. The audiolockets can be found at the following locations:

    Audiolocket 1 (Beyond The Blue): 1st Sumeragi
    Audiolocket 2 (Nebulous Clock): Subaquatic Base
    Audiolocket 3 (Azure Door): Media Tower
    Audiolocket 4 (Pain From The Past): Biochem Plant
    Audiolocket 5 (Scorching Journey): Datastore
    Audiolocket 6 (Rouge Shimmer): Stratacombs
    Audiolocket 7 (A Zip To The Moon): Pharma Lab
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