Age Of Mythology Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Age Of Mythology Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Age Of Mythology

Hidden taunt

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If you want to annoy someone while playing online, type 999 and music will begin to play. It sounds just like the theme music, but with things that sounds like chipmunks singing.

Infinite Sons of Osiris

To start, you must be worshipping the major Egyptian God Isis or Ra. Then, advance to the Mythic Age and worship Osiris. Ignore the fact that the mummies that you can make are useless. Then, select either the Temple or Town Center and choose to research the technology. The description is the Osiris issues another Pharaoh to govern your people. After that. Enable the ” DIVINE INTERVENTION ” code. Do this as many times as desired. Each time it is enabled, you can use each of your God Powers one more time. Then, use the Son of Osiris God Power on both of your Pharaohs to have two Sons of Osiris. About every three to five minutes, another Pharaoh will appear near your Town Center, which you will then use the God Power on. Within fifteen to twenty minutes, you should have about eight to ten of these powerhouses. By doing this, you can wipe out an enemy base that stretches over half of the map without losing one of them. When you have them attack something, the lightening that shoots from their rods will also reach through the initial target to up to four other enemy units or buildings.

Son of Osiris kills animals

If your Son of Osiris targets an enemy and there are animals nearby, his chain lightning attack might strike the animals. It kills the weaker animals in a single shot, which is quite funny to watch.

Stronger attacks for your units

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In any mission or random map game, enable the ” PANDORAS BOX ” code until you get the Flaming Weapons God power. Enable the ” DIVINE INTERVENTION ” code as many times as desired. Then, use all of your Flaming Weapons on any unit, all in rapid succession. It will bolster all of your units’ attack. When the time runs out for the Flaming Weapons, the high attack value will remain and will not wear off. Note: This requires the latest patch for the game.

One way gates

Use the following trick to build a gate that you can use, but not your allies (to prevent them from using the resources around you). First, build a Fortress, Migdol Stronghold, Hillfort, or any kind of Tower. Enclose your city with walls. Have the Fortress or Tower be a part of the walls. When you want a unit to get from one side of the wall to another, have them garrison inside the Fortress or Tower. Then, set the gather point to the opposite side. When you eject the units, they will be on the other side of the wall. Note: This does not work on units that will not garrison inside buildings.

King of the Hill

When playing the King of the Hill map, be Poseidon. As soon as the game starts, cast Lure just beside the Plenty Vault in the middle of the map. The Lure Stone will capture the vault. While it will not win you the game (unless if the vault is on an island), it will get you extra resources in the time it takes your opponent to try to reclaim it.

Floating enemies

Enter Mount Olympus and get a few Niddhogs. Raid an enemy city and continuously use Meteor Power on large warrior armies. Sometimes an enemy will be floating while kicking their legs. Get rid of them by building over them.

Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press [Enter] and type one of following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Chicken meteor god power BAWK BAWK BOOM
Enable used god power DIVINE INTERVENTION
Fast construction L33T SUPA H4X0R
Faster game LETS GO! NOW!
Flying purple hippo WUV WOO
Herd animals fattened ENGINEERED GRAIN
Laser bear O CANADA
Lightning storm, earthquake, meteor, tornado WRATH OF THE GODS
Lots of monkeys I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!!!
New random god powers PANDORAS BOX
Red water RED TIDE
Reveal all animals on map SET ASCENDANT
Small hero campaign army ISIS HEAR MY PLEA
Turn enemies into goats GOATUNHEIM
Units can move over water CHANNEL SURFING
Walking berry bushes god power FEAR THE FORAGE

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

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    Aimless Wonderer: Play 100 random map games.
    Annihilation: Kill 10000 units in battle.
    Champion of the Community: Be victorious in 100 online games.
    Commander of Gaia: Lead Gaia to victory 10 times!
    Commander of Hades: Lead Hades to victory 10 times!
    Commander of Isis: Lead Isis to victory 10 times!
    Commander of Kronos: Lead Kronos to victory 10 times!
    Commander of Loki: Lead Loki to victory 10 times!
    Commander of Odin: Lead Odin to victory 10 times!
    Commander of Oranos: Lead Oranos to victory 10 times!
    Commander of Poseidon: Lead Poseidon to victory 10 times!
    Commander of Ra: Lead Ra to victory 10 times!
    Commander of Set: Lead Set to victory 10 times!
    Commander of Thor: Lead Thor to victory 10 times!
    Commander of Zeus: Lead Zeus to victory 10 times!
    Conquest Certified: Play 100 Conquest games.
    Creating a Masterpiece: Complete 10 Wonders.
    Deathmatch Certified: Play 100 Deathmatch games.
    Defeat the Army: Defeat 10 AI opponents single handedly!
    Defeat the Battalion: Defeat 6 AI opponents single handedly!
    Defeat the Brigade: Defeat 8 AI opponents single handedly!
    Defeat the Company: Defeat 5 AI opponents single handedly!
    Defeat the Division: Defeat 9 AI opponents single handedly!
    Defeat the Horde: Defeat 11 AI opponents single handedly!
    Defeat the Platoon: Defeat 4 AI opponents single handedly!
    Defeat the Regiment: Defeat 7 AI opponents single handedly!
    Defeat the Soldier: Defeat 1 AI opponent single handedly!
    Defeat the Squad: Defeat 2 AI opponents single handedly!
    Defeat the Troop: Defeat 3 AI opponents single handedly!
    Demolition: Destroy 2000 buildings in battle.
    Eradicator of the Machine: Be victorious against 100 AI opponents.
    Foe of Gaia: Defeat Gaia 10 times!
    Foe of Hades: Defeat Hades 10 times!
    Foe of Isis: Defeat Isis 10 times!
    Foe of Kronos: Defeat Kronos 10 times!
    Foe of Loki: Defeat Loki 10 times!
    Foe of Odin: Defeat Odin 10 times!
    Foe of Oranos: Defeat Oranos 10 times!
    Foe of Poseidon: Defeat Poseidon 10 times!
    Foe of Ra: Defeat Ra 10 times!
    Foe of Set: Defeat Set 10 times!
    Foe of Thor: Defeat Thor 10 times!
    Foe of Zeus: Defeat Zeus 10 times!
    Horror Unleashed: Complete 25 Titans.
    Hour of Alpacas: Participate in Alpaca Hour.
    Leader of the Fearless: Host 25 multiplayer games.
    Lightning Certified: Play 100 Lightning games.
    Master of Conquest: Be victorious in 10 Conquest games.
    Master of Deathmatch: Be victorious in 10 Deathmatch games.
    Master of Lightning: Be victorious in 10 Lightning games.
    Master of Supremacy: Be victorious in 10 Supremacy games.
    Master of Treaty: Be victorious in 10 Treaty games.
    One Among the Eager: Play 50 quickmatch games.
    One Among the Flock: Play 1000 online games.
    Remember the Fallen: Lose 5000 units in battle.
    Ruler of Atlantis: Complete the New Atlantis campaign.
    Ruler of Gold: Complete the Golden Gift campaign.
    Ruler of Knowledge: Complete the Learn to Play campaign.
    Ruler of the Trident: Complete the Fall of the Trident campaign.
    Stone and Steel: Complete 100 Fortress type buildings.
    Supremacy Certified: Play 100 Supremacy games.
    Time to Rebuild: Lose 1000 buildings in battle.
    Treaty Certified: Play 100 Treaty games.
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